Top 10 Cheapest Big Cities To Live In The World

Human beings take birth for some reason as said in mythologies. But some necessary requirements are there for the living of a human being. House, clothing, food these things are basic requirements of a person. In some cities these basic requirements may be cheap and in some places it may be costly. The price difference or range is what we generally address as cost of living or standard of living.

A person selects a city to live or settle down after considering many reasons, but coat of living is a basic reason. In this article we have short listed some of the top cities where cost of living is very low and basic as well as all needs of a person can be achieved at a low rate compared to other cities. So let’s check top 10 Cheapest Big Cities to Live In the world in 2018.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and cheapest big cities to live in 2018

10. Tehran, Iran ($265)

Cheapest Big Cities

Tehran is the capital of Iran and second largest city in western Asia and also has a population of 9million. In the population list of the world Tehran has a 29th rank. Another name of Tehran is Ray. Tehran has a historical background of 220 years. Milad tower, the 6th tallest tower in the world is situated in Tehran. Tehran has a calm and semi-parched climate. Though the city is rich in culture and infrastructure, the cost of living at Tehran is quite cheap a loaf of bread coasts just $0.30. Approximately $265 is adequate for a person to spend a happy and healthy month at Tehran.

9. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ($225)

Cheapest Big Cities

After Riyadh, Jeddah is the largest city in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is also known as the gamma world city. Jeddah in midway has the principle path to the holiest places Mecca and Medina. In red sea Jeddah is the largest port. Sea food is the main or rather staple food of Jeddah. The city has great stadiums towers and is well developed, yet the cost of living is quite low. One litre of petrol just costs $0.13 at Jeddah which is quite stunning. A common man can lead a happy life at Jeddah if he earns $225 per month.

8. Panama City, Panama ($210)

Cheapest Big Cities

Panama City is located at the entrance of the Panama Canal. Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World this city is a place for recreation and luxury. In 1671 panama was looted and disgraced but it came up successfully and is a well-developed city at present, still the cost of living is low. A person earning or possessing $210 can leave a satisfactory life at Panama City.

7. Colombo, Sri Lanka ($200)

Cheapest Big Cities

Sri Lanka a country that uses Tamil as a medium of communication and this language is the only present connection between Sri Lanka and India. Colombo is a metropolitan city with a population of 5.6million. Colombo is a tourist destination due to its monuments and other modern tourist attractions and amusement parks. Though Colombo has huge building and infrastructure and stadiums the cost of living is quite cheap. $200 is enough for a person to spend a month in Colombo.

6. Bucharest, Romania ($190)

Cheapest Big Cities

10TH largest populated city of Romania is Bucharest. The city is also known as Little Paris. The base of infrastructure is a mixed one because the city was a part of two world wars which gave the city old architectural development but in present the city also has modern architecture based infrastructure. Though quite developed the standard of living is not high because most of the essentials are available at a low price. $190 a month would be enough for a person to live a happily life at Bucharest.

5. Algiers, Algeria ($175)

Cheapest Big Cities

Algiers is the capital of Algeria and is known for its white infrastructure that shines in the morning. The city has a population of 3.5 million. The modern Algiers city is situated in the seashore and is quite fascinating. Though the city has developed a lot the cost of living in this city is quite cheap. To leave happily a month at Algiers a person requires just $175 in his pocket.

4. Kathmandu, Nepal ($170)

Cheapest Big Cities

Kathmandu is the place where (SAARC) has located their headquarters. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and Buddhism is the major religion followed here. Kathmandu posse’s valleys and water bodies which gives a natural touch to the city but the city is also flooded with manmade amusements. The cost of living in this city is quite cheap and just $170 per month is required for a person to spend an awesome life at Kathmandu.

3. New Delhi, India ($155)

Cheapest Big Cities

Delhi the capital of India is one of the most expensive cities in India but when compared to other parts of the world Delhi is quite cheap. Delhi started its development in the year 1911. Since the city has developed a lot infrastructural as well as in other fields. The foods available in this city are too cheap and other necessities can also be bought at affordable prices. $155 is enough for a person to meet his necessary needs.

2. Mumbai, India ($145)

Cheapest Big Cities

Mumbai is the most populated city of India. The best thing about Mumbai is it is city that has overcame many attacks and is known as the city of dreams. People with the dream of entering film industry of doing business come to the city. The city is well developed and is still developing but in comparison to other cities in the world the cost of living is quite low in this city. $145 is adequate for a person to live a standard life in Mumbai.

1. Karachi, Pakistan ($135)

Cheapest Big Cities

Karachi is the most populated city of Pakistan. Also known as city of lights Karachi is 7th in the list of most populated cities in the world and has topped this list of cheapest cities to live. According to survey Karachi is the most developed yet cheapest big city to live. Nagan interchange is a visual treat at Karachi. The cost of living is so low at just $135 a month is more than enough for a person to enjoy a satisfactory life at Karachi.

The developments are not attached or does not influence the cost of living in these cities the cost of living is low because they produce many necessary things them self which reduces the cost of products and makes cost of living cheap.

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