Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in The World

Privates jets were owned by the president or the prime minister but lately, everyone can own one as long as you can afford to maintain .people also believed that they should be owned by the celebrities’ .in the current generation parent seven give their children jets as the birthday gift. Jets are a bit expensive to buy as well as to maintain, but a very fast means of transport and the very comfortable mean. This is the best means to use with you family when you are out for a long journey. Below are the most expensive private jets.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in The World in 2017


challenger 600, Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in The World 2017

This is the most expensive jet because it is preferred as a family jet for family business. A Canadian company in 1968 produced the plane in Canada. The advantage about this plain is that it has two fuel tanks for storing fuel so convenient at all times. Challenger has two turbo, and a wide body that why it is convenient for family business though the design is very old.

9. HAWKER 4000

hawker 4000, Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in The World 2018

This was known as Hawker Horizon; very expensive is medium size jet, best for business use. Founded by Raytheon in 1996.This larger compared to the rest of the Hawker jet. It was first founded in 2001. This is made for only ten people, inside it is very spacious meaning it is very comfortable though very expensive.



This have been listed the most expensive jet for some is most preferred for a family business. Unique bit about this jet is that it has a tank at the back for storing fuel. It was launched in year 2000 in Farnborough Airshow. Carries 13 passengers for 5650 km and 8 passengers for more than 6390 km. it is Avery luxurious plane. This plane started to be common in 2001.



Bombardier produces this plane in Toronto, Canada. This is made for a military purpose mostly used by United State air force. The cabin is large enough that is why the military use them. It was made in 1991 but made the first flight in 1999. Anyone else can use it as long as you can afford to buy this jet.



This is very expensive jet too .preferred for a family business was made and designed in Russia that is in the year 2001.made the first flight in 2011 which was a commercial trip. The engine was designed in joint effort between French and Russia. This is the most successful jet in the Russian aircraft and that is why it is expensive. Its engine power is very high.



This is a very fast jet used for both commercial use and family business. Bombardier800 is still under process to be complete in 2019.Global seven has more capability compared to the other jets. This Global 800 has 3 zones though it will start to function in the next generation. Price to be evaluated but they are sure it will be very expensive. The making of this plane was to unite cities that why it involve very many people making it.



This is made for business use. Initially it was made for the VIP but lately other people use it for private purposes. Have a number of tanks that are removable for a wide range use. Airbus they have other smaller plain that are very fast. Carries arrange of 30 to 50 passengers’ .this the most expensive jet in the world.

3. BOEING 757


Boeing Commercial Airplanes manufactures this. The model has mid-size, narrow body twin is the largest passenger jet that was produced between 1981 to 2004.7757 body is wide and is a twin jet. In the making what they considered is that this jet engine was modified in away the fuel consumption is moderated. This is what makes this plan that expensive .the model improves now and then. If looking for good private jets go for this. Common people known to own this jet is Trump the current elected America president. Other people with no regret have used this plane.

2. BOEING 747 8 VIP


This is the most expensive jet and ranked no two. This Preferred because of the large body. Boeing Commercial Airplane manufactures this. It was officially announced in 2005. These jets do not consume much fuel .Made for commercial use and to carry is the jet with the great capability. Made the first flight in 2010 for six years it has been termed as the best to carry passengers. Most people like it because it consume less fuel and the engine power is high.

1. AIRBUS A380


This is ranked first meaning it is very expensive. A European company, made with a wide body, double desk and four engines, produced it. Due to its large body, it holds a large capacity for passengers. This means most if the airstrip prefers this plane. It was made with a purpose to cab the Boeing in Air market. It was the first plain in 2005 to be used for commercial l purpose. In 2007, Singapore Airline used it. This means it is proven the best for commercial use. This is the most expensive private jet.

These above are the Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in The World 2017. If interested in buying a jet the expensive jet tends to be the best. These private jets are limited to some people of the cost. The cost of a jet varies with the company and the power of engine and the efficiency. Jets remain to be the best means of transport to use. The above are the most expensive private jets.

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