Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Brazil is one of the best country known for not only its beautiful actresses and actors but also has been known as one of the best destination for people who love to see the beauty of nature as well as the incredible monuments that were created by man. If you happen to have been to Brazil, you will definitely bear me witness that the places that are mentioned in this review are worth visiting. Visitors do not just go to visit the beautiful places in Brazil but also go to experience the culture of this nation. Listed below are the top ten most popular tourist attractions that are located in Brazil.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Brazil in 2017

10. Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida


Starting our listing is this amazing church that is located in this nation. It is also one of the famous churches in the world. It was first opened in 1970 after it was successfully constructed in the hyperboloid structure that was designed by Oscar Niemeyer a Brazilian architect. What attract many visitors to this church is the 16 different concrete columns that looks like hands raising to heaven. The glass in between the concrete columns makes natural illumination when the sunlight bright. The most important thing that makes millions of visitors to flock this place is the Shroud of Turin (a piece of linen used for covering Jesus Christ after He was crucified).

9. Amazon Theatre

amazon theatre, Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Brazil 2017

This is one of the incredible buildings located close to the Amazon rainforest. It was built during the heydays of rubber trade using all kinds of materials from all over the world. Some of these materials include marble from Italy, steel form England and furniture from Paris. The dome on the outside of this building is covered in decorated ceramics painted in the Brazilian flag. It has been one of the best structures that attracts many numerous visitors every year.

8. Fernando de Noronha


This is one of the best landscapes found in the northeastern coast of Brazil. It has pristine beaches, wildlife and landscapes, which attracts many visitor from outside Brazil. Amerigo Vaspucci first discovered the archipelago that is found on this site. Divers and snorkelers who love this place because of the good visibility of the waters even at the depth of 50 meters now use this place. All those visitors who love water they should consider this place.

7. Historic Center of Olinda


This is one of the few-preserved colonial cities. This place is located at the northeastern coast of Brazil. This colorful city with red roofed white buildings blends well with the blue color of the Atlantic coast. There are several tourist sections like historic downtown areas, churches and carnival of Olinda. This place has attracted many visitors every year who come to not only view the beauty of this place but also learn the history of this place.

6. Botanical Garden of Curitiba


This is one of the places that has attracted millions of tourists due to the design of this structure. It was designed with art nauveau style and its entrance is made of metal and glass. In addition, the main attraction is the well protected special species of plants. Inside it there is a botanical museum that have huge collections of native flora. Visitors who come to this place get a chance to view sculptures, videos and photograph exhibitions that really create an amazing experience for these visitors. It is located in the southern side of Brazil in Parana.

5. Salvador Beaches


This is one of the popular places with the lovers of surfing. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Brazil 2017. It is located in the capitals of Bahia. These beaches are ideal for swimmers, divers and sailing. It has strong waves that will be a popular and incredible feature for those surfers who flock this place year after year. For those children visitors there are reefs that form pools of stones where they can play at. You can go for vacations with your family this one place.

4. Amazon Rainforest


This has attracted millions of visitors who come to experience the incredible climate of this forest. Inside this forest is the Amazon River that measures 6,400 km making it the longest river in the world. Many visitors use the Amazon River to be able to move along as they view the rainforest. There are several species of animals in this forest and most of the visitors get a chance of viewing a few of these features as they explore this place. In case you are visiting this place, you should hire expert guides for safety purposes.

3. Iguazu Falls


Iguazu falls is one of the incredible falls that is located at the border of Brazil and Argentina. The height of this falls is about 269 feet and it divides the Iguazu River into two sections. These falls have attracted many numerous visitors who come to enjoy as the water falls on the rocky surface of this place. Some of the visitors can get close to the falls in order to capture the incredible moments at this place. For those who dare can even ride on the river to get as close enough to see the falls

2. Rio Carnivals


Rio Carnival is one of the festivals that attract numerous visitors each year. These festivals happen in each part of Brazil. This celebration is 4-day festivals that attract millions of visitors who crowd the streets. The most famous is the Carnival held at Rio de Janeiro. These festivals happen all over Brazil and people from outside Brazil come to be part of these festivals and learn about the cultural heritage of Brazilians.

1. Christ the Redeemer


This is the best attraction that is located in Brazil that attracts millions of visitors each year. It is located at the top of the Corcovado Mountain and the statue measures 98 feet in height and its arms stretch 92 feet wide. The statue was constructed between 1922 and 1931 and the material used includes: reinforced concrete and soapstone. Many Christian love visiting this stature as it is a symbol of love. One fact about this magnificent statue is that it was constructed in pieces and carried up to the top of the mountain.

These are the top ten best attraction destinations in Brazil 2017 that has led to millions of visitors flocking Brazil each year. You should consider visiting one of these places and many other places once you get to Brazil.

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