Top 10 Prettiest Towns Of United States

It is hard to identify the best town in the country but we can debate what the prettiest town is. Listed below are the ten that have been rated the most beautiful in the United States. Some are pretty because of their manicured lawns and homes while others have the rating because of the views that are given when looking out your window.

List of Top 10 Prettiest Towns Of United States in 2017

10. Edgartown, Massachusetts

edgartown massachusetts, Top 10 Prettiest Towns Of United States 2017-2018

This town is located on Martha’s Vineyard and is known for being an enclave to the affluent and famous people. It is one of the most expensive communities and largest that is on the Vineyard. The houses are all Victorian sea captains’ and there is plenty of galleries and shops that are nearby. All the streets and lawns are manicured to perfection so the view is going to be beautiful while you take a walk for some fresh air. Be sure to stop by Mad Martha’s and grab one of their home-made ice cream cones to take with you.

9. Key West, Florida


If you are here then that means you are actually a lot closer to Cuba than you are the the United States mainland. They have a vibe that is more laid back and casual than some of the other towns in Florida. You can go looking for dolphins, get on a chartered boat to catch a marlin, or find a spot on the beach and lay down for a peaceful relaxing rest. Of course you are going to cross the overseas highway that is 127 miles long so be prepared for a gorgeous view for quite a while since that is the only way in or out if you want to get to the mainland. Key west is the only place that has a national forest that can only be gotten to by being on a boat. If you decide to visit the Dry Tortugas National Park then you are going to have fun snorkeling, diving, or just walking around to explore the place.

8. Longview, Washington


A wealthy lumber magnate built two mills in this area because the place is close to the Columbia River. He then needed around 14,000 people to work for the mills so he made the city capable of holding 50,000 people. This place still has that old town lumber vibe. They have a beautiful lake that is called Sacajawea Park and many people say it is one of the most prettiest they have ever seen.

7. Athens, Georgia


This is a University town and mainly became popular in the eighties and nineties because of the B-52s and R.E.M being discovered here along with many more musicians. Nowadays the old factories have been turned into apartment buildings and galleries or boutiques while the town still has quite a lot of pride. Everything is more of an older antique vibe once you visit this place and you are going to have plenty of things you can do here. You could opt to walk most of the places you want to go all while being relaxed because of the quiet atmosphere around you.

6. Tarrytown, New York


Tarrytown is actually quite popular because of Washington Irving using the city name in the movie “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Not to mention, this was a throughway when the underground railroad was actively working. It is one of the towns that is upstate where the rich and famous like to go for a few of piece to themselves without being bothered. They house the robber baron Jay Gould’s mansion that is like a castle and many tours are given throughout this place every year. The Tarrytown Film Festival has been hosted here for a few decades so far.

5. Fort Benton, Montana


A portion of this city is designated to a National Historic Landmark District in the nineteen sixties. This is one of the oldest settlements in America. Founding as the fur trading post. The railroads put the brakes on the growth of the town. It did not do this till after Fort Bent earned the reputation that a disagreement was settled with sidearms. Jesse James was one of the people who had shout outs in the streets and if you want you can relive it on Main Street today. This is one amongst the Top 10 Prettiest Towns Of United States 2017.

4. Breckenridge, Colorado


Known for the charming alpine ski towns. It stand out because of the vistas and the charming streets. So many people visit this place just to see the grounds. People will go see the hundred and fifty trails that are around. If you visit you will notice there is something for everyone. No matter if you want to do something safe or something dangerous. Just take your time and look around. The town comes to life during November and through early April. You can still do things during the warm months like hiking and fishing.

3. Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Gatlinburg is the only place in Tennessee that has a ski resort. Located on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park it benefits from its location. It has attractions like aquariums, rafting, and even a pretty cool haunted house. The nature is the best part of this town. It is beautiful and will catch everyone’s eyes.

2. Camden, Maine


When you go to this town you will see it is like a movie scene. The boats are all in the water and just give it the great look of a movie you would see with people on the water. Most of these boats will bring in seafood daily for the restaurants. When they say the catch of the day they mean it was brought straight in that morning and when you eat it you will be able to tell.

1. Newport, Rhode Island


Known as the Summer White House. The harbor and the old homes will have you wanting to visit just to see what it is all about. At night you will be able to go to the music festival that happens every night. You can go and see this and varied collection of bars and parties everywhere. This is for you night owls because this is what the town is all about.

These above are the Top 10 Prettiest Towns Of United States 2017. These places are so beautiful you will want to take as many pictures as you can to keep for memories. Places like this make you drop your jaw because who has ever seen something this gorgeous. If you visit make sure to look around and see what you can get into so that it is not a boring visit of sight seeing. They sometimes have festivals and pretty much a bunch of activities. No more going to the same place each year for break. Just enjoy with your kids and other friends and family.

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