Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks in The World

Theme parks are all over with changing immensely in both popularity and quality. USA has been known to be leading market and home lawn of universal and giants Disney. Asia is also emerging as hotspot as while as Europe endures to bid some owing attractions. In every year, Associates of Theme Entertainment releases reports on statistics of attendance in parks internationally. This is regarded as different style of amusement park. It is a building, attractions and landscaping which are based on one or more specific stories. Below are top ten theme parks that you will find around the world.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks in The World in 2017

10. Fantawild Adventure

fantawild adventure, Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks in The World 2017

This is located in Wuhu, China. With 12 stories operating, it is hugely played in industries and most important market that is emerging. Although it does not match Happy Valley popularity in their competitors, it always comes closer to that. Fantawild Adventure is separated in fifteen ambitious zones and attraction line-up such as four waves rests. This is less impressive assortment than other Chinese parks which all manufactured by Golden Horse of local firm. The Disney-lite and colorful theming make it unique and worthy to visit. You cannot afford to miss this Vesuvius Volcano on big rumble mountain, that rockwork you can look while riding.

9. Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Happy Valley Top Most Famous Theme Parks in The World 2019

Happy Valley Shanghai is one of established park in China, although it faces high competitors. It was number Fourth Park to be open, on 2009 August. Happy valley is located at 40 kilometers from Shanghai downtown, which gives it a large potential audience. This park can comprise around 100 attractions, which spit across seven zones themes. Hosts not less than seven mats roller, some are artificial by esteemed names including Intamin and Mabillard&Bolliger. Dive machines are identical to Sheikra design at Gardens Busch Tampa.

8. Mexico Six Flags


It is located at Mexico City receiving more than 2.37 attendances. Six Flags is one of the largest amusement Latin American parks, which had developed into a successful theme park in region. It includes popular versions rides from Chain’s parks in US, which are Coaster Dark Knight. You do not have to miss the superman el Ultimo Escape, fastest, longest and tallest wave rest in America Latin.

7. Alton Towers


Alton Tower is located at grounds of Staffordshire, England. It is very huge covering around 500 acres; however, attractions themed areas that concentrates in few altered sides for famous woodland and garden estates. It includes a variety of flat rides, dark rides and upturn numbers of attractions are younger guests. In 2014, it was ranked best performance park globally, but later it was faced with serious crash that leads to life altering injuries to several riders. That caused numbers of attendance to drop in 2015. Its features are Nemesis attraction design, inverted beer mat racing round massive pit quarried.

6. Busch Garden Williamsburg


This park is formally identified as Gardens Busch. It is Europe Busch Gardens and Old Country; it’s divided into total of lands themed, with each of them based on European country which is omission to New France that symbolizes French Canada. This park is famous in two things: line-up major coasters roller and immersive theming. Apollo’s Chariot are normally ranked among best breaker mats internationally, while Expletive of Dar Kastleshady rides are viewed as one of best type outside Universal or Disney parks. You do not have to miss Germany secrets of Black Forest that come to life with multi-launch coaster family Verboten. With inspiring inconceivable scenery and special effects, bike ride through woods turns menacing thanks to roaring creepers and first in America hidden secret of dark show building.

5. Gardaland


It was founded to public on 1957 July with steady period of extension taking place in decade proceedings. In 1985, magic mountain was the first major park coaster roller to be debuted. The vertigo tower drop, blue tornado, rapids jungle water rides and flying tower observations were introduced in 1998. Merlin entertainment group acquired the park that retains other European parks including Heide Park and Alton Tower s in 2006. Featuring Raptor, which is first Mabillard & Bolligerrider wing in globe. Riders sits on side of track in “winged” formation, hold on place over-the-shoulder harmless that is designed without too many restrictive. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks in The World 2017.

4. Great Adventure Six Flags


In 1974, it was opened at around $10 million, Great Adventure compound formerly consisted two distinct, but linked parks, drive-through safari and child-friendly Charmed Forest. In 1977, this was obtained with Six Flags that set nearby large-scale addition magnetisms which is water ride Roaring Rapids and coaster Thunder Rolling wooden. Throughout 1990s, Great Adventure Six Flags remained rather in Chain Minor Park. This changed intensely in 2005 with construction of KingdaKa record-breaking roller coaster. Do not miss the enduringly standard El Toro that was opened in 2006, which earned this park its existing rank as coaster magnet for fans.

3. Magic Mountain Six Flags

Magic Mountain Six Flags Top Most Popular Theme Parks in The World 2018

This is one of prize parks in Chain Six Flags. It has extra roller coasters more than any theme park in planet. Situated in California place known as Santa Clarita, it is greatly fixated on excitement rides, although World Bugs Bunny and Whistle stop Park children’s area offers handful for attractions of kids. Among those hitters bigger parks are 400-foot drop Lex Luthor tower, drop of doom and X2 coaster fourth dimension, enormous Goliath hyper coaster. You cannot miss this Full Throttle landscape sloop of 160-foot record-breaker. It also assertions number of extra unique elements, which includes “top hat” component that spans other side loop, and three-presentation units total.

2. Liseberg


It has suspended on top of hill in Gothenburg middle in Liseberg, which has a unique Scandinavian feel. Above 10 years, an investment has been considerable made in this park, permitting it to balance its online- up traditional those rosters with impressive new rides. Small Intamin accelerators Kanonen, new drop Atmosphere tower, Screaming Swing (S&S) are some selection done. It added a new major coaster, Spiral, for 2014 period. This leads to huge appearance of boost. You can go ride this Lisebergbanan, winds over hills, and Zierer-Schwarzkopf train mine, among others.

1. Hersheypark


Initially it was opened in early 20th century as a picnic area for Hershey employees. It slowly expanded into full-blown amusement park. Although in 1960’s, it suffered a period of failure, it was invigorated in 1970’s and has grown in attractiveness since then. In 1990’s, it was established as one of America’s theme park regional. Lately, it has spent around $25 million on installing new roller coaster towers and Sky rush, which was for 2012 season.

These above are the Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks in The World 2017. Parks are places where people go to enjoy themselves, ride, see entertainment attraction and watch other events that are happening inside. In order for the park to become a theme park, it should be built with original intention to promote specific theme. Above are top ten theme parks you can learn from them.

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