Top 10 Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations In The World

Count your cash, pick up your shoes and pack your bags because it is travel season. But wait, how do you decide where to go? At this day and age, if you are just a middle class person with wanderlust, then you can’t just cover your eyes and place a pin on a map and just take off. Sometimes you need to get yourself a getaway to a beach, or sometimes you need to run for the hills to escape life. You need to calculate your funds, cut off expenses to the bare necessities and insure yourself for emergencies. But this list hopes to make that decision a little bit easier for you.

The list places the names of the cheapest beach destinations in the world for your benefit in descending order to the most cheapest. Because no matter what the weather month or season is, it is always beach somewhere or the other. So pack your bags and chase the summer and the maddening wind but also save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and cheapest beach destinations in 2018

10. Dominican Republic

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Prices: Rooms start at $20 for a night, and food and drinks are as low as $ 2 per meal or drink.
It is one of the cheapest spots in the Caribbean. It also has a very dependable public transportation system and most of the hotels near the beach offer free internet and coffee for promotional reasons.

9. Myrtle Beach, SC

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Prices: Rooms starting from $ 20 per night and food and drinks depend on the cuisine you choose.
It is America’s best family beach vacation spot. It also has packages for single people like its buzzing nightlife and 100 golf courses along the long 60 miles of white sand shores. Even though it might sound like over selling, the big crowd always near the beach would prove otherwise.

8. Santorini and Mykonos islands and Corfu, Greece

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Prices: Rooms start at $15- $20 and if one opts for budget dining it’s as low as $5 for a whole meal.
Unlike the rest of the countries in the list, the cheap tourism package of Greece can’t be attributed to its tourism department, but to its struggling economy. And the resulting cheap travel cost has attracted lots of foreign tourists. Besides, Corfu, Cyclades is also a very famous travel spot for tourists.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Prices: $ 15 for standard rooms.

It is the Capital of the autonomous Catalonia of Spain. It was found as a Roman City in the middle ages. It does not have a long and conventional beach per se but it is situated on the coast between the junction of rivers Llobregat and Besos. It is one of the most popular cities of the European Union and not just thanks to Barcelona Football Club. It has a beautiful beach life and family friendly tourism package.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Prices: $ 20 for an exclusive room, standard rooms available at half the price.

It is an autonomous metro city of Argentina and o the western coast of Rio de la Plata. It is probably the brightest city in that part of the world and is pretty famous for it. It has a flamboyant night-life which is going to refresh you rather than tire you out. The city has an exclusive history which is very visible on the facade of its old buildings so it’s not all booze and loud music either. If you are looking to get away and discover yourself after a nasty life experience such as a separation or a loss Buenos Aires is a better place for you to do it yourself than the staple favourite break-up clearer, Las Vegas. And it is much kinder on the pocket too.

5. Habarana and the neighbouring towns, Sri Lanka

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Price: live like royalty with all the other add ons for only $ 20 per day.

It is the small island under India in surrounded by Indian Ocean but it sure has spots that are worth dying for. And the beauty is not only contained in its beaches but also on the tropical forests and exotic mountains and waterfalls.

4. Black Sea Resorts, Bulgaria

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Price: tourism packages with travel, lodging and food expenses paid for in $20 per day.
Bulgaria has been experiencing a recent hike in tourists to its Black Sea coasts thanks to all the publicity by British tourists. However, it is still possible to get a quaint spot for yourself.

3. Belize and Costa Rica, Honduras

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Price: Tourism packages of food drink and rooms all that $ 20 per day.

It is an unconventional travel destination but worth you’re every penny and second. The country with the strong Spanish heritage has awesome spots like Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala. The northern coast has long white pristine beaches which give the ultimate Caribbean feeling. Some of the stretches are famous like Puerto Costes and others are kept a secret like the postcard perfect sea town of Omoa. There are colonial buildings, cathedral and a few castles if you get tired of the sea.

2. Mumbai and Chennai, India

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Price: $ 15 per night for premium suites. $5 for an appetising meal.

Being in the list of the top 10 cheapest countries to live in, it is no Surprise that India is on the list of cheapest holiday destinations in the world. Even though the cities in question are two of the most important cities of the country. Even though Delhi is the capital of India, Mumbai is basically the trading hub, the most important port and the cultural hub of the country much like New York is to USA.

The lifestyle of Mumbai is something every youth getting suffocated in the conservative atmosphere of Indian suburbs dream of. But more to the point, it has an amazing tourism package. Even for foreign tourists. The best time to visit Mumbai will be just before the Monsoon season starts, as the weather will be perfectly cool and you can enjoy the beautiful ‘Bombay ki Baarish’ as you are wrapping up you trip.

Chennai, much like Mumbai has an excellent tourism package. It has the Marina Beach, the second longest natural beach and a very welcoming native population.

1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Most Popular Cheapest Beach Destinations

Price:Rooms for $10, $2 for meals and $1 for public transportation.

At the above mentioned cheap prices it is the most lucrative destination for the college student or the middle class man with a budget. The country is famous for its heritage and the promotional tourism package has been drawing in foreigners like moths to the flame.

Here goes the list of the best seaside towns in the world you can afford for cheap. Even with its price range, these would never disappoint. So, pick one, and travel wise, travel safe.

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