Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants Of The World

These restaurants are quirky if you would call them that. Some are very romantic and will have you wanting to enjoy the nice silence of not kids screaming. Enjoy the view of it and the food. Most of the food that you will be eating comes straight from the sea beside you. The looks and feels of the places should relax you enough that you enjoy your time instead of worrying about the kids and the babysitter. One place will even give you a bottle to drink out of so you do not have to pay taxes on the glass.

List of Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants Of The World in 2017

10. The Rock (Zanzibar, Tanzania)


this restaurant is named what it is because it is up on a hill. Just twelve tables in the place so not many people will fit. If you are one of the lucky people who can get a seat then you will be able to look out at the sea and the coast while eating. It serves seafood because of where it is located. The salad that has octopus in it is said to be one of the best meals you can order. You can get to it by foot during the low tide but if the tide is up get ready to ride on a boat.

9. The Treehouse Restaurant At The Alnwick Garden(Alnwick, England)

The Treehouse Restaurant At The Alnwick Garden, Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants Of The World 2017

Did you have a treehouse as a kid? Well this place has trees growing inside of it. During dinner time it is romantic because of the fairy lights. But at lunch time you can just sit back and enjoy the lighting outside. Seafood and meat is on the menu and it is very nice to have. The screens on the window are made of the fallen branches.

8. Le Refuge Des Fondues (Paris)


The menu is just a simple choice but the place is like a carnival on the outside. Based on red and white wines and the cheese and meat fondues. If you get wine in a glas it will be taxed. In order for the people not to pay taxes on this he will put the wine in non spill baby bottles. When you drink it through the nipple it makes you drink it faster than you would in a glass. You can draw on the walls around you if you get bored or just feel like doodling.

7. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese( Polignano a Mare, Italy)


Has a table on the cliff that looks out over the sea. This nice restaurant is carved into the side of a cliff and you can look out over Adriatic. Seventy four foot above water you can hear the sea lapping at the edge and you will be able to get the catch of the day. Open during May to October. The view is wonderful at night and the lights from the cave reflect off the water outside.

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Rangali Island, Maldives)


It is the first underwater all glass restaurant. You can look around you a hundred and eighty degrees at the marine life. The reef is really pretty to look at to. While you are enjoying the food you can watch the rays and the great big sharks swim around you and not have to worry about getting bit or killed. The water may look scary but you are really safe with the thick glass. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants Of The World 2017.

5. Heart Attack Grill(Las Vegas)


If you are a health nut then this is definitely not going to be your favorite eating place. The waitresses dress as nurses wearing stethoscopes and all, they take your order and give you only three choices of a hamburger. You have choices from a single bypass burger all the way to a octuple bypass. If you order the quadruple bypass it comes with for patties that are each half a pound then there is eight slices of cheese with a total of sixteen pieces of bacon, this is all served to you on a bun that has been covered in lard. I do not see how that burger would not fill you up but if it does not do that then they have other stuff to help get you full such as the flatliner fries and the shakes that are to die for. Go ahead and pull out your calculator if calorie counting is one of your things because the Guinness World Book Record for highest number of calories on a burger, that record goes the this grill. The quadruple burger has 9,982 calories in that one by itself.

4. Ninja New York(New York)


This restaurant takes its name very seriously I guess since hardly anyone can even find the entrance door when they arrive here. Once you have found it and you go inside, you are going to feel as if you have stepped back into feudal Japan. There is iron bars and walls that are made out of stone, this place is going to give you that complete ninja experience. The waiters dress up as warriors and will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire night because they will jump out of the shadows and do entertaining tricks while everyone is there. The food is awesome and has such an incredible taste. They had bonfire lamb chops and even dragon rolls that is usually in company of a knife twirling acts along with a karate chopping display.

3. Foreign Cinema (San Francisco)


Even though the word foreign is in the name of this business, the restaurant screen films are far from foreign. The Maltese Falcon, Caramel, The Iron Giant, and The outsiders are the types of films being played here. There is a wall that is white washed for movies to project onto. If you do not want to be outside then go ahead and stay inside by the fireplace. They have an oyster and shellfish bar that is awesome and the chefs and couple that co-own the business all travel in Europe and Asia constantly seeking out ingredients.

2. ’S Baggers (Nuremberg, Germany)


This place is so neat to be in since it is the first restaurant that has you order your food from the table on a touchscreen and then minutes later the food is whipping through the place on a thing that resembles a rollercoaster. That just makes it more tempting to just keep ordering so you can continue to play with the delivery train. It makes loops that will even sometimes cause dishes to flip upside down. So that the food comes to you without a big mess they have your stuff split into different containers.

1. Dans le noir (Paris)


If you ever get a chance to go to this awesome restaurant you will be eating in complete darkness. The chef here believes that the flavors are more intense when you are not able to see the food since your sense of taste is raised. Obviously the perception of food that you have will change tremendously as well because you are not going to be able to decide against food just because of the way it looks. The business not only have a terrific way of having people enjoy their food but they also hire blind and impaired waiters and waitresses to serve you and be there to help guide you to your food.

These above are the Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants Of The World 2017. Obviously these ten food places are all different and unique in their own ways. Many people say nothing but great things about every one of them so if there is ever a chance that you may get to eat in one then you better take it because will be in heaven that is for sure.

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