Top 10 Weird Suicide locations In The World

People who take their own lives have been believed to have contacted evil spirits of dead people or are just tired with living. There are many suicide destination noted in world today. top 10 of this weird places are studied below.

List of Top 10 Weird Suicide locations In The World in 2017

10. Overtoun Bridge

overtoun bridge, Top 10 Weird Suicide locations In The World 2017

This very small bridge is located in Scotland where canines come to end their precious lives. For more than 50 years now, dogs and human beings at large come to kill themselves at this particular place. Suicide is committed by jumping from exact point of this bridge that has been in existence for more than 100 years. You may wonder why even dogs kill themselves. This is indeed a mysterious place of suicide where evil spirits keep calling lives of many people and those of animals as well.

9. Tuira Bridge


This is another Suicide Bridge located in Oulu, Finland. Tuira is a large and dangerous bridge constructed and many people are now taking their lives in this spot. According to resources that have been provided, more than 1200 lives have been ended in this particular place with no any good reason. Due to its large size, people who throw themselves are said to die very first without any delay since that distance from top to bottom is a bit big. It is weird for people to start thinking of ending their lives and even nick naming Tuira Bridge a favorite place to commit suicide.

8. The angel of Gap


This is another weird location situated in Australia. It is a famous tourist destination; people come here to commit suicide. Taking life in this place has been common such that people from Australia are not surprised whenever a thing like that is taking place. A popular person name Don Ritchie selected this place purposely for ending lives in 2000. You can now call it weird when a person is selecting a place for ending lives ad he is health and has no slight idea of ending his.

7. The subway system


The subway system is another suicide location situated in London and believed to have claimed more than 2000 lives to date. There is no doubt that subway system is most famous public place for committing suicide and as well as attracting tourists. It has been sadly observed that young man makes 65% of lives take in every year in this place. What could be causing young people to end their lives? One could ask. Dead spirits might be calling young people to come and kill themselves without any good reason. This system was build, opened in 19th century, and has a specific place where dead bodies are kept after dying.

6. Peaceful forest


It is called peaceful but there is no peace thought to be in this particular forest since it’s a suicide destination and home of many dead people. This forest is a thirty square kilometer track of pure woodland at bottom side of Mount Fuji. Numerous people have attempted taking their lives in this forest successfully while others have been saved in a consciousness state by police officers who always keep patrolling in this particular forest. Recently, research has shown that suicide attempts are increasing each day due to contraction of Japan economy for more than 30 years now.

5. Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower is a famous suicide destination that is located in France. Government of France is totally against that idea of taking lives in this place and therefore people do it secretly. Due to that reason, number of lives cannot be accurately stated or estimated. It grew fame after a certain beautiful lady jumped to kill herself successfully and by doing that, many people discovered this place to be good in ending lives. Some stories are just more than weird.

4. Golden Gate Bridge


It could have truly difficult to end this list without mentioning some famous world suicide destinations. Located in America, Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937 by a certain American man. Ever since that time, this bridge has claimed more than 1600 lives. This place is well protected such that there is a steel net purposely put to restrict people from collapsing after jumping or slipping in accidentally. It has been very difficult since there are no enough funds to advance that system. It has been delayed for several years now but we totally believe things will turn good soon.

3. Niagara falls


Niagara Falls is situated in America. It is indeed a beautiful place and tourist destination little to be discovered that it’s also a suicide mission place. Many individuals in particular have lost their lost their loved one in this site after every Memorial Day weekend of May. It has been estimated that number of people who have taken lives in this place is 25. What makes this place mysterious is that people die but their bodies are not discovered. I wonder where they usually go. Maybe that Memorial Day has dead spirits that tend to pull people to kill themselves. God forbid, I will never visit this place no matter how beautiful it is.

2. Nanjing Yangtze River bridge


Nanjing is a double decked Road Bridge that measures approximately 4,588 meters. It is heavily constructed and has been popularly known by many people taking lives. It has been noted that more than 2000 lives have been claimed ever since this bridge was officially opened to service. Bridge operator is called Mr. Chen. This great man of God has saved more than 150 individuals who come in this place with an aim of ending their lives.

1. Mount Mihara


Mount Mihara is situated in Japan and is most weird destination for taking lives. A depressing volcano that has not been witnessed in any other place. Mihara became famous in 1993 after a twenty on year old girl called Kiyoko Matsumoto killed herself by jumping into the volcanic cavity of this mountain. It was a sad and painful experience and ever since that time, many people came to know of it.

These above are the Top 10 Weird Suicide locations In The World 2017. Research shows that many people commit suicide in each year. Several killing destinations have been discussed above.

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