Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Around The World

These skylands are some of the scariest places to go but they are ones that you will never forget. Test your limits of walking on them but only if you think you are going to be able to control your breathing and not get too scared that someone will have to come get you because of how far it is up. Some are made at funny angles and some built with glass that you can see all the way down. Do not worry the glass is pretty thick and can hold certain weights. Do not jump or even think of dropping anything. Well this would probably not harm the glass but it will scare the living crap out of you and anyone else around you. Kids have walked on these and even have looked down. They sometimes lay down so they can see what is under them and really get to know what they are looking at. Me myself would not even dare to go near any of these bridges because they are to scary for me.

List of Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Around The World in 2017

10. Aurland Lookout-Aurland, Norway


This is a hot spot for people who want to come and walk along this scary spot. The slant that it was built to feel like is one for daredevils who think they can do it without chickening out. You can walk on it if you are scared because there is a glass wall that will keep you from falling and getting hurt or killed. It is beautiful and you can go to Norway to see how they built it and see if you are brave enough to walk across it.

9. Suspended Platform

suspended platform, Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Around The World 2017


This platform is suspended. You can go here to see the beaches but if you came for the bridge have fun. If you walk on this bridge you will be able to feel the waterfall and smell the water coming out of it. Go ahead and take the camera so you will be able to take plenty of photos to show the family how brave you and your friends are. No worries get waterproof because you will be able to touch the water.

8. Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk, Australia


This goes through the forest and you can smell and touch the branches as you walk. If you look close enough you will see the wild animals that are around doing their own thing. When you get to the end you will be at the edge of the construction it is twenty five meters long. You will be able to see the Pacific when you get that close to the end which will make you want to stay there that much longer taking more pictures and videos. It will feel like you are walking on a nature walk while on this area.

7. Skywalk at Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


This great attraction opened in the year two thousand and twelve. People come here all the time just to enjoy the view and other things that will really pop out at you today. The night light is pretty awesome to just wait to walk at night if you are not to scared of heights. You will be able to smell the lush flowers and gardens. Two trees are linked with this bridge making it that much more better.

6. Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain


Okay I would not be able to walk on this one. When you are walking on the side of a mountain and can see all the way to the ground then do not think so. When people walk across this bridge they hold on to the side of the mountain so they can hold on if anything happens under them. If you plan to visit you will have to see this or you will never believe it. If it was not to mean and your girlfriend or boyfriend would not get mad then you could blindfold them and take them to the middle and walk away. This is one amongst the Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Around The World 2017.

5. Arenal Sky Walk


There is a large amount of pretty rainforest and waterfalls that can be seen while here in this area. The skywalk is one of those suspension bridges that is two miles long and while up there the rain forest is going to be seen. You get the views of all the forests but also two waterfalls that are so pretty too along with two points for observing things too. There is a total of five suspension bridges so that is what will make the trip a beautiful memory in your mind. The main goal is for people to relax and become stress free while on the walk and that truly works according to most people.

4. Kinzua Bridge, McKean County, Pennsylvania, USA


At one time this was the longest and tallest railroad because it is 2054 feet long and three hundred and one feet off the ground but in two thousand and three it was kind of messed up because of a tornado. After that the state put in a skywalk because they seen the damage to the old railroad as just something that was little and did not matter. There is partial glass platforms built into it at the end so you are able to see down.

3. The Capilano Skywalk


There was a choice of the trees or the rivers so because the architects became aggravated with that decision, they made the conclusion that it is the best of both worlds so the four hundred and fifty feet high bridge allows visitors to walk that high in the air above the tree lines by walking off the cliff on the open walkway that is between tree tops as well. You will get plenty of options for viewing the nature up close and personal when on this skywalk.

2. Shanghai World Financial Center, China



It is shaped like a bottle opener and is the skyscraper in a very big and busy city named Shanghai. Visitors can go to the one hundredth floor so they can walk there and feel as if they are walking over the city for real. It is the highest in the world for being an observatory and the skywalk floor is glass which is the reason it was stated that people will feel as if they are walking over top of them.

1. Grand Canyon Skywalk-Arizona, USA


The river of Colorado is together with the canyon and an architect gave people an opportunity to float right over the Grand Canyon. Floating is obviously not real but the horseshoe is shaped just like a horse shoe. With how it is made and the glass bottom, these are a way that is going to give you the thought that you are flying. There is a five hundred to eight hundred view down to the river.

These above are the Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Around The World 2017. Skywalks are sometimes fun attractions to walk down when on vacation and you are in an area that has one. If heights are a problem for you then none of the ones above will be good for you. They all come hundreds of feet off the ground so be sure you are an adventurous before taking a trip to one of these places.

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