Top 10 Wonders in The World

The top ten wonders of the world will have your brain wondering and doing more research. You can read for days about each one of them and still learn more down the road. They are a mystery and will be around for many many more years to come. Just search one little thing and plenty of pages will come up with different information.

List of Top 10 Wonders in The World in 2017

10. Roman Baths


Used for people who needed a place to bathe. The houses only had a basic supply of water. These baths was used for personal hygiene and a gathering spot to be used for community and other functions. People used it to relax,bath, and keep up with news. It was destroyed in the sixth century. Over time is was reconstructed and the last addition being done in the eighteen hundreds. Tourists come and look at it being seen by over one million visitors. Today you are not allowed to enter the water but are allowed to see it.

9. Leaning Tower Of Pisa

leaning tower of pisa, Top 10 Wonders in The World 2019

Construction of the tower started in the summer of 1173. Wars stopped the building of this many times. Engineers tried to correct the lean with no success. Without the interruptions the soil would have not compressed under the tower, which would have made it topple over. Completed in the thirteen hundreds. The architects who built it are a mystery to everyone. By the time the builders got to the third story the soil shifted and destabilized the foundation. It is more than five meters off perpendicular today.

8. Colosseum

colosseum, Top 10 Wonders in The World 2017

The greatest architecture built in Rome. Was built for celebrations, sporting events and bloodshed. Being used for a festival that included a hundred days of games. A combination of weather, natural disasters and a few other things has destroyed almost two thirds of the Colosseum. Restoration efforts are still being made today so it can be built back up and be viewed by tourist all over the world.

7. Chichen Itza


Millions of people go see this in a year. It is one of the of the 7 most incredible experiences. The ord Chi stands for mouth, Chen for well, and Itza for the Itza tribe. It is believed that people was thrown the top as sacrifice to make their god happy. If one of them survived they were believed to be seers. Seers means that it is someone who is able to see what the future holds.

6. Hagia Sophia


A former Christian patriarchal basilica. The name means “holy wisdom”. Over the fourteen hundred years it has served as a cathedral, mosque and now a museum. It is said that building it so fast made it have problems with the dome shaped roofs. The structure almost collapsed during construction. Under the domes there are forty windows allowing sunlight to come through. In the year of nineteen forty three it was turned into a museum. A lot of research, repair, and restoration has been today and it is now a very important site for tourism.

5. Machu Picchu


It is said that it was a royal estate and a sacred religious site for Inca leaders. It stretches over a five mile distance, over three thousand stone steps that link many different levels. People brave through crowds and landslides just to see the sun set over its tower stone monuments and marvel at the mysterious man made wonder. Welcoming over hundreds of thousand people a year. Home to several endangered species. This is one amongst the Top 10 Wonders in The World 2017.

4. Taj Mahal Of Agra


Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built this in memory of his third wife. She was giving birth to the fourteenth child of the emperor and died in the process. He had it built because he was broken after her death. It took twenty two years just to build. Over twenty thousand people built the building. Constructed of white marble and is believed that more than twenty eight different types of precious and semi-precious stones were inlaid into the marble. If the minarets were ever to fall they would not fall on the main structure keeping it intact. At different times of the day it will change different shades of colors.

3. Cristo Redentor Statue

Cristo Redentor Statue Top Popular Wonders in The World 2018

The largest Art Deco statue in the world and the fifth largest statue of Jesus. It came in response to “An advancing tide of Godlessness”. The original design looks nothing like what you will see today. The construction of the statue took nine years. Covered with six million stone tiles. The weather has taken a huge toll on the statue. The color of it will probably get darker because of the stone that was used to structure it. If you visit it you will see that there is a chapel at the base. If you look at it you will see that it could be seen as a cross or that it looks like a inviting hug.

2. Petra


The word Petra means patrae in Latin. Three hundred and sixty three earthquakes destroyed half the city but Petra retained its urban vitality. The largest freestanding structure in Petra. It is said to be one of the “Places to See Before You Die”. It is one of Jordan’s most visited attraction.

1. The Great Wall Of China


The world’s most famous landmark. Consist of several walls and fortifications. Running parallel to each other. Is the most extensive construction projects completed. So many people have repaired and extended the wall that it just grew and grew until what it is today. Soldiers were assigned to guard the wall to protect merchants and caravans that traveled the wall.

So, these are the Top 10 Wonders in The World 2017. These wonders of the world are so cool and amazing that you should plan a trip and go see what all the talk is about. People all over the world have went visited these places so they can see the history that has happened in each place. Several have been repaired because of weather and natural disasters but they still stand today. Millions of people go to visit and will never forget what it was like to see these buildings and statues.

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