Top 10 Most Glamorous Buildings in The World

Many people have never thought of studying unique and glamorous buildings worldwide. This article is a great one and is essential and responsible in giving you required information concerning these buildings. There are many buildings to study about but we will only look at 10 of them. Their information is also give out after their names. Study the list below. It contains ten most glamorous buildings worldwide 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Glamorous Buildings in The World in 2017

10. Shenzhen international airport terminal

Shenzhen international airport terminal Top 10 Most Glamorous Buildings in The World

This is one of most glamorous building worldwide featured in this article. It appears in tenth position for its unique and fantastic features. Shenzhen International Terminal is located in China. It has many quality features that capture attention of many people passing by. Two successful Chinese designers that are longer living created Shenzhen. These people left their reputation celebrated by many people currently. This amazing building reflects amount of sunshine from its interiors especially in daytime.

9. The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science


On ninth position of our article, we have this amazing and eye-catching building found in Melbourne, Australia. This building is attractive and was manufactured by Lyons Architects. Its shape is hexagonal and has three stories. Attractive windows are placed in back and front parts. These windows are essential for clean air circulation. One thing you did not know about this building is that it comprises of La Trobe University. This is a medical school situated here which is one of top medical schools in Australia at large.

8. Statoil’s Norway HQ


Just from mention of its name, you can clearly tell that this building is situated in Norway. It designs is that of Lb technicians and constructed beautifully. You will meet many tourists tirelessly taking snap shots in this beautiful destination. With that, they leave foreign exchange in that particular country. Economy grows and development shoots high. Statoil’s Norway HQ is constructed near Oslo airport of Fornebu and is an ideal business center for international trader. Different kinds of goods are sold here. Whoever came up with this great design is highly credited for fantastic and unique work.

7. De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam Top Most Famous Glamorous Buildings in The World 2018

De Rotterdam is another uniquely designed and glamorous building that is situated in Netherlands. You will definitely love to look at this building one you visit Netherlands. According to research conducted by Wikipedia news, De Rotterdam is largest building in entire Europe. This great construction is not only big but also largest vertical building worldwide. Many departments are found in this single destination. Some of them are accommodation facilities, residential apartments, commercial center, restaurants, conference meeting halls, cafes to cater for visitors. Tourists come to have a good time her especially in playing various games.

6. Heydar Aliyev Center


Heydar Aliyev Center is taking position six in this article of most glamorous buildings worldwide. There are many things to know about this amazing building. It has a unique design that was give out by Iraq people. Aliyev was constructed several years ago and has remained to be a tourist attraction site for many visitors that make their way here. Just like other buildings studied above, there are many departments found in this glamorous building. Commercial agencies and luxurious restaurants are available.

5. Dalian International Conference Center


Dalian international conference center is a uniquely designed building that is located in China. It is featured in fifth position of this article for its quality features including design. One of talented architectures that are found in Australia created this amazing building. These people are responsible for these great and amazing designs. They bought out their creative skills and professional levels worldwide. Several conference Halls are located in here hence named as a conference center. Some other departments include opera houses, theatre exhibition halls and parking areas that are wide enough to accommodate quite a large number of people.

4. The roof gardens Kensington Restaurant and cuisine


This is another glamorous building that is situated in this world. There are many unique features and departments that have made It have a chance in this article. Its name suggests that there are luxurious restaurants for visitors that make their way here. They will always have time to stop and relax in some of these luxurious and high-class restaurants. Quality, unique and different kinds of dishes are sold and therefore, you will not miss your favorite meal. One disadvantage of these restaurants is that they sell food at a high price and portion is relatively small.

3. Hotel Parkroyal


I have to give a clear confession that this building is of its own style and class. Hotel Parkroyal is one of best designed building hence featured in this article of most glamorous building found in this world. There are many things to learn about this building. Different departments such as indoor gardens, gym, swimming pool and luxurious restaurants are located here. There are different kinds of food sold in these restaurants at a cheaper price compared to others that we have studied above.

2. Hutong London Bridge and Bermondsey


Hutong London Bridge and Bermondsey is featured in second position of this article and one of glamorous buildings worldwide. It is uniquely designed and has several departments are located in it hence featured in this list. There are wonderful Chinese restaurant found here. Hutong London is specifically situated found in Northern London. It gives a feeling of being in a palace inside and outside.

1. Aquarium Blue Planet


Aquarium Blue Planet is the most glamorous building worldwide. It has great and unique features that have landed it in first position of this article. This is one place that many people desire making their way here. It has been designed with a lot of creativity from talented architectures worldwide.

These above are the Top 10 Most Glamorous Buildings in The World 2017. Many people desire making their ways in some of these buildings to see for themselves. It has been noted that tourists spend their time in these destinations especially after coming from adventurous world. They are good places to relax and have good time.

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