Top 10 Places With Worst Traffic In The World

We hate traffic where we live but have you ever thought of how traffic is other places. These top ten show where the traffic is so bad you could sitting for hours or longer. Try your hardest not to scream and act a fool because this is normal for the people who live here. If you are traveling and want to miss these places you should really pay close attention or you will be late for what you are wanting to get to. This could set you back a few days.

Some places are like this all day and night it never ends. It is just something you would have to get use to if you moved here.

List of Top 10 Places With Worst Traffic In The World in 2017

10 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Top 10 Places With Worst Traffic In The World 2017

May be a great place to shop. The streets are packed with shops but has the worst traffic in the world. Accidents happen on a regular bases so it is not uncommon to run into a wreck or something. No one obeys the traffic laws so anything could go wrong. They are two laned and nothing to divide them out. In two thousand and twelve the deaths decreased a few hundred from two thousand and eleven. Most deaths happen because of the traffic.

9. Guadalajara, Mexico


You will sit and suffer with the traffic for at least thirty minutes so you better leave the house about an hour early for work. The sites that are here are wonderful to see but only if you can handle the traffic. Most the people on the road are workers and students on their ways to school and work. Cars are the most common way to travel here that is why the traffic is so bad. It is great for a romantic get away just be ready to wait for the line to move a little at a time.

8. Bangkok, Thailand


Shopping Shopping Shopping. This is where tourist come to do shopping but it has really bad traffic. If you are a first time car buyer you get a tax this all started in two thousand and twelve and the government agreed to it. The city deals with five million vehicles a day,and two million of those are on the road everyday. The temperature messes with the fact of traveling. The asbesto brake lines are still being used in Asia today making it even worse.

7. Rome, Italy


Even though it is romantic the traffic sucks. It is the most dangerous for accidents dealing with traffic. In two thousand and six there was twenty one thousand collisions, twenty eight thousand people hurt because of this and two hundred and thirty died dealing with one wreck. The people who drive around on the mopeds and anything small like this hurt people the most and cause the most problems. They travel down alley ways and hit signs and people all the time. They try to outrun the cars but when it comes down to it they may be smaller but they will get hurt worse than someone in a car.

6. Moscow, Russia


They may be widely known for their terrific weapons but the place is also known for their horrible traffic. Because of the overuse of vehicles here, that is why their traffic is a huge problem. According to an index of congestion that was done with Russia, when you are trying to drive from one location to another it is going to take you sixty-six percent more time all because of the traffic. When rush hour comes around in the evening this problem is a lot worse and if your trip normally takes you an hour, you are going to spend two and a half hours traveling at that time. When winter comes around, the snowfall makes matters even worse

5. St. Petersburg, Russia


Just like in Moscow, this city has a large amount of snow that comes down but here is the difference. When it snows here, you could possibly be stranded for three days in the streets because of traffic jams that occur because of the storms. The travel time here is about 44% longer because of the traffic congestion. When it comes to rush hour times, Moscow and St. Petersburg are number two and three on the most jammed up places in the world. Authority officials try to contain the traffic by encouraging most of the travelers to use public transportation instead of their vehicles.

4. Surabaya, Indonesia


This place has been ranked at number four for the largest number of stops and starting when it comes to traffic. They have bad public transportation so that is not an option to be able to clear up some of the vehicles that are causing high traffic congestions. Minibuses and Vans are what is used as public transportation and they will dangerously stop right in the middle of a road to pick up and drop off people.

3. Mexico City, Mexico


Because of all the millions that travel the roads in this city, traffic being horrible has just become a custom environment for most of the citizens. They have the largest transportation services in the world that offers the lowest rate for travelers and they are about to produce a rail station that will hopefully be a big help when it comes to reducing the road congestion. If it does not help then the city is going to have even more privately owned cars than before which is going to cause the numbers to go up even higher.

2. Istanbul, Turkey


Right now there is at minimum 100,000 vehicles that are new on the roads of Istanbul which then only adds to the ones that are already traveling. The solution to this problem is hopefully going to be the Big Istanbul Tunnel that is going to have different routes that will connect to a variety of areas in the city which will then be more of a better option for travelers and to get personal cars off the streets since people will be able to access the Tunnel and get exactly where they need to be at.

1. Jakarta, Indonesia


The problem with this place is that the government is failing at controlling what is going on. They have failed to stop the growth of the city. The traffic only gets worse each time they turn around and try to fix it. Around a thousand cars are being added to the mix daily and there is no way to stop it. People think maybe a huge mass transport system would help the area but no one will know until they can put it in effect. The project is already delayed five years making it that much worse.

These above are the Top 10 Places With Worst Traffic In The World 2017. These traffic problems will probably only get worse or maybe a little better because people will learn a lesson. I would not hold my breath right now. People act like they own the streets and will not stop doing what they are doing without having it done in a better way. If you really want to stay away from thee places look up places with little traffic. It will be easier on you and the population you go to. When you are not in the place you live be careful anyways you never know what is going on around you. These places just do not care who gets hurt and what happens as long as they get to where they need to. One day they will realize it is not worth the problems and slowing down will save a lot of time and lives. Always plan to leave earlier than you have to because traffic will slow you down worse than walking.

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