Top 10 Most Popular Largest Cities in The World

Let us look at the below list of top 10 Most Popular Largest Cities by area and population in The World in 2016 and 2017.The world population is increasing day by day and many countries have mega cities with maximum number roof population living in the cities. The largest cities are ranked in order to the number of inhabitants living in the city.

To get the list of the largest cities in the world the population has been analyzed living over there. The population figure is one of the most recent data in order to get the correct updated numbers. So, here is the list of the top 10 largest cities in the world 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and largest cities in 2016-2017

10: Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2017

Total Population: 21,000,000

Lagos is the highest and the most popular city in Nigeria with 21 million people living in the largest metropolitan city of Africa. The city is the fastest growing city and comprises of Nigeria’s main economically focus point. the city generated the highest portion of overall GDP ratio in the country. Lagos also has the highest standard living style not just in Nigeria but in the entire Africa. The city is home to all the major governmental, institutional and commercial bank offices in the country.

9: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2019

Total Population: 21,500,000

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s major city towards the south eastern end. It is the main metropolis, municipality and the global city. Sao Paulo ranks number 9 on the list of world’s most populous city. The city is also the most population in the entire Brazil, America and Southern as well as Western Hemisphere. The capital has a strong influential finance, commerce, entertainment and art and compressive Latin America’s largest economy. It is also known for its international monuments, home to various cultures, museums and ethni cities.

8: Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2017

Total Population: 23,500,000

Karachi is the most populous and capital city of Pakistan. It has one of the world’s biggest agglomeration and also the biggest city with the Muslim population. Karachi is one of the important location in Pakistan in terms of industry, banking, economic activities and trading in Pakistan. The city of lights and bride of all the cities as popularly known as Karachi is among the biggest cities in the world with more than 23,500,000 people.

7: New York City, USA

New York City, USA, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2018

Total Population:23,632,722

New York City is always hustling and bustling with busy streets and the reason is only one, it is one of the most popular cities of United States of America. With the highest number of urban agglomerations, this city has a great significant value in finance, commerce, media, fashion, technology and education. It is also described as world’s financial capital and world’s cultural hub. The city itself is situated on the world’s one of the biggest natural harbors. Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx are the five boroughs of the city. It is also one of the most densely populated city in the country.

6: Beijing, China

Beijing, China, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2016

Total Population: 24,900,000

Beijing is a capital of China and also one of the populous cities of the world with more than 24 million habitants. It is also among the biggest urban populated cities and also the major hub for the expressway, highway-railway and high-speed train network. Beijing has been the centre of all the political centres, offices, and also among the most prosperous and developed cities in the country.

5: Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2017

Total population: 25,400,000

Shanghai is another entry in the lost of worlds’ largest cities from China. More than 25 million residents of this metropolitan city make it among the largest of all in the entire world. The major administrative town and trading capital of China have a great influence on the global financial sector and have one of biggest transport hub with world’s busiest port all across the planet. the city is also famous for renowned landmarks, monuments and among the highest visited tourist destination in Asia.

4: Delhi, India

Delhi, India, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2019

Total population: (25,703,000)

New Delhi is the capital city of India and also the main center for all the Government activities. Delhi is number fourth highest and largest populous city in the world. Delhi is also North India’s biggest financial centre and largest commercial city. Delhi offers major information technology based industry, hotels, banks, media and telecommunication. The city is also famous for the old monuments from the prehistoric era and many museums making it the most visited location in the country and also the major tourist spot in the world.

3: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2019

Total Population(26,100,000)

The capital of South Korea is Seoul and it is the second largest metropolitan city and also ranks among the top mega cities of the world. There are many sites in Seoul that are under the World Heritage sites by UNESCO such as Hwaseong Fortress, Changdeok Palace, Namhansanseong and Jongmyo Shrine. The tourism is one the booming industry due to a large number of tourist entering the city every year. Tourism also brings huge portion of GDP due to which Seoul is the among the top most visited place in the world. It is a rising and leading city in the global world and due to its quality of life, it is also the most livable city in the world.

2: Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2018

Total Population: (30,326,103)

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is the second most populous agglomerations city with the largest number of urban class people. With the expected population above 30 million in the metropolis area, Jakarta ranks number second in the list. In recent years, it has seen tremendous growth and has developed into an important trading port globally.

1: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, World's Most Popular Largest Cities 2018

Total Population: (37,126,000)

The biggest city in the entire world in terms of population is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The city has more than 37 million people with world’s biggest urban agglomeration. The city has been ranked on top in many sectors and is considered as an alpha+ including Nightlife, Quality of life, helpfulness and living standards. It is also considered as the most expensive city especially for the outsiders. Tokyo attracts thousands of the tourists every year making it one of the most livable cities in the world.

Above mentioned cities are recognized due to its growing number of population in and around the city in last few years. While some are on the track of getting developed in next few years, the top cities are already among the smart cities of the world.

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