Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In London

Eating is not just about food; it is about real food which gives satisfaction to our soul too. When it’s about Michelin starred restaurants London exceeds the gastronomic dreams with its fine dining.It is praised by the chefs who are the jewels of London restaurants- Jamie Oliver-Fifteen, Gordon Ramsay-Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing-Marcus at The Berkeley and others have their innovations to different cuisine. With the succulent seafood and lip smacking dessert, London has boomed in the business of restaurants.

While the French chefs spearhead their talent, there Britain Chefs are also competing to mesmerize the diners with their culinary skills. To quench the finest taste for the food Top 10 most expensive restaurants in London are worth to try.

List of Top 10 most expensive restaurants in London in 2017

10.Alain Ducasse: ($290 per person)

Alain Ducasse Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world 2017

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester Hotels is the most expensive restaurant in London. The restaurant regularly changes its treats seasonally. Chef Christophe Moret attaining the three Michelin star has pushed the restaurant to an enviable level. For a private dining Table,Lumière is best to spend $300 for a seat as it is in the center position of the restaurant among four thousand fiber optics. To put a good impression on friends, hiring Salon Park Lane is best priced at $1,200 for 30 guests.

9. Hibiscus: ($205 per person)


Hibiscus was set up by two Michelin star awarded personality, Chef Claude Bosi. The Restaurant started welcoming its diners since 2000; maintaining is position in the top three most expensive restaurants. The Hibiscus was also voted in the top 10 best restaurants as the UK Food Guide says. The three, six or eight categories, of course, starts at around $135 per head while the wine brigade menu comes in $320 per person.

8. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: ($205 per person)

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay one of the finest chefs in London and has attained three Michelin stars for his restaurants. With the company of Chef Clare Smyth MBE, the taste buds are mesmerized with a roster of classic French dines. The menu is highly dominated by the poached Scottish lobster tail. The plate presentation is marvelously costing around $205 per head and the three courses around $150 per head.

7. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon: ($200 per person)

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon most expensive restaurants in the world 2018

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon open since 2006 and welcomes its diners at Convent Garden District. The restaurant attained its Michelin star just after two years of success. The menus here is inspired and based on Japanese ingredients and the French techniques. Oliver Limousin with his team has raised its standard to cost $200 per person and for the taster menu costing around $150 per head.

6.Hélène Darroze: ($190 per person)

Hélène Darroze Top most expensive restaurants in the world 2017

Hélène Darroze, who nestled in Mayfair, from a culinary background, is one of the mastered female chefs in France and takes inspiration from her love of South West France for her attention to the creation of mesmerizing dine at the Connaught Hotel. Her recipes come from the ingredients produce in her native region in south- west France to leave your wallet lighter around $190 per head for the three courses a la carte and array of fish and game.

5. Marcus Wareing: ($190 per person)

Marcus Wareing most popular expensive restaurants in the world 2018

Open since 2008, Marcus Wareing, in Knights bridge is based inside the sophisticated Berkeley Hotel. One will experience a captivating dining in this two Michelin starred restaurant. The European cuisine parallel to the British Isles includes Herdwick lamb, Dorset snail and the tasty la carte featuring Galloway Beef Berkshire Pork. The worth cost per person is around $190 here but with an unforgettable experience.

4. Le Gavroche: ($190 per person)

Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche started its history since four decades, gives you the opportunity to dine in adored Roux family style. Le Gavroche is the first dining place across the UK which has won all the three Michelin stars. The founders are Michel Roux and Albert Roux and under their leadership, the ingredients have helped the French classics to get their perfection. The servers are Cumbrian Rose, Goosnargh duck, Scottish beef, and rabbit.

3. The Greenhouse: ($190 per person)

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse, in Mayfair, gives an intimate experience to the diners away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The entrance is amazing with its tree lined theme. Under the great leader Arnaud Bignon, the French cuisine is has held two Michelin stars at The Greenhouse. The treats include la carte featured to Galloway beef from Yorkshire and cost around $190 per head and $150 for tasting menus bottles to thousands.

2. Apsleys: ($170 per person)


The next on most expensive restaurants is Apsleys which is at The Lanes borough Hotel. Open since 2009; Apsleys takes the fine dining to next level where Venetian beauty inspires the dining place. It fatly gained its first Michelin star in the year of its opening, and that is in 2010 which is a record speed. Their Italian treats are based on Mediterranean dishes and focus mostly on seasonality which features lamb rump from Yorkshire. The hotel has 93 rooms, and the delicious meal comes in around $170 per head. The menu is also topped with champagne.

1. Sketch: ($165 per person)

Sketch Top most popular expensive restaurants in the world 2019

Sketch, in Mayfair, came into existence back in 2002 and started to build reputation with its lovely and delicate plates among the wealthy gastronome. After continuous oozing of glitz to this luxurious restaurant, it achieves two Michelin star till 2012. Pierre Gagnaire who is Sketch’s founder is holding 10 Michelin stars to his talent. The menu is based on French theme and is a combined work of Mourad Mazouz, a restaurateur, and Pierre Gagnaire. The French taster menu costs around $170 per head with a list of fine wine. The menu includes Roast Hereford Beef, Roast Saddle of Deer and Poached Fillet.

The above list can be proved to be helpful for you to categorize your type of restaurant. This not only shows the richness of London in culinary skills but also inspire them to spearhead the competition for attaining the best and wealthy position in chef world. This competition also takes the nation to dominate and attract foreigners to give a new and ever remembering flavour to their taste buds.

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