Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In India 2017

Agriculture is the backbone of India. Hence the villages in India are also more. Indian villagers are usually poor and earn just enough to eat three times of meal. The houses they live in are not stable and strong. The agricultural fields, tall trees and greenery make villages beautiful. Apart from agriculture art and craft are another skill that villager’s posses, they also make money by creating craft works. The necessary needs may be less or scarce in villages but the human beings present are pure hearted and helpful. Hospitals are far away and initial treatments are not available which results high death profile.

But if we go through each and every prospects of a village life then it is always better than urban life as it is simple and a little free life at villages. Indian villages are full of pleasant scenario, they beauty these villages posses are fascinating. In this article you will know about the top 10 most beautiful villages in India.

List of the world’s top 10 Most Famous and Beautiful Villages in India in 2017

10. Poovar, Kerala

Poovar, Kerala Most popular Beautiful Villages in India 2018

Poovar a south Indian Village Situated in Trivandrum, Kerala Poovar is one of the tourist destinations of Kerala. Vizhinjam a natural harbour is close to this village. This village also witness high tides and low tides of water bodies. Neyyar River is a part of this village. The commerce in this village is well known for timber, ivory and sandalwood. Poor is more an island than a village as it is covered with water bodies. Poovar also has a beach to its credit. This village is a blend of every natural gift such as water bodies, plants and many more. This is one of the green village of beautiful villages in India’s list. This village is a tourist destination for many due to its beautiful scenario and intense trading carried out. Make Poovar your next holiday destination to witness the gods own country.

9. Kibber, Himachal Pradesh

Kibber, Himachal Pradesh

Another village situated at a hill station. This village is situated high on the split valley in Himachal Pradesh. Bus is the major transportation in this village, which connects the village to towns and cities. The village posses a wildlife sanctuary. The locals of this place are the persons who provide home stay to the tourists. The religion practised at this village is Buddhism. This village is 4205 meters above sea level and is a high range area. The place is beautifully surrounded by Hills and high level areas. This village is an awesome destination for trekking.

8. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

The cleanest village in Asia is Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya. The village consists of only 500 residents. Sanitation is not at all a problem in this village as it is known for its cleanliness. Mountains, maintained forests, bamboo houses are the special features of this village. The village has stable roads primary education system. This village should be visited by you if you are bored with the busy urban life.

7. Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh

Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh

Taal pond is surrounded by this village or rather the pond is at the centre of this village. Judge’s court is the main attraction of this village as the architecture of this building is based on old British architecture. This village is also known for its wrestling. If you are interested in wrestling please do visit this village it will amuse you.

6. Zuluk, Sikkim

Zuluk, Sikkim Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in India 2017

Zuluk is a one of the top hilly village in India located at Sikkim. Winding roads are amusement for visitors of this village. Snow fall is a great pleasure of this village. Zuluk also has an army base. It is just a few kilometer away from China border. Zuluk also has clean home stays as hotels are not present at this place. This village is just 150 kilometer away from Siliguri. This village is a holiday destination for residents of West Bengal.

5. Lamayuru, Ladakh

Lamayuru, Ladakh Most Beautiful Villages in India 2017

Beautiful villages in India’s list this is one of the oldest monasteries present in Ladakh is situated at this village. Ladakh is known for its beauty and tourist attraction and this village is no less. Hotels are also present along with home stay at this village. Mask dance and moon land are the top attraction present in this village. If you believe in incredible things then visit this village it make you fascinated.

4. Kalap, Uttarakhand

Kalap, Uttarakhand Top Most popular Beautiful Villages in India 2019

The most remote village in India is Kalap village situated in Uttarakhand. Hill top village are always charming but this village is something special. The folklore of this village is famous. None flowering edible plants like mushrooms are the major agricultural product of this area. This village should be visited at least once in a life time as it has diverse natural as well as man-made features are a visual treat.

3. Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana is one of the oldest villages in India. This village is situated adjacent to the Parvati Valley. According to the history spread by inhabitants of this village, this village is founded and made by Jamlu rishi. Sculptured old building and houses located in this village is a visual treat. The happy and pure hearted inhabitants of this village will be loved by all tourists or visitors of this village. The village is gifted with mountains and greenery which is apt for trekking and camping purpose.

2. Muttom, Tamil Nadu

Muttom, Tamil Nadu Top Most Beautiful Villages in India 2018

Muttom is a village situated at Kanyakumari. The inhabitants of this village are more of Christians and the families are living on fishery. The Muttom beach and harbour is used for export purpose. Light house the resorts and Anglo-Indian infrastructure are attractive and these are the reasons why tourists deluge this village throughout the year.

1. Panamik, Ladakh

Panamik, Ladakh

This village is situated in the Nubra valley and is well known for its scenario and tourism. The hill tops and mountain peaks of this village are fascinating and are also appropriate for camping. The village is quite developed and tourists flood this village during festive seasons. If you are in love with nature’s beauty then visit this village as soon as possible.

Villages are beautiful because the habitats or residents of a village don’t destroy the beauty of nature for their selfish purposes. This is the reason the villages mentioned above are beautiful as other villages. Nature’s beauty cannot be substituted and these villages are listed in top ten most beautiful villages in India because these villages posses more beauty of nature.

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