Top 10 Most Popular Festivals of Europe

European Countries are best known because of many things such as development, actors, models, actresses, sports and politics. However, today we are not going to feature in any of this. We will specifically dwell on popular festivals that are held in Europe. Various activities are practiced in most of these festivals with an aim of entertaining people. This has been a routine of most European countries. List below contains most famous festivals that are practiced and held in European nations.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Festivals of Europe in 2017

10. Electrobeach

Electrobeach Top Most Popular Festivals of Europe 2017

Electrobeach is a famous festival or celebrations that are carried out in Port-Barcares, in France. It takes place on 11th to 12th July every year. This is an excellent festive season that is celebrates by French people. Various activities that take place in Electrobeach entertain many people of this nation and those from outside. They come for touring while others come specifically for this occasion. Popular ad most talented DJs and singers are always invited to give live performances. A lot of dancing styles are done as a sign of love to one another.

9. Gilles Peterson’s worldwide festival

Gilles Peterson’s worldwide festival Top Popular Festivals of Europe 2018

This is another popular festive that is ranked in ninth position of this article. Gilles Peterson’s normally takes place between 30th June and 6th July of every year in Sete, France. It is a precious time set aside to share and exchange ideas, culture and traditional dance songs. Gilles is such a good time for people of France to remind them on things of past that should take place occasionally. This popular festive celebration was inspired by a radio station and named after that station.

8. Sziget Festival


Sziget Festival is practiced in a fantastic island known as Obudai, Budapest, in Hungary. This celebration normally takes place between 11th and 18th of August. It is amongst unique, outstanding and popular festivals that take place in entire Europe. Unlike other festive celebration studied above, there are no popular singers invited in this occasion. Participants tend to enjoy themselves fully in every activity that is performed. Time spend in such occasions is highly regarded as precious because of luxurious moments that are experienced there. Many alcoholic drinks are shared among participants of this celebration.

7. Exit Festival

Exit Festival Top Most Famous Festivals of Europe 2018

Exit festival is another amazing and popular activity that is carried out in Europe. Exit normally takes place on 10th to 13th July in Novi Sad, Serbia. Participants of this party are people that have travelled for log hours without rest. Upon arrival on their destinations, they meet luxurious festival and unique accommodating rooms for them have a comfortable feel when resting. These people do enjoy soothing music as party continues. Exit is said to make minds on many disturbed people relax. So far, exit festival has lined up with Rudimental, alongside Disclosure and Carl Craig.

6. Open’er


Open’er is ranked in sixth position of this article. It is one of most famous European festivals that are held on 2nd to 5th July, in Gdynia, Poland. This amazing festive was started in 2002 and is always practiced in every year to date. People that attend in this festivals experience good moments by participating in various activities held here. Open’er celebration is just like an addiction. Once one starts one has attended, it becomes almost impossible to stop. In every year that this celebration is held, a different name is chosen and given to it.

5. Audioriver


This list of most famous festivals of Europe could have been partially unfair without features this popular festival in Europe known as Audioriver. It was begun some years back and has always remained amongst top featured celebrations in entire Europe. It is normally held on 25th to 27th of every July. Popular singers and other celebrities hold various practices, activities and performances. Europeans experience a good time of dancing, singing and sharing common liquor or simply alcohol. For stomach sensitive people, there is always plenty of Juice and pure water to cool their stomach.

4. Plissken


Plissken is another popular festival ranked in this list of most popular festivals that are held in Europe. It is held in 6th to 7th June of every year in Athens, Greece. Important activities that take place in this occasion are dancing, drinking, singing, sharing of ideas and giving out proposals. Participants and those people that wish to join other in Plissken celebrations are assured of nothing but good moments and nice experience. Europeans established Plissken with an aim of combining sustainability goals and different kinds of music.

3. Mad


On third position of this article is Mud. It is another popular festival of Europe that was represented by one team of Exit festival studied above. Mad is always celebrated on 24th to 24th May of every year. Big names such as Evian Christ, Omar S and Tony Allen are always invited to make fantastic live performances. Participants join with these great people to sing and dance uncontrollably. Are you interested to join them too? It is not a big issue nor expensive. Their rates are affordable and which means that people of all classes of live can afford to participate. Moments shared in Mad are not easily forgotten.

2. Let it Roll


This is amongst largest and most celebrated festivals held in Benesov, Czech Republic, in Europe. Let it roll was started in 2003 in Europe and beg officially running on that same year. Most fantastic activity that is held in this place is dancing and more specifically with big names that come to do their performance. Most participants of Let it Roll enjoy getting such a freedom

1. Marvellous island Festival


Marvelous is held on 7th to 10th may in Paris, France, in Europe. It is most popular of all festivals that take place in European countries. Organizers are mainly group of professional and musicians that desire to rock out their talents.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Festivals of Europe 2017. Those are the most popular celebration held in European countries. They occur in different dates and months. Most of them take more than one day to be over. Common activities held are dancing, singing and drinking. To add on this, participants share ideas and opinions of certain matter.

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