Top 10 Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed

These are some of the strangest aircrafts that you will see today in history. They have one that has hit records of size and won rewards. Most was sent to the U.S. Army so they could use them but they did not pass the test to be used. If you want to learn more then why not search them and maybe see where they was flown and how they was built.

List of Top 10 Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed in 2017

10. HZ1 Aerocycle

HZ1 Aerocycle, Top 10 Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed 2017

If you ended up on one of these then you were a very brave person to do it. The blades were located directly underneath whoever was piloting the contraption. The whole idea for construction was so that they had a cheap helicopter during the war so that the guys could fly around easily and spy on the enemies and their territories. In order to control it the pilot must shift the body weight to the direction they want to go but this was not that easy because the ability of moving was not easy for this aircraft. Even though that was a problem, it was not the reason they quit using it. Apparently the rotating blades would crash together and explode.

9. Lockheed XFV Salmon

Lockheed XFV Salmon, Top 10 Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed 2017

The total number of flights this item saw was thirty two and the complete number of people that used the bathroom on themselves, well that was of course thirty-two. It was made to take off and land in a vertical position. The US Navy did not have the funds to put out big air crafts in every single fleet so one that was able to be in a vertical position helped to improve the air support but also looked really cool. The one problem this aircraft had was that it was scared of landing. During the test flights it was a success getting it to take off and then hover vertically over the landing area but there was not a lot of pilots that were even wanting to try to do it and there was even less that wanted to try again. There was more plans drawn up to remodeled into an aircraft that would be a lot better. The plans were trashed though when it was figured out that this aircraft would not be fast enough if it was ever put in combat.

8. Convair F-2Y Sea Dart


This one took out the need for a boat in order to take off and land because it was capable of landing in the water on its own and then going onto land. It was the only plane to break the sound barrier. Even though it was an awesome invention, it did manage to fail in the safety area at the wrong moment. In 1954 it was being shown to the Naval Officials and the press for a demonstration on how it works and it disintegrated while in the air and killed the pilot that was flying it plus scared everyone that was around. Later it was said that the pilot pushed the plane to its limit but when people see someone die right in front of them it tends to stay in the mind so that is why after the incident, they kept the sea dart from being produced again.

7. Caponi Ca 60


It was old but it was really good, up until it crashed and then burned. The caponi was made when the aviation was still new and people was still figuring out the physics of it all. The idea of it was from the thought that if there was more wings then that would mean that it could hold bigger things. During the first flight this ever had, it got about sixty feet into the air and then crashed and caught fire. The pilot did make it out of the crash with no injuries.

6. Vought V173 Flying Pancake


It flew in 190 test flights over the state of Connecticut. While it was in the air, people on ground would report seeing a flying saucer. Designed in the forties but it did manage to take off and land vertically and it was easy to control while being almost indestructible. The brakes ended up locking up and flipped the object on its back but the pilot or plane had any damage done to it.

5. Goodyear Inflatoplane


Built in the nineteen fifties they made an inflatable plane. They was able to fly it and they let the U.S. Army use it. They decided that they could not use it because of it being able to be popped because it was just like a balloon. Being able to blow a plane up and fly it was pretty cool and the fact that it did get off the ground was amazing in itself. Making this could have been a great deal to people who just wanted to fly around and be able to be in a balloon that looked like a plane. The fact that it was so thin of a material made it that much harder to trust while in the air. This is one amongst the Top 10 Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed 2017.

4. Hiller X-18


This strange aircraft was made in 1955 but it did not get to go up in the air until four years later. It was the guinea pig for tilt wing along with vertical take offs and landings. It did have about 20 chances in the air that were all successful but in the wind it was hard for the wings to turn. But, despite the findings they ended up still doing the research and trials for a lot of years after that. The hiller XC-142 was made from this particular aircraft.

3. Curtis Wright VZ-7


Called the “flying jeep” and made in the year of nineteen fifty eight. It was made for the U.S. Army. it was very simple to fly and had four different propellers. They was attached on the sides of the fuselage. It was able to do everything that it was suppose to but the army did not feel that it met the standards that they needed. Nothing to protect them if something was shooting at them. Easy to jump out of if anything happened but just could not be used because of the protect of the outside being none.

2. Mil V-12


The Russians made this in the nineteen sixties and it was like a big helicopter. It was one of the largest in the world and is still the largest to be built. It had so many world records and was awarded several different awards but it was just too big and bulky. People would raise their eyebrows when it was brought out to be flown. The propellers that was on it was on the wings and would have been great if it was not for the size and the weight. Great try Russia you did a good job at building it but not thinking if it was to big to do anything with it. It would have be great for lots of people to travel on but try harder next time to make it perfect.

1. North American X-15


This one had to do its take off from another plane all because of how fast it already was. It was made in the sixties and broke all sorts of records in the speed and altitude testings that it performed in. At one point it even went to the edge of space and came back with some information for NASA that was very helpful. There were very few aircrafts back then that could go higher that fifty miles but this one succeeded in going high and earned itself a status of astronaut.

So, these above are the Top 10 Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed 2017. These are some of the strangest but some of the ones that has a lot of history behind them. Some are so huge they could not be flown, some not enough for it to even be called anything. One was even built out of a material that just blew up to use. You would be excited to be able to see these today.

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