Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in The World

If you are willing to pay a good amount for terrific food then setting at one of the tables of the restaurants below will be a great adventure for you. But, if you live on a low budget and can only afford some noodle and maybe a loaf of bread then it is always fun reading about these high end dining places, is it not?

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in The World in 2017

10. Beige (Tokyo)

beige, Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in The World 2017

If you want to have an experience that fuses together French and Japanese food then eat at this dining establishment. Beige is on top of the Chanel building in Tokyo and only serves Chef Alain Ducasse’s food. Get a three course meal for just one hundred forty seven dollars. If you prefer to have a four course meal then just add about fifty dollars to your tab then finish off your night with a some of the best Chanel chocolate that is priced at twenty-five dollars. If you need some reassurance just check out the restaurants ratings to validate that they are going to give you some of the best food around at an over budgeted price if you do not have all kinds of money for throwing around.

9. Le Pre Catelan (Paris)

le pre catelan, Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in The World 2018

There is no other way to enjoy the romantic vibe of Paris unless you stop by one of the best restaurants there. It is located in the heart of the city and only serves the absolute finest French food available. It does not matter if you want ravioli or a veal dish, you will enjoy every bit of what is served to you. Prices are high but one of the best deals is paying the two hundred and fifty-five dollars for the seven course meal because that includes taxes and the tip.

8. Misoguigawa (Japan)


They are going to serve French cuisine but with a Japanese twist on it to their own liking. Be sure to make reservations if you want to eat out in this lovely establishment. Plan to call five days or more before you want to be there or else you are going to waste your own time and the restaurants time. If your bank account can withstand this divine dining experience then it will be a must try place since the menu consists of recipes that are delicious like buttered French beans, roasted pumpkin, or the beef fillet that comes with a potato souffle.

7. Aragawa (Tokyo)


At one time this was rated the most expensive restaurant in the world but they no longer hold that title but are still on the list for most luxurious. Only twenty-two people can be seated in this building which makes it considered an exclusive establishment. The good thing is that an entire full course meal will only set you back about three hundred and fifty dollars. According to some of the major review blogs, this restaurant makes the worlds best Kobe beef so if you end up getting a chance to have dinner in this place do not leave without testing that dish out for yourself.

6. Masa (New York City)


In the Filipino language “Masa” has a definition meaning public but this restaurant is not capable of being for all public so the name makes no sense really. It is located in the Time Warner Center and when you eat here it is going to one of those experiences that you will remember for the rest of your living days. The vibe for this establishment is going to be calming which will be great for your stress levels once you receive the bill because it is going to cost you about three hundred and fifty dollars just for one individual. That is one of the reasons that they do not provide any menus. This money covers a full course meal that will last about three hours so be sure to wear loose clothing if you want to be comfortable while dining out here. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in The World 2017.

5. Gordon Ramsay (London)


This is a restaurant that lives up to its name and is just as awesome as the famous owner Gordon Ramsay. The place has been given 3 Michelin stars and kept them for about fourteen years so far. That is an amazing accomplishment for Mr. Ramsay. Though you should prepare yourself and your bank account for spending over three hundred fifty dollars while in this place plus the tip that must be generous for the service you get. When you are celebrating a special occasion and have the extra thousands to spare then pick up one of the best bottles of Château that they serve, be advised you are going to spend nearly nineteen thousand dollars on this though.

4. Restaurant Crissier (Switzerland)


If you end up touring Switzerland and want a fine dining spot to eat in then this will be a good choice, of course if you have the money that is. For $415 you get a full course meal that is delicious and from a restaurant that holds 3 Michelin stars. A few of their specialty recipes include a red fruit souffle, a catfish dish with lemon-grass, and roasted mushrooms. Chef Benoit Violier has continued the legacy of this establishment for forty years so far.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)


Are you one that enjoys the ocean and creatures in the sea? Then this is going to be a go-to dining experience for yourself. In the submarine style diner you will get to eat in a tunnel that is underwater with sea animals swimming all around you. The view is beautiful but the price is quite costly. Expect to shove out about five hundred bucks just to have an enjoyable dining experience here. Many people say their best dish is the reef fish caviar but if you get that then go ahead and add about hundred dollars for a drink and tip.

2. Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris)


Being another three star Michelin restaurant, this place is in the more expensive category since their prices start a little over five hundred dollars just for a chance to eat three of the special dishes the place serves. Once you get the bill though, you will have an added amount for drinks and service fees which is going to push it over by another hundred dollars or maybe more. Eating fancy cost money so if you have it why not enjoy an evening out with a special person in your life.

1. Sublimotion (Ibiza)


Only the most richest people of the world can eat in this place since they are going to be the only ones that can afford it. You are going to get a unique experience that will not only be good for the taste buds in your mouth but also grab a hold of your senses and probably never let go. Enjoy the atmosphere of technology with psychology and art and luxurious food all piled into one area. Only twenty people are able to be seated here and the restaurant is able to change the humidity in the space to give the want micro-environment feel. In other words, when you begin crying when that bill gets placed in your hands just let the manager know so they can happily adjust the mood to fit your feelings. Trust me, giving two thousand dollars for this dining experience just may be worth it.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in The World 2017. When special occasions happen many people love celebrating with food. If you have the money and want to have a great and joyous time with friends or family while enjoying awesome food then book a table at one of the above restaurants.

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