Top 10 Most Popular Casinos In The Us

If you want to be somewhere playing games for money then one of the ten on this list would be a great place to visit. Some of them could be costly but if your bank account can afford the business then why not go off and enjoy a nice relaxing weekend away. Maybe you could go alone for some down time or take your partner or friends with you.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Casinos In The Us in 2017

10. Paris Las Vegas


This place is a hotel located in Las Vegas that has been made to be an exact replica of the city Paris. They have an Eiffel Tower that goes 541 feet in the air along with a theatre that seats twelve hundred people at one time. There is plenty more other things that they have built to make visitors feel as if they are in the real city of love. The front of it makes people think it is the Paris Opera House.

9. Mandalay Bay

mandalay bay, Top 10 Most Popular Casinos In The Us 2017

It has forty four floors built into it and is one of the best gambling spots in Las Vegas. They are best known for all of the swimming pools that are added into the business. They feature a topless pool which is more popular with most people. The owner really outdid themselves on this piece of architecture. It is truly a beautiful spot to be in when staying in Vegas so if you are ever there then be sure to at least stop into the casino for a little gambling.

8. Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino


If you go to this hotel and gamble and end up winning some money, be sure to buy a bottle of wine since they have a wine cellar with fifty thousand bottles of great tasting wine in there. That is the largest collection there is of wine in the world. It also was the very first all suite resort that Las Vegas got. The Rio is known for being host to the World Series of Poker.

7. Caesar’s Palace


They have six towers and all have different names such as Augustus, Roman, Octavius, Forum, Centurion, and Roman. There is approximately 3,960 rooms split between each tower and the place is located on the Vegas strip. In the Forum tower, the suites are one thousand square foot of total space and it is a beautiful luxury hotel that is the only venue to hold a World Series of Poker Circuit event.

6. Borgata


It is one of the top grossing businesses and was built for bringing back the high rollers, which many people say it actually has succeeded in this goal greatly. Not only is it a luxury hotel but there is also a casino and spa inside so there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy whether is be a game of poker or a nice and relaxing message with a facial to boot.

5. WinStar World Casino


Found in Oklahoma-Texas state line. It is one mile north of Red River. It is a hotel and a casino all in one. The largest casino in Oklahoma. Second largest in the whole wide world. Over seven thousand two hundred electronic games and forty six table poker rooms. You can play at seventy six different table games and play Racer’s off-track betting. They have the High Limit Room, Keno plus Bingo. It opened in two thousand thirteen. The flag is right on top and the world is right in front.

4. Foxwoods Resort


Wanna play at the casino but want to stay to? Well you can here because it is both a hotel and a casino. Located in Ledyard, Connecticut. It was built on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation. Get ready to play three hundred and eighty different game tables if you can. They have table for blackjack, craps, roulette and poker. Do not like playing the tables? Well they have over six thousand slot machines you are bound to win something. Has over two thousand hotel rooms and a two story arcade for all the little ones and it is great for the teenagers.

3. MGM Grand


Go to the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada and you will find this is the largest by rooms and it is a hotel that is a casino. It opened in nineteen thousand ninety three. At that time it was the biggest casino in the world. It boasts of a monorail. You will want to visit if you are ever in the area because it is great and the outside looks pretty awesome. The loin they have in front will catch your eye first.

2. Bellagio


Also in Nevada on the strip. It was built on the site of Demolishes Dunes hotel and casino. It was inspire by Lake Como town in Italy. You will notice the eight acre lake between the strip and the casino. The water fountain dances and you will want to watch it for hours at a time. The kids will get bored but take it in while you are on vacation. It is synchronized to music and it looks so amazing. You will feel like you are a royal king because of how nice the hotel is.

1. The Wynn Las Vegas


The beautiful sense in the front of the building will have you wondering what is going on beyond it. The finest hotel in the world with the fact of being a casino. It has a AAA five diamond rating. That is very good for a place to gamble at. In the waiting lounge you will see a long trail of Ferrarians. Movie directors go here because it is a favorite of their and it is a great casino to have in the movies. If you are lucking you will be there when it all goes down.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Casinos In The Us 2017. These casinos are great to go to. You can stay at them or just go and play. They are huge and take up a lot of space. Being built so big allows them to have a lot of games and other things. The sense are beautiful and very well taken care of. They will be viewed by millions of people. So many will return just to look at the fountains or the beautiful design. Things for kids will allow them to go with you when you do go.

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