Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World

Each country in this world has at least more than 3 statues. Most of them are crafted in remembrance of good leaders or certain events that took place. I am going to take you through a study of famous statues in the world. they are listed below.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World in 2017

10. Little Mermaid

little mermaid, Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017

Little mermaid is a small sized statue that sits on a rock in Denmark specifically in Copenhagen Harbor at Langelinie. This statue measure 1.25 meters high and weighs approximately 176 kilograms. It was designed long time ago (1913) by Edvard Eriksen with an aim of creating a play for little mermaid. Whenever this little woman loses her head, she is always restored. High officials of Copenhagen announced that mermaid statue would be moved to a different place to avoid more injuries observed so far. Large number of tourists travels here to see mermaid. They destroy it by climbing on it as they take photos.

9. Lions of Delos


These lions are located near Mykonos in Delos Island. They mark a very important archaeological and historical site altogether in Greece History. Many people for having a Holy sanctuary for many years before it was made a Birthplace of Artemis and Apollo best know Delos Island. Statue of these lions were designed and dedicated to Apollo by people from Naxos who lived before 600 BC. This is indeed long time ago. Lions of Delos were 12 in number. Currently, there are only three lion fragment that exist and were moved to archaeological museum in Delos (1999).

8. Mother of Russia Statue


This statue is also called the motherland calls and is very famous in Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd. It was designed to mark a battle of Stalingrad. Mother of Russia was dedicated as a memorial site in early 1967 and was marked tallest statue worldwide measuring 85 meters or simply 279 feet from tip of its sword to plinth. Mother of Russia’s figure measures 52 meters (170 feet) and sword carried by her measures 33 meters (108 feet). Currently, this statue is leaving because of ground level changes.

7. Olmec Heads


These heads were designed to recognize that aspect of Civilization among Columbian people in Mexico. Enormous helmeted heads are said to be portraits of leaders who used to dress like ballplayers. They attract many people because they are made of distinctive and expensive elements that keep them durable and good looking all time. Olmec heads were designed 17 in number and range in various sizes. Dating from at least 900BC, Olmec are sculpted from large basalt boulders and weighs approximately 20 tons.

6. Mount Nemrut statue


Nemrut or just Nemrud is a tall mountain measuring 2,134 meters high and is situated in Southeastern part of Turkey. This mountain is notable and recognized by many people for having large numbers of statues erected round it. Many people assume that it is a royal tomb that exist since 1st century BC. Quite a large number of tourists visit Nemrut Mountain to view these statues and because of that, it has become a popular place for many people who love adventure and touring at large. it is so nice to watch scattered body less heads that are orange in color in that same year.

5. David Statue


This is just funny of them all. David statue can be described as a naked masterpiece of sculpture designed by Michelangelo from 1501 to 1504. It measures approximately 17 feet and portrays a biblical king by name David (killed Goliath) in nude form. David is known and popular among many Christians after fighting and winning a battle set before him with Goliath. David statue was moved from its original position to Accademia gallery (Italy) in 1873 to prevent it from getting injuries and damages. It attacks many tourists and due to that reason, it replica was set in original position. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017.

4. Great Sphinx


Great Sphinx is famous and one of largest and oldest statues worldwide and is located in Giza plateau near Cairo in Egypt. Sometime back, this statue was considered largest in the world but later on they were observed to be smaller and shorter than pyramids. Nobody knows exactly when great sphinx statue was build but after several negotiation held between modern Egyptologists and traditional view, they found out that they began existing approximately 2500 BC by Pharaoh Khalfe. He is popularly known for building second pyramid of Giza. All credit is to him for good work.

3. Statue of Liberty


People of France celebrate this statue each year to mark an independence declaration between them and United States of America. Standing on Liberty Island, statue of liberty is a very famous symbol of the world. it is known for presenting a woman who is wearing a Stola, trampling broken chain, crown of sandals and she is carrying a torch in her hand that is raised up. Constructing this statue took quite a long time and was completed in France in July 1884. It was transported to New York City in that same year.

2. Christ the Redeemer


On our second position, we have this famous statue representing Jesus Christ (our Redeemer) that is situated in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Actual location is at a peak of 700 meters or 2300 feet in Corcovado Mountain. This statue provides a sweeping panorama from inner parts of Guanabara bay (northern side) and stands 39.6 meters tall.

1. Moai


Moai statue is taking first position of this list. It is famous and located in a certain Island of earth. Polynesian colonizers carved them mostly between 1250 and 1500 AD. They are meant to represent ancestor’s powerful former chiefs. Most of them are dead by now.

These above are the Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017. Having such knowledge is important for one’s life as it adds value to our knowledge. I am also happy to learn about all those statues and story behind them. If you happen to be staying near them and you have extra information, then help me improve may article by uploading more information.

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