Top 10 Most Expensive US Cities

The allure of high living, the never slumbering life has always attracted even the laziest eyed person sometime or the other. The lights, the food, the pulsating energy always invite thousands of suburban daily to have a taste of the Cosmopolis. However, even the moon has a dark side. In this case, that would be the cost of living; each huge cosmopolitan city has a massive cost of living. Moreover, particularly in these cities do we find the divide between the rich and the poor huge?

The most expensive US cities can be divided into two categories like in any other place in the world. One is the most expensive cities to tour, and another one is the most expensive cities to live in. Often these two categories do not intertwine. Our list of the expensive US cities is of the cost of living index these places. Most of the statistics in this list have been collected by the think tank Economic Policy Institute and various Economic Surveys conducted by the US government.

List of Top 10 best and Most Expensive US Cities in 2017.

10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($914.13+ Rent $1127)= $2041.13]:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The city is located amongst the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. It is one unexpected entry into the heavyweight list that this is. The rich float along smoothly in their daily lives while the poor are permanently engaged in some scramble on, but neither of them leaves the city because they have had a taste of material heaven. This is most noticeable in the Pittsburgh.

9. Houston, Texas [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($794.55+ Rent 1324.69)= $2119.24]

Houston, Texas

It is one of the most populous cities in the states and is also a very large one. It is the largest city in the Southern US. The city was found in 1836 and is on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. It also has a lot of Fortune 500 companies, the number which only New York City can exceed.

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($926.32+ Rent $1249)= $2175.72]

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the 24th most expensive city according to last surveys in the world. It is the larger part of the Twin Cities and a county of the Hennepin County. It is the largest city in Minnesota. polis in Dakota Sioux, The city, is divided by the Mississippi river. The name Mississippi comes from the combination of the words water and.

7. Honolulu, Hawaii [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($1096.59+ Rent $1681)= $2777.59]:

Honolulu, Hawaii Top most expensive US cities 2017

Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu and a gateway city, both into Hawaii and the States. It is also a very costly place to raise a family. The amazing view of sand and the sea and the sunshine all has a price unto itself. Although the majority of this happens due to shipping charges.

6. Seattle, Washington [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($990+ Rent $1790) = $2780]:

Seattle, Washington

It is a part of the King County and a major business center. The city is geographically on the isthmus between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. It is also a port town and has North America’s third largest port.

5. Chicago, Illinois [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($972.07+ Rent $1625.45)= $2597.52]

Chicago, Illinois Top 10 most expensive US cities 2017

It is the 21st most expensive city in the world and the third most populous country in America. It is a part of the Cook County and was established in the 19th century with just a micro-population of 200. Now it is one of the most prime cities in the States.

4. Los Angeles, California [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($920.70+ Rent $1807.74)= $2728.44]

Los Angeles, California most expensive US cities 2018

The city from West Coast of U.S.A increased its cost of living index in last year. It moved up 19 places among the list of top 10 most expensive cities in the world and now acquires the eight places. The city is known for its ability to make limelight dreams come true. It is home to a thousand globally known celebrities who do not mind paying the extra buck. However, Los Angeles is also filled with wannabe stars and models that are struggling through day jobs and still finding the time to audition for their dreams. These artists do not have the luxury of living the big life, but still, cling to their dreams, and sometimes those dreams indeed come true.

3. Washington, DC [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($1183.47+ Rent $2140.12)= $3323.69]

Washington, DC most popular expensive US cities 2019

Ironically, the capital of the country is in the fourth place, even behind Chicago and Minneapolis. However, it is indeed the costliest place for a family to be raised in the States. EPI reports that even primary childcare is at least $ 31158 for a year. However, it does not rank too high among all the expensive cities in the world. It is in the 26th place according to recent estimates.

2. San Francisco, California [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($1088.33+ Rent $3350)= $4438.33]

San Francisco, California

Even though the movie ‘Inside Out’ vehemently accused San Francisco of ruining pizza it is still one of the most lively cities in America. It ranks 34th among the most expensive cities in the world. The rolling roads, the dreamy cityscape is sure to catch the fancy of any dreamy urban dweller. In spite of being a very busy city, it is very peaceful. The biggest tourist attraction of this place is the Golden Gate Bridge.

1. New York City, New York [Monthly Cost for a Single Person: ($1166.12+ Rent $2934.33)= $4100.45]

New York City, New York Top most expensive US cities 2018

New York is the biggest hub of Arts and culture and literature on the planet. Thousands of people migrate to the city from all over the world to live the dream. It is so crowded that just like our very own Mumbai, people can find jobs in New York than they can get a place to live. The Big Apple was indeed on the top of the list of World’s most expensive city before the crisis of 2002 and also the one on 2008. However, in the last five years, it has picked itself up, brushed itself off and become more and more expensive, and has therefore has risen a whopping 42 places on the list since the survey of 2011. With falling oil prices and the strength of the US dollar pushing it down, local inflation has been subdued. Right now it is the seventh most costly city to live in.

Even though it might be the dream comes true for many to live in these cities, it is not at all easy. As per the norm, the people in these cities ignore each other and often turn out to be rude as time passes by.

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