Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in New York

Along with fine living comes fine dining. Though in the 21st century one need not have to travel thousands of miles to find the ‘one’ restaurant with the ‘one’ gourmet chef to please their date, fine dining corners are now found in almost every other street, there are a few few restaurants which would ever match up to the grandeur of the Plaza, the Ritz and the likes of them. These restaurants provide all round luxury dining options along with hospitality befitting the kings.

New York is the intellectual, gourmet, and cultural hub of the planet and the seventh most expensive city in the world. But it has a surprisingly competitive tourism package. If you are the kind of person who is ready to splurge a hefty sum of money for an evening of sophistication and splendid food in a gorgeously decorated restaurant the places listed below are perfect for you. We have chosen the top 10 most expensive restaurants New York City among the many many restaurants open the big apple, the city that never sleeps, for you to dine in. Read on to find out more.

List of top 10 most expensive restaurants in New York in 2017

10. Sugiyama ($95 per person)

Sugiyama Top 10 most expensive restaurants in New York of 2017

The restaurant specializes in Japanese Kaiseki foods. And they carry it with pride. The food starts with a delicate base and builds up to more robust platters.

9. Megu ($100 per person)

Megu Top popular, most expensive restaurants in New York of 2019

Megu is a restaurant in New York City which has the motto of bringing the ultimate Japanese restaurants in the city. The restaurants have about 11 different kinds of groups of the dishes. Each of these dishes varies in taste and type.

8. Daniel ($125 per person)

Daniel Top most expensive restaurants in New York City of 2017

Address: 60 East 65th Street, Upper East Manhattan.

The restaurant established in 1999 specializes in New French food and is named after its owner Daniel Boulud. It has a mandatory dress code for jackets. The speciality of the restaurant is its wine. The restaurant stores over 1570 wine selections and 24000 bottles at any given time. It’s the fourth best restaurant in NYC and the forum Zagat gave it a second best rating.

7. Jean Georges ($118-$ 198 per person)

Jean Georges most expensive restaurants in New York City of 2018

Address: 1 Central Park West, Lobby of the International Hotel and Tower, Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC.

The restaurant opened in 1997 has the chef Marco LaPico as the head chef and has a mandatory dress code of jackets. It’s a 3-Michelin Star restaurant and is named after its owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It ranks among the five best French-American restaurants that there is. The staple menu consists of a two course lunch and a dinner of four courses. The dessert menu has a whole different master chef Johnny Luzzini.

6. Le Bernardin ($135 per person)

Le Bernardin most popular expensive restaurants in New York City of 2018

Address: 155 West 51st Street in between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, Midtown Manhattan.

The restaurant in New York City was established in 1986 established and formerly owned by Gilbert Le Coze. The restaurant is currently owned by Eric Ripert. It specializes in French and seafood dishes. The establishment is a three star restaurant rated by Michelin Guild. It was the 15th best restaurant on the planet Earth. It has owned Outstanding Restaurants, Outstanding Chef, and Outstanding Pastry Chef awards a number of times. It has the most popular food in New York City.

5. Eleven Madison Park ($200 per person)

Eleven Madison Park, best and most expensive restaurants in New York 2016

Address: Metropolitan Life North Building, 11 Madison Avenue, New York.

The restaurant was established in 1998 by Danny Meyer and the current owners are Will Guidara and head chef Daniel Humm. It has a seat capacity of 80 and has a contemporary American cuisine. The restaurant is situated in a landmark, the Art Deco Metropolitan Life North Building. Right now the restaurant is owned by restaurant group Made Nice Group.

4. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fore ($225 per person)

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fore, most expensive restaurants in New York 2018

Address: 200 Schermerhorn Street, Hoyt Street, Downtown Brooklyn, New York City.

The restaurant is the only restaurant outside Manhattan in New York City to receive a three star from Michelin. The restaurant has just 16 seats so it is an extremely exclusive restaurant. The restaurant has a different menu for every other weekday. The prices start from $225 for the whole course per person.

3. Kuruma Zushi ($100- $400 per person)

Kuruma Zushi

Address: 7 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017.

The restaurant is a high end sushi bar for the rich and healthy. It was established in Manhattan in 1977. The restaurant provides experience which will be worth remembering for a lifetime.

2. Per Se ($250 – $325 per person)

Per Se

Address: 4th floor of the Time Warner Centre, 10 Columbus Circle, West 60th street and Broadway, Manhattan.

The restaurant was established in February 2004 by Thomas Keller who is also the head chef. Per Se is a New American and French restaurant. The restaurant is designer after the French Laundry and has the elements which are personal to the head chef Thomas Keller, and Eli Kaimeh’s pasts. Even this restaurant has a four star rating over the Zagat forum. It is ranked number 10 among the best restaurants in the world. There are two choice menus, or two prix-fixe of nine courses and accommodates 62 people.

1. Masa ($550 per person)


Address: 10 Columbus Circle, West 60th Street and Broadway, Manhattan.

The restaurant opened in 2004 by the Chef Masa Takayama who also happens to be the head chef. It is a Japanese and Sushi place. In the next door there is a Bar Masa which is a conventional American restaurant. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. The restaurant was so successful opened a new outlet in Las Vegas inside the Aria. The restaurant provides no menus and the food is chef’s choice. It is one of the just two bars in New York which has a hinoki wood sushi bar and one of the few other restaurants which use Kobe beef- the most exquisite beef in the world. The restaurant has only 26 seats and has to be booked at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Each of these expensive restaurants in New York City is extremely exclusive and even if one has a reservation from months it might be difficult to get a table.

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