Top 10 Scariest Places In The World

These places are said to haunted. You can visit some of them but some are closed off by the government of the town. If you are brave and want to test your luck find the location and plan a visit. Go at night so you can really live the dangerous life. No matter what happens you have been warned. They are scary and have some proof of being haunted. Even if somethings did not happen because of the people who died. Seeing a haunted house is way different when you know the story of what happened to the people who can not be freed. Just do your research and you will see that these stories are true and can not be made up.

List of Top 10 Scariest Places In The World in 2017

10. Pluckley Kent

pluckley kent, Top 10 Scariest Places In The World 2017

A village that is said to be haunted. It is a village in Britain. If you ever hear the tail of the ghost that haunt the area at night then you will see why they say it is haunted. People claim to have heard cries near the town but no one is sure if it is true or not. No tourist are allowed on the grounds but ghost hunters are. The government just does not want to take any chances of something bad happening when people try to see if it is really haunted.

9. Riddle House Florida


The house in Palm Beach County, Florida. Build back in nineteen twenty that was owned by a guy named Karl Riddle. His employee Joseph and Karl committed suicide in the house. Their souls have stayed in the premises or so people have claimed. No one knows the real reason they died but it was suppose to be miserable. Their neck bones broken and hanging from the ceiling fans. The house and the garden are restricted for people to go and stay. The furniture is to.

8. Bell Witch Cave


John Bell and his whole family was killed in this cave. It is dark and black inside. People would rather buy or rent the houses far away from this spot because the young people in colonies nearby say they have been tortured by the spirits. Do not even think of bringing anything out of the cave if you do go and visit because it is all said to have been cursed. Do not even take the sand out because the person who does is suppose to lose their life in just a couple of days. No pictures have been able to captured anything inside.

7. Moundsville West Virginia


This place has been traced all the way back for a hundred and twenty years. The site was of the violent criminals being captured and put behind bars. They was not allowed facilities or food. Some of them lost their lives to scary interiors. Some time in nineteen ninety five the prison was closed down because the souls of the people are wandering inside and they cry every night because of how they died.

6. Stull Cemetery


This is a small town in Bumfuck. Twenty people lived in this town in the twentieth century, two people a son and a father lost their lives to an accident. They was buried on the farm field. The tree that is there have had people hung from it and murdered there. No one knows what happened to those people or what caused them to die but it happened here. The mystery still remains what really happened to the san and father.

5. The Myrtles Plantation


The problem with this one is that it has been closed down for a few years now because a lot of people that live in the nearest areas kept on complaining about scary stuff happening. The place was built on top of a burial ground and most people have said that every since that time the area has been made into a dead point. The ghosts apparently kill little kids and women then disappear. Many visitors have said they seen a woman with long hair walking around in the streets really late at night when it is super dark out. Sometimes her body will hang from trees that are very high up while other times she gets the chance at living just like a normal human being. Many of the facts are not completely known which is why they shut down years ago.

4. Helltown


In the nineteen seventies this area was part of the buyout section for houses. Once the places was torn down, an amusement part got put in the houses places. The reason this one made the list for being scarring is because the souls of those whose homes were demolished often go around town wandering around. Tellers of ghost stories say that it is not a place for tourists to go and that the only ones that should truly be there is the ghost hunters that want to break down the secrets that are held in this town. Some of the ghost hunters that visited here ended up dead while they were here. That is the reason no matter if they are professional or greatly experienced at being a ghost hunter, they still hesitate and take time to think about it first.

3. The Island of the Dolls Mexico


This place has a forest with trees full of doll heads. If that is not scary then I honestly could not tell you what is. The heads are spooky and look really weird. Supposedly a little girl died on the island and the body was found in a canal close by. Her soul is suppose to be what makes the doll heads come naturally out of the trees and even if one of them get cut down, when the new tree starts to grow again there are doll heads all over it again.

2. Shades of Death Road


Shades Of Death Road, sometimes referred to locally as just “Shades”, is a two-lane rural road of about 7 miles in length in central Warren County, New Jersey. There are various mysteries about this road. Some of the visitors have claimed that during their travel from this road, they saw while and black souls wandering on and close to the road. Various theories have viewed that the murdered highwaymen use to kill the passengers onto the roads especially those who try to cross it during the dark nights.

1. Gettysburg Battlefield


It is a site of Civil War Battle and a whole lot of warriors got killed on that battle ground. An estimate says that about fifty thousand soldiers got killed here while fighting in the different wars on this land. Devil’s den is where the bodies of all of them rest and the story goes that the souls go onto the battlefield and cry about what happened on those days in history. The area has been marked off as restricted since the encounters of the ghost history and no tourist will be able to go here.

These are the Top 10 Scariest Places In The World 2017. There are places all over this planet that are probably so scary you would wet yourself but these on this list are the ten that have been reported more than any of the others and that makes them seem like they are the scariest places.

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