Top 10 Wonders of The Ancient World

This world has many different wonderful objects and places that can be seen. Not only they are beautiful but they all have a significant meaning as to why they were made or built. These ten wonders listed are all from the ancient world and have incredible architecture and stories that go along with them. If you enjoy learning a little bit about the histories of ancient time then take a look at the below listed wonders.

List of Top 10 Wonders of The Ancient World

10. Ajanta, Caves, India

ajanta cave india, Top 10 Wonders of The Ancient World 2017

These caves are thought to be the pinnacle of the Indian rock cut architecture. The first buddhist cave dates back to the second and first centuries BCE. In the times of the fifth and sixth centuries a lot more of the beautiful caves were added to the first group of caves. There was a british historian that named the Ajanta Caves as one of the greatest wonders of the world. Many tourists view these every year and love the ancient designs of them as well.

9. Newgrange, Ireland


This is a dome that is rounded and coming out of the ground so it seems to look like a UFO only with grass growing on the top of it. The dome was developed in thirty-two hundred BCE back in the Neolithic which makes this product even older than the Pyramids in Egypt. There is a entry way that is stone and inside of it there are chambers. On the front is a retaining wall that has kerbstones. There is no information about what the land was used for but is has been thought to have been connected to a religious significance. The object faces the rising sun and gets flooded with light during the winter solstice. It is one of the most important structures in Europe.

8. Derinkuyu, Turkey


It is an old underground multiple level city. It is exactly 200 feet in depth and is big enough to hold twenty thousand people along with their livestock and food businesses. It is the largest excavated underground area that is in Turkey and is also one of many others that can be found. It was built in the seventh and eighth centuries BCE and was for defending against any attacks that may have happened from the marauding armies. Even though the shelter was intended for being used temporarily, the features of this product are extraordinary. They made six hundred doors above ground so people could get into the underground city also they had fifteen thousand ventilation ducts so that there would be plenty of fresh air for the ones staying under the ground in here. There is a variety of wineries, cellars, and many different passages and tunnels along with plenty of corridors.

7. Lighthouse Of Alexandria, Egypt


This was the very first lighthouse to ever be made in the entire world. It used mirrors to reflect the sun for miles on the sea. Made in the third century BCE and was four hundred and forty feet tall. It is one of the tallest man made structures aside from the pyramids of GIZA. The light could be seen all the way in sea at about thirty five miles away. Between AD 956 and 1323 there were three earthquakes that caused tons of damage to the lighthouse so it ended up being abandoned. By AD 1480 there was more damage done to it because of more earthquakes and that resulted in it being gone completely.

6. Colossus of Rhodes, Rhodes


This is a statue that is one hundred and ten feet tall and was built to show honor to the Greek sun God Helios. Made in 280 BCE, this was made as a celebratory item for Rhodes’ having defeated ruler of Cyprus. This ended of being destroyed in an earthquake but before it was demolished, this statue was one of the tallest in the ancient world.

5. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Turkey


Built in the fourth century. It was one hundred and thirty five feet tall making it forty one metres. The guy and his wife made sure to make this the most beautiful and impressive city in the world. His wife built a tomb for him when he died and made it the best she could. She died two years after him. Their ashes was both put in the in the entomb so they could be together for their afterlife. The earthquakes that happened in the twelfth and fifteenth century destroyed the place and it stayed in ruin till the Knights of St. John of Malta finished it off in fourteen ninety four.

4. Statue of Zeus, Greece


The statue stood forty foot tall. It was made by the Greek sculptor Phidias. Built over a wooden framework. It was built to represent the god Zeus. He wore robes of hammered gold and skin of ivory. In the fifth and sixth century an earthquake destroyed it and since then no copy has ever been found. We only know of it today because of the Greek descriptions and representations on coins.

3. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Turkey


This was also known as the Temple of Diana. It was built in five hundred and fifty BCE. built to honor Artemis. He was the Greek goddess of the hunt. It stood at four hundred and twenty five foot tall and was two hundred and twenty five foot wide. It was supported by a hundred and twenty seven sixty foot columns. It has been rebuilt three times and was finally destroyed in three hundred fifty six BC. Herostratus set fire to it in order for his name to be remembered.

2. Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq


If they are really true to be built then they would have been built in six hundred BCE. it was built for his wife Median wife, Queen Amytis. The gardens included trees, shrubs and vines. Being destroyed by an earthquake in the first century CE. This was one of the Seven Wonders that may have been purely legendary. They have been said to look like a large mountain that was constructed of mud and bricks. Some of the experts have said it never really did exist.

1. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


Built for Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu in two thousand six hundred BCE. It is one of the largest of the three pyramids in El Giza. This is the only one of the Wonders of the Ancient World that is still standing and has not been completely destroyed by anything. The fact that it has perfect symmetry and imposing heights is what made visitors impressed. For four thousand years it was one of the tallest man made structures.

These are some of the best things you will be able to search but the Great Pyramid is one that you can go visit. Most was destroyed by human nature or some other person. Some people who destroyed the buildings only did it so they had a way to be talked about for a long time afterwards. Some are so old we are not even sure if they really do exist or if it was just made up by the people to get attention.

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