Top 10 Strangest Airports in The World

Ever since in the past people have always travelled from one place to another over a variety of reasons which include trade, to satisfy the spirit of adventure and many other valid reasons that may affect the reason to migrate. Up to this point in life, various vessels have been used to enhance migration and some of these are aeroplanes. They have enhanced fast transportation of people and goods from one place to another. Airplane companies have greatly increases and as a result, they try to provide the best services so as to reduce the competition, most of the airports are located close to cities but the ones that am going to talk about are strangely built and designed. Below is a list of these strange airports in the world.

List of Top 10 Strangest Airports in The World in 2017

10. Courchevel Airport, France

Courchevel Airport, France, Top 10 Strangest Airports in The World 2017

The airport is said to be strange because of it is situated at a 6500 altitude above the sea level. The other strange thing about the airport is that it has a very short runway, this makes it very hard for pilots to operate in the airport, and as a result, the travellers fear of the landing that is very unsafe on either the two sides of the airport. The towering mountain is the co-thing that makes it very hard to land the air vessel.

9. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport, Top 10 Strangest Airports in The World 2017

This is a one of a kind airport that was opened back then in the year 1995 and despite having a roofline that conjures the Rocky Mountains, the airport has received quite so many awards for being the most effective airports with very effective operations. This airport is well known for being very difficult to land for especially business flights yet it is very effective. There is also a huge underground connection under the airport. The artwork of the airport is highly bizarre, all this features makes it very difficult for most of the flights, and yet it is very effective that is what makes it to be a very strange.

8. Toncontin International Airport


It is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. This is because it occupies a ridge at the centre of the well-known Honduras Mountains in the capital of Tegucigalpa, it is a very good reason for every pilot to fear landing in this airport and as a result, very few pilots land in the airport and others are forced to make an emergency landing.

7. Tenzing-Hillary Airport


This strange looking airport is situated in a small town of Nepal in Himalayas. A plane can take hours before making a safe landing in this airport. This is because the airport is considered the very dangerous as well as very strange. In the north of the airport, the Loom Mountains are present and at the south is a swift drop into a valley.

6. Hong Kong international airport


It is an airport located in the south of China. It is on an artificial island in the South China Sea. International airport need to have a great guarantee of safe landing and as a result it is a strange airport since it does not guarantee one a safe landing and yet it is considered to be an international airport. After there was an addition of artificial land and of up to 4 miles and this created a finishing site for the airport? It was opened back in 1998 but it is not very suitable for safe flight landing.

5. Congonhas-Sao Paulo Airport, Brazil


The airport is located in a city that has a population of about 14 million. It is constructed 14 miles away from the city centre and so landing in this airport inexpensive though very dangerous. The thing that makes it very dangerous is the fact that the city is has greatly increased in population and. Unlike back in the times when the airport was set up the population was very low but due to overpopulation there is limited space for land and there is a high rate of noise pollution in the region. This is one amongst the Top 10 Strangest Airports in The World 2017.

4. Dubai international Airport


It is another strange airports in the world yet it is among the busiest airports in the world yet very dangerous since its terminal 3 which occupies 18.44 million square feet and the terminal is located below the taxi way and this makes the airport very dangerous and risky. The airport was opened in 2008 and is believed to have killed over 45 people due to the unsafe landing,

3. Gibraltar International airport


If there is one weird airport in the world is this one and only Gibraltar. Everything in it and the way it operates are all weird. A huge rock is cross the runway and extends in to the Mediterranean Sea. There is a busy road going across the Gibraltar international airport.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport


The videos of aeroplanes landing in this airport will surprise you very much. It is close to the St martin’s Beach that people normally flock there. Planes normally fly very low at this beach and this great risk to the people who normally go to the beach. Though people love viewing the aeroplane landing. There increased chances of blasts by jets and there may be physical harm to people.

1. Madeira International Airport


The risky thing about the airport is that the run way extends to the edge of the ocean and this can collapse to the ocean at any time and this can lead to casualties. It was opened in 1964 and since then it has led to high death of over 130 people in different flights that’s what makes it to be very risky and strange.

So, these above are the Top 10 Strangest Airports in The World as of 2017.

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