Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World

When people travel, it is mostly during the warmer months when they are able to enjoy themselves a lot more. Unless they are the type of person that enjoys being in 10 feet of snow and skiing or snowboarding down a hill. If you are the type of person that would rather enjoy a warmer climate then take your summer holiday destinations in one of the ten listed locations below.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World in 2017

10. Egypt

egypt, Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017

This is just one of the best places that you can visit. When you do go you need to go on the Nile Cruise. You will also want to go snorkeling so you can see what is under the waters. The Red Seas will have you looking at the sparkling waters that are there. Enjoy yourself and all the things you will be able to do. Having a place to go and look at waters makes your body relax just as much as your mind. Take time for yourself and your lover.

9. Turkey

turkey, Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017

Twenty years ago it would have been very cheap to go see but now these days the money gets in the way of you going to see what is there. The beaches are some of the finest and you will be able to sit back and relax for hours out of a day. The food is also great to enjoy and you will get from eating the great foods. Take the gulet cruise to find out more history of the place. Great to go in spring and autumn.

8. Thailand


This place is cheap to see and you can backpacking when you please. They have beaches that will be wonderful to see. They have amazing foods that will have you wanting so much more and you will try to make the wonderful at your own home not being able to get the best taste that you had here. The hotels that are here are world class so no worries of no where to stay while here. The countryside will be something that will have you opening your eyes and wondering why you did not visit sooner.

7. Croatia

croatia, Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017

If you do not want to stay in the hotels you can go to the islands that are around the area. The islands are very stunning and give you the feel of a honeymoon. This place can be great during the holidays. It has been restored throughout the years so they can keep up the places there. The ferry will take you where you want to go and having the adventure of going out on a ferry will have you wanting to go back so many more times each year and not just for the holidays.

6. Italy

italy, Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World

Go and visit places like Rome, Venice, and Florence. You can rent with a private pool or just go to the beach to enjoy the water. Take one holiday out of the year and just spend it with your friends and family. Tourist love to go here because of the wonderful environment. The beaches are great here just like any other pace you will go see. Having the ability to spend time here will have you making the trip more often than ever. People enjoy the views around the small area even though you can find them other places.

5. Great Britain


The hotels in this area will sleep up to sixty people. This is a place you will take the birthday person or for your lovely anniversary. Taking just a small amount of time out for someone special and showing them that you love them makes this place what you are looking for. Water and more water around will have you enjoy the warm weather. Stick your feet in and just sit back and soak up the sun more than you can where you live.the beaches here look great and will have you laying out a blanket and doing what you enjoy instead of the constant work twenty four seven.

4. USA


Surfing? Yes.Beaches? Yes. Just have fun and make it the time of your life. Take the kids out and teach them to surf. You can even go hiking. The adventure you will get out of visiting here will have you making the trip more than once a year. There is so much to do here that it does not matter where you go. There are attractions everywhere. Go gamble in Las Vegas. Or go to New York and enjoy these places here. No matter what you have in mind you can find it somewhere in this state.

3. Greece


When you think of Greece you think history. Having time out of your everyday life will have you wanting to stay longer each time you go. Find new adventures that you can not get other places. Take your time and really look around. Go and visit certain places to find the history that you are looking for. You have to take a boat because there is no airport and well that is just fine if you like boats.

2. France

France Top Most Popular Summer Holiday Spots in The World 2018

If you go here get ready to be on the water and on a bike. You can go on a boat and make it a cruise while being here. Your lover will love the fact of having to deal with no one while you are out on the water. You can take cooking classes and enjoy being able to take the knowledge with you. Hiking in the nice weather is great for the skin and you can ride the day away if you feel like it. The food here is amazing and getting to learn how to cook it will have it that much better.

1. Spain


This is the number one place that is visited by most. You will get to enjoy lots of different things here. The beaches, the food, and culture. You can learn so many things while here. Take a trip so you can go home and tell everyone what you learned and everything you did while you was there. You can get them wanting to go next time you do. The sand is so nice on the feet that you will want to keep your feet in the sand just a little longer each time.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017. Places such as the ones listed above are going to meet everyone’s needs and give you some of the best entertainment that you or your family is looking for. If you are wanting to have a great time on you holiday time off then picking of the ten will ensure that you have a great time and be more relaxed by the time you get home.

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