Top 10 Most Popular Cheapest Places to Travel In The World

A place to live, this is the first and foremost necessary of a person after food and clothing. The money possessed by all are not same some may be rich some may be poor and some maybe earning just enough. So according to our wealth we settle down in different places. Some places such as Bangalore in India are having a posh class society and the expenses are too high for common men.

According to human psychology human being tend to go in search of cheaper things which can help to save their money. Another thing which human being like is to explorer so travelling is a hobby of every person and every holiday we make a plan to new place to explore. Hence in this article you will know about 10 cheapest places to travel.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and cheapest places to travel in 2017

10. Luang Prabang, Lao People’s Democratic Republic ($22.77)

Luang Prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic Top 10 most Cheapest Places to Travel In the world 2018

Asia’s one of the best charming city is Luang Prabang. If we look at the city it will amuse us with the things that it posses. The old British architecture based buildings, temples and other infrastructures are stunning. This is one of the cleanliest cities in Asia. Approximately $22.77 is enough for a person to visit this place freely and pleasantly. The hotels and other places to stay, charge a nominal amount. There are expensive aspects in Luang but overall this city is quite cheap to travel.

9. Quito, Ecuador ($22.20)

Quito, Ecuador Top popular Cheapest Places to Travel In the world 2018

Quito is a well-developed dense city yet has some greenery and mountain areas. The weather of this city is awesome it’s a spring like climate throughout the year. What makes this city cheap for travellers are, the major tourist attraction are either free or have a nominal fee, the transportation are also affordable. The range of eateries and drinks are huge and affordable. If you plan a holiday with friends then surely do visit this city.

8. Kiev, Ukraine ($21.73)

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is a place where you can visit most of the places of the city for an approximate of $21.73. The European infrastructures are very much fascinating in this city. Nowadays expensive hotels and restaurants are coming up. If we stay like a local and spend less money than like a tourist then we can stretch our visit for a long period in this city. Inflation is a major problem in this city but the exchange rates is such that inflation will not bother the visitors much.

7. Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic ($19.97)

Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Vientiane is much more developed than what we think, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants are well developed in this city. There is a wide range of hotels and the prices starts form just $6. The main tourist attraction of this city is cheap or free hence a low budget is enough to visit this city apart for amusement and city attractions the foods are very cheap even pastas and pizzas can be bought at a nominal price.

6. Kathmandu, Nepal ($19.77)

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal’s main attraction is its mountains. Natives of this place are followers of Buddhism and are also charming as the city. Kathmandu is not a well-developed city but it posses historical tourist attractions. If a person travels on a controlled budget the he can visit the city for a minimal budget. The hotel prices starts form just $2. The public transportation system is also very cheap. If you are fascinated with Buddhism and are interested to know more about it then never miss a chance to visit this city.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand ($19.15)

Chiang Mai, Thailand Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel In the world 2017

The second most populated city in Thailand after its capital Bangkok. The wide range of hotels has a price range from $5 to $85 which is too cheap and affordable. The public transport system also charges a low price. The major public attractions are either free or has an insignificant charge. The long range of foods and drinks are mouth-watering, the street foods are also fascinating. This city is apt for a holiday with friends.

4. Goa, India ($18.52)

Goa, India

Goa is a state in India rather than a city. This country has a wide range of small towns. Goa attracts a huge number of tourists. Beaches and parties and shooting of films are the main attraction in this city. Hotels range from a price of just $3 to $75. Goa is quite confusing and you have to choose the city you are staying and visiting because some places are known for parties while other cities are known and is best for family holidays. The tourist attractions are either cheap or free. Goa is a place you should visit twice once on a family holiday and once you should travel to Goa with friends.

3. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Viet Nam ($18.10)

Saigon, Viet Nam Top most popular Cheapest Places to Travel In the world 2019

The price range present in this city is completely different from the infrastructure of the city. Saigon is quite charming yet very cheap. The hotels in the city starts form a price range of $9 which is quite cheap. Approximately $18.10 is enough for a person to travel and visit this city. The main attractions of the city are free or they charge very small at the cost of two beers you can go for a one night tour in Saigon. Visit this place once and know about their culture and history.

2. Hanoi, Viet Nam ($17.12)

Hanoi, Viet Nam Top most Cheapest Places to Travel In the world 2017

Hanoi is known for its cheap rated foods and beverages. The second cheapest city to travel is Hanoi but it gives its visitors a great pleasure of satisfaction. Hotels are cheap yet these hotels provide free Wi-Fi facilities. The amusement parks, monuments, and other tourist places charge a very low amount of money. Don’t go for booked transport system as it will increase your accounts use public transport as they charge very little and affordable. The city has a lot to charm about, travel to the city at least once.

1. Pokhara, Nepal ($15.84)

Pokhara, Nepal

The beautiful scenery of Nepal with huge mountains, hills, forests is fascinating. Pokhara is the cheapest place for travellers. Pleasant and attractive does not make this city expensive that is the reason intensive tourism and travellers are present in this city. Price range of hotels is from $3.30 to $113.00. If you plan your tour efficiently, then $15.84 is enough to visit this city. On per- day basis trekking is also very cheap in this city. Foods and beverages are cheap and affordable. The city is apt for both family trips as well as for a trip with friends.

These cities are cheap because they are not metropolitan cities yet tourism is intense in these cities because they have historic as well as other amusement and fascinating places to be visited. They charge minimal mount for local foods and drinks. Different range of hotels makes travelling easier according to a person’s budget.

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