Top 10 Richest Cities In The World

When people travel to countries and they are a tourist, no one realizes how much it helps the country you are visiting in order to keep their economies afloat. Attractions are the biggest money makers for cities like those listed below because without them no one would have a reason to step foot in the country or city. Take a quick look at the ten richest cities in the world and see if you have a trip planned to that particular area or have already went there. If so, that means you will be supporting their town financially in order to keep it going and for you to see great things still as well.

List of Top 10 Richest Cities In The World in 2018

10. Shanghai, China

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This city is worth about 540 billion dollars but it has a population of an estimated twenty-six million people. They have plenty of things for tourists to see and do such as City God Temple. All of the attractions that are here is why most of the tourists come to visit from all around the globe. That also has a big hand in the economy in Shanghai as well. Because of the changes to the economy in the nineties, the city has become a fast growing place.

9. Moscow, Russia

Richest Cities

They have a little over one million people living in the city and it is also the capital of Russia. When it comes to the resources of this city, it would be the richest. The attractions that tourists love would be places like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Gorky Park, and The Kremlin. They have also produced and put on the market, a unique type of Vodka that tastes amazing. They have a total of about five hundred and forty six billion dollars in reserves and a monthly estimated living cost amount is a little over eighteen hundred dollars a month.

8. Chicago, USA

Richest Cities

This city makes it on the list because they are rich from all of the industrial developments they have. Tourists are a big deal with this city because without them they would not be as rich. The main attractions that the outsiders love would be Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, and many more other beautiful places. It is very windy in this city which is why it is called the windy city. They have a large amount of people that reside here, over 2 million people.

7. Osaka, Japan

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Due to the size of this city it would actually be considered small but with how big the economy is, that is what puts it on the list. They are worth 679 billion dollars and their average monthly living cost is over thirty six hundred dollars. All night long there is something to do because the city is awake at all hours. All of the attractions bring in tourists every year and that gives the economy a bigger boost as well. It only goes over about two hundred and twenty three square kilometers in size.

6. Paris, France

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Because of all the tourists that come here, the city is ranked number six for richest. This town is often referred to as the city of romance and most of the people that visit are couples in love. The population is over three million people and they have so many attractions that people love and the Eiffel Tower is the number one attraction that is located here. If you are a family traveling here then head over the Disneyland and let the kids enjoy a day of fun.

5. London, United Kingdom

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Out of all the towns located in England, this one city is the largest of them all with 8.7 million people that reside here permanently and not to mention all of the tourists that show up at different times throughout the year. There international business channels that the place has is the reasoning for their riches. The city is worth over 750 billion dollars and have a living cost of over thirty five hundred dollars. Go see some of the best sights like the Buckingham Palace. This is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Cities In The World 2018.

4. Seoul, South Korea

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Being worth 804 billion dollars is a major amount of money, especially with a population as big as this city has. They have the number one leading technology areas in the whole entire world. Because of this it helped the city get on this number four ranking for being one of the richest cities. They have plenty of places for tourists to view as well so it is a great place to visit on vacation if you would like.

3. Los Angeles, California

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Not only do about 3.9 million people live here but it is also home to some of the biggest Hollywood stars ever. They have a Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and so much other stuff that people are able to do. The city is worth over eight hundred billion dollars and is the second biggest town in the whole United States. Many tourists come here to sight see and they often hope to catch glimpses of their favorite actors or actresses.

2. New York, USA

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With a net worth of over twelve hundred billion dollars, this city is home to some of the biggest modeling agencies in the whole world. Along with fashion being a big hit as well. The average living cost is about 4200 dollars a month. The town is home to the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and a whole lot of other great attractions. With its diversified culture, all sorts of people visit this city each year.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Richest Cities

The place is worth over fifteen hundred billion dollars and have living expenses of over forty three hundred dollars. There population of people estimates out to being about thirteen million people and this is the richest city in the world. In the early 1920’s the town was majorly destroyed from an earthquake but apparently they have had no trouble rebuilding themselves because they have came out at the top of the list. Tourists travel here to experience the culture and locals along with trying the delicious foods and seeing some of the prettiest sights.

These above are the Top 10 Richest Cities In The World 2018. Overall, these towns all have money that is in the billions and tourists is the main factor for keeping their economies alive. If you plan to take a trip outside of the country for a while just to get away then try to visit one of the ten on this list. You will not be disappointed with your choice. They are all terrific cities with plenty of things to do whether you are older or from a younger generation.

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