Top 10 Most Popular US Cities

The US is known for its throng of economically successful cities that welcome travelers and professionals from round the globe to visit or stay for a longer time in any of the major US cities. Each of the US cities are popular for its economic development, the rise of the employment scene, entertainment industry, art and culture, the diverse food scene and many more. Affordable real estate options too are one of the reasons that makes a city become most popular than the other.

There are many US cities that have been developing and making progress and is a perfect place to stay or visit as a tourist. When it comes to the list of 10 most popular US Cities, Here is the list below some of the best names.

List of the Top 10 beautiful and most Popular US Cities in 2018:

10. Phoenix

Most Popular US Cities

This is considered to be one of the hottest and popular US cities to visit. Going by the latest census, Phoenix spans across an area of 516. 7 square miles. This place is also considered to be the largest city in Arizona. Phoenix is known for its best living conditions and urban lifestyle that makes living comfortable for most. This city is also considered one of the most coveted tourist destinations as well.

9. Atlanta

Most Popular US Cities

Atlanta in Georgia in the recent times is undergoing massive re-engineering in terms of the city development that is playing a huge role in welcoming the youth and professionals from round the globe. Keeping in mind the best study and employment scopes this US city is presently one of the hottest cities options one can have. From the best admission courses to the lucrative salary packages, Atlanta in Georgia is really becoming a famous name.

8. Texas

Most Popular US Cities

The city has a high energy vibe that none can deny! That aside, the percentage of tech jobs which increased in Texas recently has really made it to be one of the most popular cities in the US. Job growth is very strong in Texas and that’s why a number of foreign workers have been settling here in the recent times. Good job means good salary that translates to posh living with the various entertainment options here, that makes Texas one of the sexiest cities.

7. Vermont

Most Popular US Cities

Vermont in Burlington is known for its delectable food scene. The crunchy –granola vibe makes Vermont one of the sexiest cities in the US to be in the US. From the local eateries, posh restaurants to the street food stalls, there’s plenty to explore here.

6. Cambridge

Most Popular US Cities

Cambridge is one of the most popular US cities that has immense tourist value. Other than the city becoming a platform for the best bio-tech jobs in the recent time, Cambridge is a perfect tourist destination for family, solo travellers, young students as well as couples. The weather, the shopping options, tourist sites and the food scene makes this city one of the best places to be.

5. Detroit

Most Popular US Cities

If you are in Detroit then you will certainly rank this city for its young vibe which renders this place energy of youth and motivation. Though some time back the city has been on the down swing, but now this Motor City has had its face lift. Both tourism and the real estate market have witnessed an upswing that makes it one of the hottest cities in the world. That aside, the youth crowd adds freshness to the city adding to its overall appeal.

4. New Jersey

Most Popular US Cities

When we say that New Jersey makes it to the list of the top 10 hottest cities in the world, the statement is self-explanatory. The reasons are fairly simple and understandable. This city has the best urban life, facilities, job offers, entertainment and food scene and the like. That aside, New Jersey today is presently undergoing a huge building boom that makes its ranks go even higher. The job market too is looking up with every passing day.

3. Madison

Most Popular US Cities

Known in the recent times for its re-engineering of the skyline, Madison certainly is one of the sexiest cities that the US boasts of. The city has undergone a major development on most industrial sectors and today welcomes tourists and its residents with a swank lifestyle. The job market too has developed exponentially.

2. Oakland

Most Popular US Cities

This is a treat for the ones that have a Bohemian heart and a gypsy soul. Being one of the sexiest and popular cities in US, Oakland welcomes its tourists and locals with a wide arrange of themed cafeterias, clothing stores and vegan restaurants. The lifestyle is posh and the city is replete with scenic wonders and city amenities.

1. Portland

Most Popular US Cities

This city in the present times is considered to be most popular US cities with the techies considering the wide range of IT jobs that it has to offer. Apart from that Portland is a great place to be, whether one is a tourist or aims to be a resident here. The city is recording a high amount of start-up ventures in the recent times.

Aspects like economy, fashion, and scenic value and tourist sites make a city popular and noteworthy. These are the hottest and most popular US cities in 2018 that are famous for multiple facets.

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