Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

In our modern culture, restaurants have become far from a place where people go just to have food. Restaurants are the hub of this buzzing industrial lifestyle. They have become the center for the generation to go and spend time. One can never fully calculate how much importance a restaurant has nowadays. These places have become the center to hold important business meetings, organize get together parties, hang out with friends, go on a date, show off social status, and much more.

Restaurants are an important part of our daily lifestyle now. Even celebrities are found to be hanging out in the private rooms of their favorite restaurants. No wonder people get to meet them there. With the increase in number of customers, business in restaurants has seen a major turnaround and is facing ground breaking revolutions. Hotel management has become a much in demand topic of study and restaurant owners are making it to the front page of popular magazines.

In such a time, here is a list of top ten most expensive restaurants in the world where people should seriously consider giving themselves a grand treat.

List of the world’s top 10 best and most expensive restaurants in 2018

10. Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau, Switzerland ($269 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

Switzerland is famous for their banks and their deep roots in scientific research including the CERN. But they have a great restaurant to offer too! At Schloss Schauenstein, you would have to pay a considerable sum of money for a royal dining experience in a beautifully kept Swiss castle. This restaurant is headed by Andreas Caminada who caters to the diners with mainly local cuisine which achieves a perfect blend with the castle backdrop. They also have sample wine and their sommelier, Oliver Friedrich is an award winning one.

9. Michael Bras Toya, Toya, Japan ($287 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

Michael Bras Toya can be reserved if you want to enjoy an exquisite view of Lake Toya while diving into your food. Located on a coast of Hokkaido, this exquisite restaurant is headed by Cedric Bourassin. Its menu is a unique one which conjures French delicacies with local ingredients to give a fusion taste. Thus the menu is quite an expensive one.

8. Alain Ducasse, The Dorchester, London ($289 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

Situated in the heart of the British capital, at The Dorchester in London, Alain Ducasse is headed by its executive chef, Jocelyn Herland. This restaurant has specialty in their seven seasonal dishes. Their main delicacies include Irish Sea urchin, sautéed baby squid, crayfish velouté and fillet of halibut. While seasonal dishes come at $289 per person, regular menu costs much less. Current tasting menu starts at around $193 per person without wine or beverages pairing.

7. Hôtel de Ville, Crissier, Switzerland ($318 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

This famous and highly rated hotel in the heart of Switzerland is run by husband and wife, Benôit and Brigitte Violier. The Hôtel de Ville has a quite eventful history of showcasing chefs who were no less than legends, for over forty sumptuous years. Some hallmark offering of Hôtel de Ville include names like Scarlet tomato, Salers beef which has been grilled with wild pepper, young and fresh salad leaves and cristallines de charlotte, pip consommé with Imperial Ossetra caviar, etc. While chef’s choices start at $318 per person, regular dishes can be enjoyed at a lower cost.

6. Ithaa, Maldives ($320 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

Ithaa in Maldives has a quite exotic location. It is located about 16.5 feet below the surface, thus offering a full 180 degree view of the vibrant and rich coral reefs gardens. This restaurant is more inclined in offering European delicacies and has their meal program distributed over as many as six courses. Ithaa’s six course menu is paired with champagne which adds the cherry to the cake. They have quite a number of hallmark dishes. Malossol Imperial caviar with sour cream and potato blinis is one of their top offering. Another dish offering is yellowtail kingfish with beurre blanc foam and saffron champagne.

5. Aragawa, Tokyo ($370 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

If you love good food and if you love good food and exotic dining location then Aragawa should be one of the names in your wish list. The prime delicacy of this restaurant is the Sanda beef. For this particular dish, Tajima cattles are raised as pure breeds in the Sanda region of the Hyogo Prefecture for a period of twenty eight months. After that, they are subjected to rigorous tests. Cattles which fulfill a certain set of criteria are only used. This restaurant can give the ultimate experience of beef.

4. Maison Pic, Valence, France ($445 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

This French diner is owned by the Pic family and is currently headed by Anne-Sophie Pic. The menu offers delicacies which have been craved for across generations. Its costliest offering includes the Collection Pic Menu while the current owner is busy adding her own personal twist on the classic dishes being served.

3. Masa, New York City ($450 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants


Perhaps one of the most talked about restaurants in the world, Masa is a must hit diner which the Big Apple has to offer. It is run by the Chinese world renowned chef, Masa Takayama after whom the place is named. Started in 2006, Masa has become a prime location for exotic diners. While dishes without beverages and tax start costing from $450, a simple cancellation of reservation costs $200.

2. Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris ($509 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

Alain Ducasse, the famous chef, also conjures his magic in this exotic French diner in Paris. The chef’s group menu at Le Meurice starts at $509 per head while lunch costs $174. These are prices without even including additions for beverages or taxes. The environment is just as exotic as the food with inspirations from Château de Versailles.

1. Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan ($600 per person)

Most Expensive Restaurants

The Japanese are known for their centuries old culture. In this culture, they have food as a major form of heritage. Japanese food is extremely good for health and is considered to be one of the best cuisines. Kitcho, run by award winning chef, Kunio Tokuoka is famous for their Kaiseki. This restaurant believes that food is an art and thus gives delight in every bite. Every penny spend on food from this place is worth it.

So this is the list of top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world, where people can enjoy themselves.

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