Top 10 Most Expensive Resorts In The World

People love to travel different place, and they try to do new things and go to new places and find the happiness. There are many beautiful places you can find on the earth very easily and for that reason, people have to explore the world more. The best way to spend your holiday peacefully if you can go to a resort where you can enjoy the time without any disturbance, and you will find that you are triumphal that you can spend moments with yourself.

The best part about resorts is that you can get the best service that you need though you have to spend some money for that you will get the ultimate pleasure.

So this is the list of top ten most expensive resorts which you can find on earth. The best part is you can say that these are the best resorts right now as well.

List of the world’s Top 10 best and Most Expensive Resorts in 2017.

10. Cayo Espanto- Belize (Estimated Price: $1,395 per one night):

Cayo Espanto- Belize most expensive resorts in the world 2019

This resort is situated three miles from the San Pedro, and you can see the still and calm water, and you will feel the pleasure of paradise in your room. So you can sit there and spend your time relaxing while watching the beauty of Carribean while you are resting in your private villa and you can easily take beautiful pictures on your camera and enjoy the view. As this place is two hours from Miami that is why this place is still undiscovered and this is the only drawback.

9. Turtle Island- Fiji (Estimated Price: $1632- $2,390 per one night):

Turtle Island- Fiji Top most popular expensive resorts in the world 2017

So if you think for a trip to blow your mind with the beauty of nature, then it is the best option that you can take without the disturbance of the outer world. The seafood that you will get from there is awesome, and you will love to have it. The best part of the resort is that you can have lots of fun in the water like you can scuba dive in the beach and you will get the idea about the beauty of the island.

8. Fregate Island- Seychelles (Estimated Price: $2,450 per one night):

Fregate Island- Seychelles

So if you like a tortoise, then you should go to the Fregate Island in Seychelles you will see the beautiful tortoises everywhere, and you can also see the Hawksbill turtles there ad which is the safeguard. You can also see te Seychelles Magpie Robin there and those birds are extinct, and you can watch them in front of your eyes. You will get amazed after watching the scenery. To book this romantic resort, you need to spend $2450 for one night only.

7. Altamer- Anguilla (Estimated Price: $4,714 per one night):

Altamer- Anguilla Top 10 most expensive resorts 2018

If you want a great package to have a tour at a beautiful place near Anguilla, then this is the place you can have to impress your partner. Though the price is pretty high the amazing things and services you will get are just amazing. This place has great cooks, and you will be offered the best quality of food which has a mind-blowing taste. The best part of this island is the sunset, and it is so beautiful that you cannot miss that time because of the beauty of nature.

6. Sandy Lane- Barbados (Estimated Price: $8,000- $25,000 per one night):

Sandy Lane- Barbados

This place is fantastic, and you will get the idea if you visit this place, and then you will understand that the beauty of nature and the great service provided by the Sandy Lane stuff is incredible. Here you can make your holiday a peaceful one and no one will disturb you at all. You can get a beautiful spa and treatment in the Carribean, and you can also have the option to spend your time by playing golf.

5. The Rania Experience- Maldives (Estimated Price: $9,500 per one night):

The Rania Experience- Maldives

Maldive is a great place where you can find different types of beauties of nature, and if you are staying on an island of Maldives then it is very much adventurous, and The Raina Experience is a private island and also a resort where no one will disturb you can do whatever you want to do. From there you can easily sail to the other islands of the Maldives. From the Male International Airport, the distance is about 30 minutes.

4. Casa Contenta- Miami (Estimated Price: $11,600 per one night):

Casa Contenta- Miami

This place is beautiful without any doubt, and you will get all the expensive services, and you just have to pay $11,600 for one night, and you can avail all the services. You will wake up, and you will see the Pacific ocean in front of you. You can have a bath in a swimming pool which is great looking, and you can enjoy your whole time in the swimming pool. The food is also very good, and it is one of the best options you can take to stay in a resort.

3. Musha Cay- Bahamas (Estimated Price: $24,750 per one night):

Musha Cay- Bahamas Top most expensive resorts in the world 2018

This is the ultimate place for fun, and you can have all the fun in one place. Though you have to spend a lot of money but still the services you will get is unbelievable. The place is situated in the Bahamas, and it takes 700 acres to have fun in there. This private islands has its airstrip. You can also enjoy by playing different sports game there, and that is the reason you have to pay $24,750, and your mind will get refreshed.

2. Necker Island (Estimated Price: $30,000 per one night):

Necker Island Top 10 most expensive resorts in the world 2017

This island has everything that you need, and that is why you do not have to worry about anything. In that island you will also get the internet and which is entirely unbelievable for the tourists because you are getting a high-speed internet connection in the middle of an island. This place is located in the British Virgin Island, and Richard Branson is the owner of this island.

1. Isla de sa Ferradura- Spain (Estimated Price: $42,000 per one night):

Isla de sa Ferradura- Spain

Now this is the most expensive resort right now, and there are massive facilities that you will get on the island, and the best part is people will not disturb you, and you can spend peaceful nights there. The scenic beauty of that place is unbelievable that you will understand that why it takes $42,000 to book that place.

So do not think again because if you want to enjoy your life then you should go these place and you can have ultimate fun in the end.

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