Top 10 Most Popular Bars in Dubai

Dubai being one of the most visited places have a lot to offer to the people. Most of the people go there with different reasons some go for holidays others go there for honeymoon and others go there for business matters. There are those spots where everyone would like to visit .If planning to go to Dubai with friends loved ones relatives or even work mate it’s always good to know what junction to go and relax have fun enjoy and feel at home. The following are the most popular bars in Dubai.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Bars in Dubai in 2017


BAHRI BAR Top 10 Most Popular Bars in Dubai 2017

This is the best bar to go during winter. Bahri has verandah laid with a Persian carpet and a very big sofa to rest and have your time there. The bar operates till the following day in the morning so you can enjoy the night and still continue the following day after he day break. Services here they are one of the best you would like to have. Entertainment still it is of the high class the system it is one of the best. In most cases, they have invited guests to entertain their customers at a certain time.


DOUBLE DECKER Top Most Famous Bars in Dubai 2018

This is a bar and a nightclub. The customers are entertained throughout the night by different people .A lot of entertainment is in here this include; quiz night where you are asked question by different people it is just a form of entertainment. You can have the chance to watch the English premier league football. Even have drink promotion where you promote a certain drink and you are given as an offer. In here a lot is to be enjoyed you can pay a visit any time of the year and have a good time with friends.



The bar is located near the Crown Plaza Hotel in Dubai. The fan here the good time starts at 7:00 pm .In here they even offer good meal well cooked meals that people enjoy they include fish and other flied meals. You can have the chance to be entertained by a live performance band while still having your drink .This is the best place to be ever.

7. [email protected] LODGE


This is one of the best place for the youths to enjoy at night .It is known to have live performance and Dj entertainment they also have nude performance and disco ,this is not the best place to be with your children as a parent. They offer great services to their customers and entertainment them fully.



Here if you happen to be here before sunset you can have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset rays as the sun is setting it is well enjoyed at the rooftop of the bar. It is a Mexican hotel with Mexican food. Here is where most events are held there services hare just the best at all the time line. The youngsters just enjoy a lot in here.



This is the new bar in town. On Tuesday, they have ladies night on Friday its full entertainment time on Saturday they have football, live band and other form of entertainment. There are no special guest here everyone is nah guest and first come is first served .You can be sure of having the best form of entertainment by the best people here. If looking for a place to be go for Lock, Stock and Barrel.



This is a hip hop club where very many guest come to have fun. Hip hop have got very many people who are fun. Every week they make sure that, they invite known hip-hop musician of all time line bit just fun to be here. The chairs are very comfortable you feel as if you are at home .service here is one of the best you can imagine of. The lighting is very attractive just the best you would wish to have in a club situation. The make of this club is just one of a kind .They also have old school mixes and bother songs. There is a lot of fun in here.



Kasbar is a club that promotes Arabic culture, live music and traditional dance and performance. The lighting in here is very nice and enough so you can see people at what angle you wish to .The club is opened from 8pm to 4am this means that you can visit at all time at the night. The services are of high quality and with the best people. Most people have a great experience in here and they have no regrets for being in here.



This one of the clubs located at the beach in here you have a lot to enjoy. They have a cold breeze that most people enjoy the breeze .The feeling is such an amazing one. Most people go there to enjoy the beautiful scene of the ocean and the heavy waves in the evening. The comfortable sits are the best one can even have a nap here. At Jetty Lounge, music is played by DJs but when they have special events they invite other guest to perform live and you get entertained .They have meals mostly the sea food which are well cooked .This is the best place to be over your free time here in Dubai.



This much known hotel in Dubai, it is known for it is a traditional pub. Here they have outdoor seating, some adults’ games, restaurant, dance performances and an indoor bar. This gives ha good feeling about the culture. In here, adults and youngsters can have their good time. If looking for a place to be this is the best.

At times one can get feed up with work it always good to have some time to relax and enjoy .There is that feeling that one get when you are away from home if looking for destination to be always take your time to have the best .The above are the best and popular bars in Dubai 2017.

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