Top 10 Most Fascinating Wonders of Australia

These are just some of the fascinating wonders of Australia. If you go and see these places you will see that you love them just as much as any other place you go and see. Some will have you wondering just how they was made and why they made them wonders of the world. They are very old and you should not touch some of them because they can be damaged very easily.

List of Top 10 Most Fascinating Wonders of Australia in 2017

10. Lord Howe Island

lord howe island, Top 10 Most Fascinating Wonders of Australia 2018

This island is a beautiful piece of work. There is a volcano that sits on the island that is shaped like a crescent. Lovers go to this island to spend time together. The forest here has so many animals and plants that no one touch because they need to stay in the forest for as long as they can. The ocean is wonderful to go and swim in. it has so many coral reefs that people sometimes snorkel and go see just how lovely everything is. You Will not find a place like this anywhere else because of the nature that is there.

9. The Pinnacles


The limestone formations have been around for thirty thousand years and more. They are on sand and raise way above the ground making them something that people love to go and see. If you look closely you will find seashells lying around from the ocean that left them there. Yes it seems like a pointless thing to go and see but you will notice that they are such a wonderful thing to go and see. If you go and see them you will see they have grey kangaroos that jump around and you will also see other reptiles around the area.

8. The Olgas-Kata Tjuta


These domes are a great thing to go and learn the history of. There are thirty six of the domes around the area and the weather has shaped them to look amazing. They stand over a thousand feet above the ground. If you take a picture it does no justice of how tall they really are. They sit on a desert and are taller than Ayers Rock. They look just like a bunch of big rocks sitting around. The brownish color to them are not something that some usually like to look at but the height is what makes them so amazing.

7. Kakadu


This is a national park that is known for the way they grow foods and so much more. They grow over seventeen hundred different plants. They have crocodiles here that are from freshwater and saltwater. Each year they have anywhere between a hundred and a thousand different visitors. They have beautiful wildlife and landscapes. If you go and see this place you will see they have a wonderful waterfall that catches the eyes of everyone that goes. They have rock art that has been around for a long time and they keep it clean so that everyone can see it when they come.

6. The Twelve Apostles


This is one of the Top 10 Most Fascinating Wonders of Australia 2017. These are a set of limestone stacks. You can see them from Great Ocean Road. even though the name say twelve there was only nine. They was made by an erosion that happened a long time ago. They have been around for a very long time and now there is only eight left because of a fall that happened. They may just look like rocks but the look of them will have you wonder just how they was made and how long they have been standing. Go to the beach and look around and you will notice what they are once you catch a glimpse of them. They are just one of many that can be seen.

5. Kings Canyon


It is made up of red rocks that face toward the palm forests and is an area that is an important conservation plus a refuge that has over six hundred plants and animals and some of them are unique and rare. If the tourists are wanting an adventure then this is a place that is great for that since the hike takes about three to four hours to finish and the view is perfect for pictures. The cliff looks off towards soar when you are standing at the creek area and it is over one hundred meters.

4. Outback


This place is the size of western Europe and is a remote area in Australia. The name is used to describe areas that are more secluded than any of the spots that are nicknamed the bush. That is talking about any piece of land that is not around urban areas. It is one of the world’s last frontiers left. This place has been a number one spot for travelers for many years.

3. Sydney Opera House


It was constructed in 1973 and has since been a number one spot mainly because of its unique architectural structure. Over seven million people come here every year and about three hundred thousand participate in the guided tour that is given. It is one of the best buildings and considered to be the most famous performing arts center in the whole world.

2. Ayers Rock


This is number two on the list because of how huge they are. When you go they ask you not to climb on it because of how fragile it is. When you go and visit you will see waterholes and rock caves all around it because of how the land has formed and all the things that has happened over the years. You will also see a few ancient paintings that will make you want to take plenty of pictures because of the unique look of them. It is listed as a World Heritage Site making it one of the ones that are visited because of the history behind it all.

1. Great Barrier Reef


Unless you are one to dive under the waters you will never get to see this one. This reef was formed over twenty five million years ago and is still around today. The colors are wonderful to look at. Make sure to have a waterproof camera if you are going to take pictures. There are four hundred different kinds of coral and fifteen hundred different species of the tropical fish. Just make sure when you go not to touch the coral because certain ones do not like being messed with and can die off which will end the beautiful piece of art. It is said to be spiritual and is very important to the culture that lives around the area.

These above are the Top 10 Most Fascinating Wonders of Australia 2017. These are the best things to see when you go to the area. If you do not see them while you are there then you have missed out very much so and need to worry about seeing them next time. They have some items that are very huge and the world made them that way.

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