Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night

Halloween celebration should be a time to celebrate. This season was derived from old practices such as religious rituals, traditional and European traditions. This day has become so common in many communities and organization. There are 10 places to avoid during those celebrations. I have done a lot of research in this article and have come with 10 place. You should not step in such places where mysterious things happen. Study this list carefully.

List of Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night

10. Camp Scott

camp scott, Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night

Camp Scott is a famous place that is located in United States of America in a popular state known as Oklahoma. This camp is specifically between Snake and Spring Creeks in Mayes County. Currently, this camp has a total of 49 years ever since it was established. In first day of establishment, this place experiences a great thunderstorm that hit down different structures that had been built there. Even trees were affected and dried up. Several other incidents have been happening to date. You should not appear in this location during Halloween because you might be caught with tragedies and die.

9. Phantom Vehicles

phantom vehicles, Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night 2019

This area is said to be very mysterious on earth. Phantom vehicles are said to be transporters of ghosts. They take form of cars, ships trains and planes. You eyes might even see a Visual flicker instead of a clear picture of a vehicle. This place is located in a famous village known as St. Louis in Saskatchewan. During celebration like Halloween, people can decided to go there and meet wonders of this world but much care is needed. Some people visited Phantom Vehicles and never came back.

8. Clinton Road

clinton road, Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night

Clinton Road is another dangerous place that you should not enter especially during Halloween seasons. This road is located in West Milford, New Jersey in a county popularly known as Passaic. Clinton is said to be 16km or simply 10 miles. Travelling using this road is very dangerous. Mysterious creatures like ghosts, Satanists, witches gather in fire sides and Ku Klux Klan have been noted on sides of this road. Several accident s have been reported ever since this road was build and launched to be used. One scaring thing about travelling at night in this road is a big head of truck can emerge from nowhere and chase you until you exit it. Where else will you go? Avoid this place completely.

7. The weeping woman


This popular legend among Spanish people is also known as La Llorona. It is found in south western parts of Mexico and United States of America. Story behind this legend is a beautiful woman named Maria. This woman is said to have gone under a lot of stress and depression to a point of tossing her two children into a flowing river. Maria ended up staying in river banks and sobbing all day for reasons known to her. A conversation between her and gods is overheard if you near this place. Because of that incident of loosing children, this woman haunts other children therefore; it is not advisable to walk around this place with your beloved children.

6. Crybaby Bridges of Ohio


This is one of the Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night. Ohio is a famous state found in United States of America. A crybaby bridge is a place where mysterious bridges are located. Several cries of babies and laughter at same time are overheard when using them to get to other side. Residents of Ohio say that this place holds a violent history of a young child who was skinned and died painfully. From this, we can confirm that spirit of the child did not rest in peace.

5. Popobawa


Popobawa refers to an evil creature found in Eastern parts of Africa. It is found mostly in coastal areas. It has been noted that this beast does not attack anyone during daytime. Popobawa can appear in form of human or dangerous animals and is always interested in human beings. Men are most targeted people. This place is not advisable for celebrations. You might end up losing your loved ones.

4. The Candy Man


This is another dangerous place based in United States of America. A heartless man known as Dean Corll murdered many children in Texas. That was back in 1960’s. Because of all that Dean’s family decided to make a candy store to make a production facility. A large business was lead by Dean. He became Candy man. This production site did not work so he began doing electricity jobs. Candy man killed his fellow workmate. This place became a murder place. Several demonic activities are said to have taken place. In other words, more demons were invited there and therefore not good for you.

3. Corpse Road


Just from mention of this sub title, an intelligent person can clearly tell where we are headed to in terms of story behind. Corpse road is described as a mother church or main church of many others that were constructed during late medieval times. For some reasons, people from this area suggested that all burial rights belonged to this mother church. Several official roads were constructed heading to this place. This became horrible to many residents as they could transport their dead bodies to long distances for burial. On their way to burial destination, these residents got tired and abandoned bodies down there. These bodies covered this road with dark spirits that haunted many people.

2. Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff


Suicide Cliff ad Banzai Cliff came because of Pacific theatre during world war two. This conflict went for a certain period of time armed forces of America and Japan lost their lives. Wounds and painful cries of these people are overhead in these cliffs up to date. Visiting there will not be an appropriate thing to do.

1. Edinburgh Vaults


During ancient times, Edinburgh used to be a thriving community. A powerful bridge was constructed to help in expanding that area. This area was commonly used by slum dwellers. Serious crimes and violence became a major problem there. This area is not safe for you to be especially during Halloween celebrations.

These above are the Top 10 Places To Fear In Halloween Night. You should try as much as you can to avoid specific areas that have been mentioned in list above. Celebration is a time set aside to have good feeling about something. This is not just a story to listen to. Real and mysterious things happen in there. Be careful always on where to visit.

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