Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World

These are the best places to go and enjoy the peace. They do not deal with drama and they do not deal with any fighting. If you want to enjoy your life with no problems then move to one of these countries. They relax their whole lives and ignore all the hate that comes with dealing with other people. The people here all get along because that is how it should be.

List of Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World in 2017

10. Czech Republic

Czech Republic Top Most Popular Peaceful Countries 2018

This is a beautiful place to be. The rivers and the water are a wonderful site to see and a great place to float on. If you go here you will not have to worry about getting robbed and any violence because the crime rate is very low and rarely happens. There are lots of bars that you can go to so that you can catch up with friends or you can just go to get a beer and relax. They also have a variety of restaurants and each one has a different taste of food so that you can have something different each and every night.

9. Australia

Australia Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries 2017

There educational systems are superb and the country has plenty of ancient wonders that many tourists are intrigued by. They have so many opportunities for people and the robbery rates and hard crimes such as rape and murders are all very low on the scale. You will be able to walk around with no fears of being harmed in any way. Their populations are all different type of cultures so no matter who you are you will feel welcome and not out of place at all. They also have a lot jobs so that makes it a great place for any person looking for a new job. With a voter count of ninety three percent it just proves that the locals all trust the government officials they have.

8. Japan


The fact that the crime rates and violence are very low and they try their hardest to keep the peace is one thing to show they are peaceful. The areas around them are not likely to mess with them because they keep them close so no one bothers them. They have no military at all because they feel they do not need it and the security that they do have so only for internal security. They have great transportation systems and they make sure everything is very safe and calm. You will never be a minute late to where you need to be because of the delay time of ten to sixteen seconds.

7. Canada


You will notice that the unemployment rate here is only six point six so more than likely you will have a job at all times while living here. The education here is a huge thing because of the high school rates. People look at a person education very highly because it makes you smart. The homicide and the crime rate are very low so they do not need to much security but they have it and it is the core element. It makes them a good nation. It is such a beautiful place to live and be at.

6. Finland


The military here will only take part in peacekeeping missions so to keep the peace. They are one of the least corrupt places to be. If you live here you pay no fees for any type of schooling because they do not believe you should have to pay to be able to obtain an education. And the maternal rate is very low. They succeed in math, reading, and science. Doing this means they pay close attention to the schooling system and make sure the kids make it farther than most other people.

5. Switzerland


This place has very clean cities, very low crime rates, and the food is to die for. That is all reasons for why this place is one of the most peaceful countries you can find. There education and health care systems are high in quality and they all help in making people’s talents better. This country is also considered to be one of the greenest countries because they would rather have energy sources that are renewable and products that are eco friendly. Their cycling routes are very extensive as well. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World 2017.

4. New Zealand


The country has a low jail rate and they are on friendly basis with the countries that are around them. The police are very committed to their jobs and try to keep the streets very safe for everyone there. They have great schooling and great health systems going for them. If anything was to happen that you fall sick then you most likely will get free or very low cost to the health care. If you are unemployed then you get it close to nothing because they want to keep everyone healthy.

3. Austria


You will not hear much about crime rates or homicide because there is little to none that happens here. They have laws that make sure you keep the place clean and you recycle. This is the main thing they are strict on because of the environment. It is just one of the richest countries in today’s world. It is one of the best place to live for anyone who wants to live clean and stay out of any trouble possible.

2. Denmark


The people here live with high standards and they have an educational system that is terrific along with medical systems that are excellent too. The country also has a high level of social welfare that makes sure the country can provide kids with education that is free along with health care being given to individuals that are low income. Copenhagen has locals that would rather ride on their bikes or just opt to walk wherever they go because of the city working towards being more green.

1. Iceland


This is the best place to live if you do not want to deal with anything to do with crime. You do not have to pay any tuition for education. They read a lot of things to keep their smarts and they do not deal with crime. They are the first place to have a female president. The condition here keeps the mosquitoes away so no dealing with the viruses that are spread that way. They know a lot of things before any other place.

These above are the Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World 2017. If you think these are some of the places you want to move to then maybe you should pack your bags and get ready to move because no more drama. The people just have realized that they need to spend their time on other things than to fight and argue. If you want to stop the drama move now or keep dealing with it where you are at.

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