Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Toronto

Toronto is a well-renowned city, and thousands of people roam flock around the town for a different kind of purpose. The city is full of different type of restaurants serving different grades of individuals. There are elite restaurants that specialize in making highly aromatic food. These restaurants are always full of rich class family people, businesspeople, bank directors, etc. These diners are the most expensive restaurants in Toronto, and that is due to their food and ambiance quality.

People reserve tables in these high-end restaurants in Toronto to celebrate marriage, some special occasion or just to have weekend dining with their family or friends. Most of these diners are not at all pocket-friendly, and they make deep holes in the pocket, although occasional visits in these restaurants can be fruitful. Though they are expensive but the dishes and the ambiance worth every penny they charge. Here is the top 10 list of most expensive restaurants in Toronto in 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Toronto in 2017.

10. C5 Restaurant ($128 per person)

C5 Restaurant, Most Expensive Restaurants In Toronto 2017

C5 Restaurant is a famous diner in Toronto, and it holds the tenth spot in the list of most expensive restaurants in Toronto. It is not only famous for its finest dining but its peaceful location which is the pinnacle of the ROM’s latest crystal. The diner is situated within museum although it is not a museum restaurant. A typical dish in this diner will cost around $28 and will range up to $120 depending on the recipe.

9. Sotto Sotto ($150 per person)

Sotto Sotto, Most Expensive Restaurants in Toronto 2018

Sotto Sotto is top end Italian diner that has achieved the 9th spot in the list for upscale diner in Toronto. This restaurant is well known for their expensive multi-course menu, and it is quite effortless to make a massive bill. A general main course, pasta dish will stay in the range of $35 to $45 while a desert will cost around $14.

8. Shoto ($180 per person)

Shoto, Most Expensive Restaurants In Toronto 2016

Shoto which belongs to Momofuku and it is located on the third floor of Momofuku in the University Avenue. This diner holds the 8th spot in the expensive diner list, and it serves ten-course dishes. The ten-course meal will cost $150, and if someone opts for a pair of wine, then it would cost $80 more. The fine course starts with boucle followed by luxe sea foods and then lamb belly or elk.

7. Barberian’s ($184 per person)

Barberian's, Most Expensive Restaurants In Toronto 2017

Barberian’s seals the seventh spot in the expensive diner list and its unique menu 12oz filet mignon wrapped in bacon will cost $60.50. It is well known as well as a legendary steakhouse of Toronto. Almost every day significant amount of people gathers on the Elm Street Diner just to pamper their test bud with scrumptious foods like sea foodstuff or meats. It is also well known for its famous cocktail which is a jumbo shrimp cocktail although it costs $24.75.

6. The Chase ($210 per person)

The Chase Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Toronto 2017

The chase is 6th most expensive diner in Toronto although each dish in its menu worth every penny. This upscale restaurant has recently opened on Temperance Street, but its dishes have already become popular in the city. A plate of parsnips and Foie grass will cost $38 while dishes like wild brass, lobster carbonara will cost around $120. Cocktails in this diner range from $14 to $18 depending upon the choice of the customer.

5. Cafe Boulud ($225 per person)

Cafe Boulud, Most Expensive Restaurants In Toronto 2017

Cafe Boulud is an elite restaurant that has sealed the fifth spot in the rich diner list, and this luxurious cafe is located inside the Four Season Hotel in Toronto. The main USP of this restaurant is that it is run by Chef Daniel Boulud who is well known and highly celebrated chef. The customers of this diner get to taste seasonal haute cuisine which is made using French food style.

4. Scaramouche ($230 per person)

Scaramouche, popular Most Expensive Restaurants in Toronto 2018

Scaramouche is a luxurious and posh restaurant and it located in the Avenue Road which is famous for its exquisite view of Toronto. Scaramouche is well known for its high-quality usage ingredients in its food thus it sits in the 4th spot of upscale diners. Back in 2009, Scaramouche won the award for desert, and it won twice the award for Toronto’s best restaurant given Gourmet Magazine.

3. Canoe ($250 per person)

Canoe Top Most Expensive Restaurants in Toronto 2019

The canoe is an elite diner, and it holds the third spot of expensive restaurants list. Though it is the third most expensive diner but it’s delicious food accompanied by the city view is a mesmerizing experience. This is an Oliver and Bonacini flagship restaurant where the cuisine is entirely based on local products. The range of the main courses is between $32 to $47 while a bison carpaccio will cost around $24.

2. Jacob’s & Co. ($328 per person)

Jacob's & Co.

Jacob’s & Co. is Toronto’s highly reputed steakhouse, and it seals the second spot due to its expensive menus. Located at Brant Street, it serves duck fat fries at $12, charbroiled slabs at $39, seafood at $58, Atlantic lobster at $30 and Tajima rib eye at $328. The luxury dining also showcases piano performance that enhances the dining experience. Most of the visitors highly rate this steakhouse, and there is only handful of customer who had given an average review.

1. Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto ($600 per person)

Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto

Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto is an exclusive Japanese diner which is only operated by its chef and owner Masaki Hashimoto. This is the most expensive restaurant in Toronto, and the chef has more than 30 years of experience in cooking. A customer has to make to 1 week prior booking to dine at this restaurant, and the menu has only one eight courses omakase dish. The dinner menu cost $300 while the lunch menu cost $200 and both for a single person.

So, you can choose any of these expensive Restaurants in Toronto for your lunch or dinner. Most of the citizens in Toronto have a tendency to have their weekend lunch or dinner at elite restaurants, and this list of expensive restaurants can help them to find the diner of their choice.

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