Top 10 Most Highly Trained Police Forces in The World

Many officers do not get the recognition that they truly deserve. Just like the Military men and women, police officers put their lives on the line every single day too. They must drive along some of the toughest streets in the world and they have to do this without complaint because that is just their job. Listed below are ten police forces that are highly trained to do the jobs that they have. Without the proper training, these men and women would be dead.

List of Top 10 Most Highly Trained Police Forces in The World in 2017

10. RCMP

RCMP, Top 10 Most Highly Trained Police Forces in The World 2017

Just because this Canadian police force do not have to deal with big war type situations does not mean that they are not highly trained. They put things into effect by having the officers enter into training college so they are more advanced in what they know and specialized in certain programs. By doing this that makes them more prepared for a realistic situation in case anything ever comes about that they need to refer to their high training. Because of how up to standard they are, a lot of departments that are smaller put in requests to be trained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

9. Netherlands National Police Agency


They have twenty five different units that are all regional and the Netherlands National Police also have their own staff that do commands and that is underneath the dutch commissioner. The daily duties of each officer that is assigned to a certain region is that they must be in their area on the street in order to keep a better eye out on their citizens and stopping any crimes that could be going on. All of the regions are also capable of doing investigations on drugs, rape, human trafficking, and many other types of crimes that require investigations.

8. People’s Armed Police


The name of this unit is one hundred percent correct because they focus more on keeping the people in China safe. These armed police are more like a military defense system because they use the same type of strategies as the military just more calmer. This is why they are so highly trained and better than a normal sized police force.

7. Federal Police of Germany


They have more than forty thousand police officers that are all very well trained and are equipped with excellent skills and are all dedicated to their jobs. There is so many of them because Germany wants to keep their citizens protected at all times and having so many officers is going to ensure that happens. There is a special university for the new police officers to attend for their extensive studying and education techniques. After they pass all of that then they get to move on to the physical training that consists of being on the field and learning all of the basic rules and techniques.

6. AFP

AFP, Top 10 Most Highly Trained Police Forces in The World 2017

This force is responsible for doing one of the largest drug busts in history because it was about nine hundred million dollars in Australian money. They are also the first force to be part of gender equality and have great intentions of bringing in more female police officers within the next few years. By doing this it keeps an even higher amount of women away from the crimes that are out on the streets. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Highly Trained Police Forces in The World 2017.

5. National Police of France


This is one of the places that are said to be somewhere to go for romance like the love destination. When the bombing started they had to crack down on law and have more people come help them. So they made the police force stronger. They keep a lock down on so many things because of all the bombing that happened. The unit they use are called National Police of France. They try so hard because so many people have died because of all the disasters.

4. New Zealand Police


This police force makes sure they check everything and anything that has come into the city. They double check and sometimes even triple check. They are trained to be able to use machine guns and side arms just in case they ever have to be used. They use other kinds of special tactics that help them in anyway. They help solve problems that could cause lots of danger for others in the communities. Having these well trained people helps in so many ways that no one worries as much as before.

3. Polizia Di Stato


This police force is the Italian State Police. Italy is known for the Italian Mafia. The fact that they have to use the police force because of all the mobs they have there. They searched for the mafias that was hiding around and finally brought two of them down. They was hidden in the mountains. They have around three hundred thousand people on the force and they split them into five different forces. The military also helps them if they ever need it because of someone who is dangerous.



The New York Police Department is one of the Highly Trained Police Forces 2017. They do everything and anything they can so that everyone stays safe. When being trained they get trained better than most. They have to protect over five million people so they must be trained to take care of every single one of them. They protect and defend. Because of all the people that walk the streets everyday. They have bomb squads and a bunch of the force take care of narcotics and makes sure it stays off the streets.

1. NPA


Japan has the best police force in the world. They have to be trained really well because of all the crime that has happened there. They have to be able to deal with strong people and people who are on drugs. They have to be flexible and be able to get into small places because people hide so well. They have to go through ten different training techniques because of how dangerous things can get. They have to be ready for any disaster so they can get it under control.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Highly Trained Police Forces in The World 2017. If it weren’t for these ten police forces, many smaller divisions would be horrible at their jobs and that is because the greatest training is done by some of the ten listed above. They all deserve the spots on this list because of how safe they keep their countries and how dedicated to their jobs that they are.

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