Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of France

France has been attributed to being one of the most popular tourist destinations, which has been estimated to being 82 million tourists every year. Most of the visitors go to France especially for viewing their incredible historic cities, to experience the cool environment in France the beaches found in this incredible country. Some of the visitors go to experience the culture and food most notable French wine that has become one of the celebrated wines in the world.

Today we will focus on the most popular attractions that are found in France. Below is a list of the top ten most popular tourist attractions of France.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of France in 2017

10. Chartres Cathedral

chartres cathedral, Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of France 2017

Chartres Cathedral is one of the incredible sites that attract millions of tourists globally. It is located in a small town near Paris. It is one of the finest architectural example from Gothic architecture. It has a vast nave with porches that have been adorned with fine sculptures. The windows are stained glasses from the 12th century. All these remarkable features makes this an amazing attraction not only people in this country but also those from outside.

9. Arc De Triomphe


This very popular site is located in the Paris city. Looking at the history of this amazing structure, it was constructed under the command of Napoleon a French emperor back in 1806 but not until the year 1836 it inauguration was held. What makes it attractive is the ancient astylar style used to construct it and it has the names of all the wars including Napoleon wars and French republic wars. Also the vaults of this monument contain the tomb of unknown soldiers from World War I. It is an amazing place for those who love the history on world war.

8. Verdon Gorge Canyon


This is one of the best place that is located at the Alps De Haute Province. A river is 25 kilometers long and cliffs that are 700 meters high. This place has turquoise green color that attracts many people. Many tourist drive to this place just to do hiking, kayaking on this place and mountain climbing especially on the amazing high cliffs. At the Verdon gorge you will definitely enjoy the experience of having a view of the place that has attracted tourists year after year.

7. Chateau De Chambord


This is one of the finest examples of the French renaissance architecture. This popular site was built for King Francois as a lodge whenever he went hunting in the mountains that surround this magnificent structure. It was not built to completion due to the French revolution and this makes it such a good site. Inside this chateau, there are 440 rooms, 80 staircases and 280 fireplaces. If you happen to visit this place, you will be taken on a guided tour to all the different places inside and you will get information about the construction design.

6. Pont Du Gard Bridge


This is one of the most magnificent bridges found on this planet. This bridge is located on the city of Rome across Gardon River. This bridge was built in the first century AD and it measures 50 kilometers in length. It first use after being constructed was to carry water across Uzes Commune to Nime. The materials used to construct this bridge were yellow lime stone, breeze blocks and calcium deposits. This is one of the amazing sites recommended by UNESCO as a heritage site.

5. Saint Michael, Normandy


This is the most recognized religious landmarks that is found in France. An island occupies areas of 1 km in diameter. In the top section, there is an abbey, monastery and a church and on the bottom of this site there are houses, halls and stores. It is one of the best tourist attraction sites. It attracts about a million visitors every year. Inside the site, there is a museum where visitors are taught about the history of the construction of this great monument.

4. The Louvre Museum


This is one of the largest museums in the world. It is located in Paris. What attracts many visitors to this place is the huge collection of impressive art. Some of the stuffs found in it are Egyptian antiques, crown jewels, ancient sculptures and old paintings. First opened in 1763 and emperor Napoleon added large numbers of artwork to the museum. The Louvre pyramid found at the entrance of this museum is one of the most important things that attract many visitors to this place.

3. Palace of Versailles


This is one of the largest palaces that is located in France. Louis XIII king as his hunting lodge built the first portion of this place and Louis XIV making it the largest palace on the history of this country completed the other portion. This palace has 70o rooms, 2153 windows, 68 staircase and 2000 acres of beautiful garden all of which have attracted many visitors. Due to the many rooms of different sizes, this monument has been used to hold political functions.

2. Saint Tropez


This is one of the places that has attracted frequent and many visitor year after year. It was initially a military stronghold, artist colony and fishing village. Its beaches have been the source of attraction for many visitors who come to windsurf, sail in the water, yachting and motor boat sport. It is especially famous amongst celebrities among them millionaires and fashion models that come to experience the incredible environment of the French people.

1 Eiffel Tower


This is the landmark and the symbol of France. It is the top tourist attraction in France. It has made numerous visitors to make their way to this country. It has been attributed to being the tallest building in France measuring at 324 meters in height. Looking at its history it was opened in 1889 as the entrance to the universal exposition world fair. More than 10000 tons of iron were used to building this man made structure that has attracted more than 200 million visitors since it was first opened. Visitors can use the first two levels of this structure to view Paris.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of France 2017. For those persons who love the magnificent beauty of ancient architect they should visit one of these incredible places that are located in France to enjoy what other frequent visitors love going to see in this country.

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