Ten Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

One common advantage enjoyed by the internet, cable TV and print, is targeting a particular group of individuals to be able to offer advertisements to them. This model leads to some ridiculous stuff imaginable, custom made to crazy people, which unfortunately their income is just as good. Being no different, Magazines are perhaps the worst affected. Nowadays magazines can publish whatever their hearts desire as no one seems to be paying attention to their old offline collection of articles and pictures. This article presents the top ten weirdest magazines that shouldn’t exist.

10. Girls and Corpses

Girls and Corpses Top Famous Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2018

The magazine is loaded with dead things and pretty girls’ pictures. Robert Rhine, the “dead editor-in-chief” and publisher of this magazine, got the idea when young women would request to take pictures alongside fake cadavers in his novel, corner at comic-con. Each issue has pictures of scantily dressed beautiful girls posing with decaying and festering corpses. Initially, the magazine was started as a parody publication mocking Maxim and other similar publications. After buying the first issue, people started asking about what was coming next. Girls and Corpses feature articles about superstars demise, death row prisoners, funerals and horror films. This magazine is so twisted such that the bear, which mauled Robert’s business partner was featured in the magazine. According to Robert Rhine the magazine works because “you can put a beautiful girl next to anything and sell it- even a corpse”. The existence of this magazine is totally depressing.

9. Fashion Doll Quarterly


On the surface, this magazine about fashion dolls doesn’t bother much. It offers nothing other than stupid looking pictures of dolls. What does bother people is how the magazine covers look ridiculously creepy. The dolls involved are incredibly unsettling. Though not so bad looking the way these dolls pose resembling human beings in regular clothes is very disturbing. Fashion Doll Quarterly is among the top ten weirdest magazines that should exist.

8. Public restroom operator


Almost all industries have a magazine relating to that industry interest. To the outsiders, this magazine may seem to be boring, and exhausting magazine, but industry executives use these magazines for business patterns observation and idea sharing. Everyone will agree that some subjects should not have their own magazines. A good case is Public restroom operator which is all about how to productively and efficiently gather poo. You would wonder why someone working in the porta-potty industry would even be interested in them off the clock.

7. Cranes today


Cranes today is a monthly publication magazine all about cranes. How one can be able to write every month about cranes is beyond our understanding. What’s more annoying is that they somehow manage to 80 pages of crane stories each month. On almost every page you will find a picture of a crane, though they also have many ads. This magazine is among one of the most weirdest magazines that should not exist.

6. Miniature Donkey Talk


Miniature Donkey Talk is a monthly magazine for small donkey owners. You will not get anything of value from this magazine which makes it weird. Almost everything here is about donkeys and how they live. All the articles contained in the magazine are blurred out and irritating. You can read ads, idiotic jokes, some minor articles, letters and pictures in this magazine. Many people do not even have an idea what a miniature donkey is much less categorizing themselves as these animal lovers.

5. Private Islands


Without any doubt, the magazine is for the ultra rich. A sample issue had a lot of travel and real estate information. The only thing featured in this magazine is many islands pictures. This magazine suffers from a lack of practical information and sufficient articles. No one can deny that the magazine cover is very cute, but it lacks the information needed by people required for such a travel magazine. Private Islands is one of those magazines which will make you feel like a failure. This magazine joins the list of top ten weirdest magazines that should not exist.

4. Kohl


This middle eastern luxury magazine tries to target Asian women. It even claimed to have a record sale, which never happened. The magazine has nothing unique or new to its readers, making it lack global recognition and appreciation. A cost of each issue costs a staggering $10,000 at auction. From somewhat copying its articles from other well-known magazines to using models and jewels images seen in other magazines Kohl existed is a mystery to many.

3. Tan magazine


Tan magazine is another weird magazine, which does not justify its existence. This magazine is an Australian ‘naturist’ -aficionado magazine. It’s no surprise to find in this magazine reviews of nude individuals, recipes, beaches, and other common things. The magazine is not very safe for children or the young generation as it contains nude-st women pictures for a standard magazine. At least the magazine seems to be good at seeking attention. The magazine is among the most weirdest magazines that should not exist in this universe.

2. Fence post

Fence post Top Most Popular Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2018

The fence post is another odd magazine, which should not be existing in this era. This magazine is all about fences. It’s an American Fence Association publication which, unfortunately, have nothing attractive and special to offer to the public. This magazine is even more ridiculous than Crane. It’s all about the fence post business. You have to wonder how the magazine is able to come up with different articles for each issue. It’s unimaginable that a person can wait at the mailbox waiting for this magazine copy to arrive.

1. Serial Killer Magazine


The Serial Killer Magazine is one of the weirdest magazines you will ever come across in your life. The Serial Killer Magazine is one of the most messed up magazines ever to grace the earth. You will regret visiting this magazine’s website. You will find tributes to completely messed up people once in this magazine’s website. Someone should be committed for liking this kind of a magazine. The magazine is full of idiotic articles, non-original pictures, and boring artwork. You are not going to find anything enjoyable in the magazine. Be very scared and run for your life if you find anyone having this magazine.

The above magazines are the top ten weirdest top ten magazines that shouldn’t exist. This world has a lot of strange people. Unfortunately, we have these weird characters taking care of their weird needs. It’s tough to know which parties to feel sorry for between the buyers of these magazines and those hoping to earn from these weird magazines.

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