Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World

Many people enjoy living in cities that are big because they have plenty of entertaining things to do. They have a lot of options for dining out, movies, activities, and many other enjoyable things. But, other people would rather live more low key. That is why a small town is a great place to be if you are that type of person. When you live in a small town, no one is a stranger because everyone knows each other. That means you have a lot of friends that are close by and even though there may not be a whole lot of activity going on in the small are, you still have some enjoyable people to spend your time with. Below are the ten smallest towns in this whole world but they all have their own unique way of living versus being in the biggest cities that are able to found.

List of Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World in 2017

10. Barbados

barbados, Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World 2017

The place is only around two hundred and thirteen square miles. It is said that it only has around three hundred thousand people. People will go to the small island to visit and enjoy the area. It is in eastern Antilles, a Caribbean island. It has a lot of trees around the place and is nice to go and visit because of it being so far out. The view of the water is amazing and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

9. Antigua

antigua, Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World 2017

Being only two hundred square miles makes it very small. It is not the smallest but around two hundred and fifty thousand people live here. It is in the UK and got freedom in nineteen eighty one. It connects three islands. The area is great to enjoy if you ever would like to go and visit and take a vacation at. They have a few hills that look like small mountains that look amazing. The trees make the place look wonderful and you can sit under them to relax while being on the small beaches they have there.

8. Andorra


The fact that this is an island makes it that much more fun to go and see or even just research. It only has twenty thousand people for the population. It is surrounded by water and it is run by the President of France. All the people who live here mainly work for the government or some part of the government. The people who live here work for where they live making the small island stay populated so they do not have to move.

7. Vatican


This is smaller than Andorra but it has more of a population. It has about a hundred and fifty people living here. The square miles is about a hundred and fifty so it may seem a little crowded. The way they have their houses built makes it so much easier to live. It is surrounded with mountains and greenland that makes it such a wonderful place and a great piece of nature.

6. Maldives


This place is great for the people who would rather deal with the lands than factories. The hundred of thousand of people that live here farm and take most of their foods from the lands. It is located on the Indian Ocean. The a hundred and forty square feet that it is located on it so green you would think it is all grass. Take a vacation here so you can learn how everything works and you can see how they make their lives so much better than most other places.

5. Malta


There is only about fifty thousand people that live here in this hundred and thirty square foot area. This is the place that is mostly visited by others because of the wonderful homes they have here. Some of the homes are very huge. If you are looking for a new place to visit then you should stick this in your ideas because of the amazing views you get from the mountains and the trees make it that much more beautiful. In nineteen seventy nine the town got its independence. Such a great place to learn the history of.

4. Manaco


Even though the place is small the people live independently. Yes they are governed by the Greece government but that is just to keep everything and everyone under control. They only have about a hundred and twenty square foot of land and around thirty five thousand people live here. They keep everything under control so the crime levels stay low and nothing goes wrong. The fact that they stick together makes it easier to live around everyone else and they pretty much leave each other alone.

3. Nauru


Ever wanted to visit somewhere where you could learn the culture. This place shows you how to do just that. It has thirty thousand people living here and each time someone visits then the population increases just for that much time. A hundred square feet is not a lot but these people do not care they use their resources to make it that much better. In nineteen sixty eight they gained independence. They would like it to stay that way. The island is called Pleasant because of how wonderful it looks.

2. Tuvalu


Want to go somewhere where you can fish all day long and not have to worry about the world around you? This island depends on fishing. It has only thirty thousand people living here and that seems like a lot on fifty square feet but they work together to make it so much better. If you look up when you visit you will see a lovely house sitting on a hill that looks so amazing.

1. San Marion


Making the number one spot is San Marino. Only having twenty five square foot of room and around twenty five thousand people living here makes it so small but yet so wonderful of a place. It is the most beautiful place to go and see being in central Italy. It is nice and peaceful and the lands makes it much more great to go and see. The waterfalls and the gardens are wonderful to go and see. When you go make sure you take as many pictures as you can. You will want to remember each and every minute of being here.

These above are the Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World 2017. If you want a small town to live in then one of the ones listed above would be an excellent choice. They are all quaint but will still provide you with plenty to do and many of the places have views that are so beautiful that you are going to enjoy the serenity that is gives you. Even if you live in a big city and just want some time away from all the hustle and bustle that happens around you then coming to one of these places will definitely allow you to relax and enjoy your surroundings as a visitor as well.

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