Top 10 Most Popular Festivals In The World

Different festivals are held worldwide with various functions. There are many and popular celebration. It has come to my observation that there is no any boring celebration. All are accompanied with attractive and amazing activities that are loved by many people. In this article, we are going to look at 10 popular festivals worldwide. Consider the list below. You will learn more about these festivals held in different countries.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Festivals In The World in 2017

10. The Chinese New Year

the Chinese new year, Top 10 Most Popular Festivals In The World 2017

On tenth position of this article, is a famous festival that takes place in Hong Kong, China. This celebration is doe normally to usher in a new year. Many activities are done on that single day and people enjoy a lot. Markets are colored with flowers, fireworks and other decorating items. Tourists that come to visit Hong Kong do enjoy this event. It has come to my observation that many tourists visit Hong Kong during end year seasons so that they can be part of Chinese New Year festival.

9. Boryeong’s Mud Festival on Daecheon Beach


This is another popular festival celebrated by people of South Korea. It is held in a city known as Boryeong, Daecheon beach and specifically during summer or cold season. Koreans do this with an aim of awaking inner children of every person in Korea. Participants ted to dirty themselves in mud and sand. In that way, they gain new looks and enjoy to the fullest for that entire time. This festival is one of most popular hence ranked in ninth position of this article.

8. Burning Man Festival


Burning man festival is a famous and fantastic celebration in a forest known as Rock, Nevada, in United States of America. Millions of people from America enjoy activities that are practiced during this day. Participants involve themselves in creating of arts and expressing their inner feelings to one another. In that way, they tend to be free and out of captivity. Specific clothes are worn during this day. One example is a Zebra like Jumps suit. Observant cannot identify these participants because of their hidden faces in their festival clothes.

7. The full moon Party


Full Moon party is a popular festival that is celebrated by people of Thailand. Party square is situated in Rin Beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand. This destination is said to host more than 35000 observers and participants. There is a lot of dancing that takes place on that single day. People get overjoyed, happy and are filled with excitement. Talented and highly featured DJs and singers are always invited to take part. Just as other celebration featured above, there are unique clothes and other items put on. Full moon party is held at night.

6. The festival of San Fermin


San Fermin is amongst popular festivals worldwide. It takes place in Spain ad teds to catch attention of many people. Participants are normally people from Spain together with tourists that come to visit from different countries. Both of them enjoy activities that take in every year. Such activities are bull fighting, running of bulls and Carnivals. Unlike other festivals listed above, San Fermin is traditional. Most people enjoy things of past. Activities that take place were practiced back in 1591. In that way, traditions of people from Spain is always maintained. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Festivals In The World 2017.

5. Diwali in Amritsar


Diwali is a unique nice and fantastic festival held by Indians. This celebration is practiced by Asian countries. These states are Sri Lanka, India, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Singapore and Guyana. Diwali is a fantastic name that was derived from Dipavali and it means row of lamps. Most streets of specific cities from these states are filled with fireworks and colored lights that are very bright. Tall buildings and well designed houses are also decorated with different styles from that of streets. This is one event that you should attend ad enjoy yourself to fullest.

4. Oktoberfest in Munich


Oktoberfest has been ranked in fourth position of this article ad is one of most famous festivals that takes place worldwide. It is also amongst largest festivals in German and entire world. Oktoberfest is a lovely event that attracts many people and tourists from different countries. I that celebration square, many people gather and enjoy alcohol drinks. Smoking zones are also available. When drinking session is ongoing, participants are always asked to sit comfortably and wait to be served by waitresses. These ladies work tirelessly to see that day end well.

3. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


Carnival is another famous festival that is loved by Brazilians. It was introduced to Madeira, Cabo Verde and Acores islands. These islands are located specifically in Portugal. Every step of activity practiced I this place is always taken care of. Items that are used to make everything complete include Buckets, lime and water. Participants should always be wet and jovial. Specific clothes are worn and should match with make-up applied. Most of ladies do put on blue and green unique dresses. Men are never specified with anything, they only wear clothes that are lovely to their eyes. However, they have to be unique from normal dressing codes.

2. Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras is in second position of this article and is one of most famous festival celebrated worldwide. Kings and queens that enjoyed most of its activities best know Mardi. It is among festivals that are held by Christians. Participants of Mardi Gras are Americans and people from all parts of this universe. They come to visit and enjoy themselves.

1. New Year Celebration


This is another New Year festival that is featured in this article. It is normally held in Australia at a pace known as Sydney Harbour. Sydney is performed yearly in Australia and thousands of people are hosted by this single event.

Above list contains most popular festivals held worldwide 2017. According to research and comparisons that were done, there is no celebration same with one another. Both of them are just unique and beautiful. A lot and excitement is also experienced.

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