Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 most expensive hotels in the world in 2016 and 2017. Hotels are a lot more than the one night desperate lodging you find for yourself, to have a roof over your head or soup in my belly when you are in an unfamiliar town. They have motels and guest houses for those situations. Hotels are a symbol of luxury or affluence one acquires as the symbol of their tastes and status.

There are two kinds of people in this world who would be afford to stay in the list of expensive hotels, mentioned below, the couple who spends an exorbitant ratio of his life’s savings to spend a magical night with their other haves, or one of the World’s Top 100, cream of the crowd business men and political me who avail the rooms, for both business and pleasure.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive hotels in 2016-2017

10. The Lanesborough, London (rate- $13000 Per Night)

The Lanesborough, London, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2017

The Lanesborough is huge 5-Star institution situated on Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, and Central London in Great Britain. It was opened in 1991 so it is a relatively new hotel. It was originally the St. George’s Hospital and before that it was the original Lanesborough house. In 2009, Lanesborough opened its restaurant, ‘Apsleys- a Heiz Beck Restaurant’. It is currently managed by the Oetker collection and has 93 rooms and 43 suites. The Lanesborough was closed from December 2013 till late 2015 for renovations.

9. The Connaught Hotel, London (rate- $24000 Per Night)

The Connaught Hotel, London, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2017

The hotel is in Mayfair, of Central London. It’s a 5 star hotel and it is located in Carlos Place. The hotel was formerly opened as the Price of Saxe Coburg, Hotel way back in 1815 by the Alexander Grillon in the Albemarle Street and was a pair of old Georgian houses. But those houses were demolished two years later and the new Coburg Hotel and business took off. During the First World War, the management decided to alter the slightly German sounding name to a friendlier Connaught, after the title ‘First Duke of Connaught’ of Prince Arthur. The hotel that looks almost like an English private house has 121 rooms and 2 restaurants.

8. Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris (rate- $30000 per night)

Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2018

The hotel, easily accessible from the Champs-Elysees and Eiffel Tower is a historical hotel. The Hotel has five restaurants and a bar. It is one of the luxurious and most expensive hotels in Paris. In 1920s, Jules Lefebvre increased the hotel’s capacity by adding apartment suites. The hotel gained more popularity when Christian Dior opened his store right next to the hotel. Recently it was closed for a 200 million Euro renovation and expansion. The decor is classical. The hotel was used to shoot the final season of sex and the city, and the Smurfs 2. The hotel has 154 rooms and 54 suites.

7. The Four Seasons, New York City (rate- $30000 per night)

The Four Seasons, New York City, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2018

The Four Seasons hotel was opened on 1993. Its special suite, the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, is 3rd among the 15 most expensive hotel suites in the World. It was opened by Robert H. Burns who was the founder of Regent International Hotels. It has a main tower of 46 stories and a smaller tower of 20 stories which would contain 400 rooms. The cost of construction is estimated to be more than $ 1 million one room. The hotel is noted for its most luxurious interiors with modern quality.

6. Laucala Island Resort, Fiji (rate- $40000 per night)

Laucala Island Resort, Fiji, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2017

The Laucala Island is one of the South Pacific private islands. They are the ultimate picture of luxuries with white sand beaches, dazzling turquoise lagoons, green mountains and palm trees. The resort is situated over 3200 acres. It’s made up of twenty five Fijian villas. There are outdoor showers and private pools and plasma TVs included in every villa. There is also an 18-hole Golf course, spas and outstanding cuisine. The island retains more than 85% of its original integrity.

5. Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece (rate- $40000 per night)

Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2016

The impressive and majestic hotel is on the peninsula of the Greek capital. The property is in the form of a personal enclave, with private extensive facilities and huge green grounds. The resort has ten restaurants which cater to every cuisine. There are private sandy beaches.

4. Raj Palace, India (rate- $45000 per night)

Raj Palace, India, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2016

The original palace was converted into a heritage hotel. In fact is been the Best Heritage hotel by World Travel Awards. The palace is still owned by the princess Jayendra Kumari. The palace was converted into a Hotel in 1997. The heritage building is a member of the ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’, ‘Five Star Alliance’ and ‘VISA Luxury Collection’. The Maharaja’s bedroom is the Presidential suite.

3. Hotel Cala Di-volpi, Italy (rate- $45000 per night)

Hotel Cala Di-volpi, Italy, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2017

The Hotel Cala Di-volpi, Italy is a seaside resort in Italy. Mainly created by Prince Karim Aga Khan, the hotel is on Porto Servo. It lies near the north eastern part of Sardinia. The hotel was designed by Jacques Coulle. The scenes of the Bond movie The Spy who loved me was filmed here. The presidential suite has a private swimming pool, a solarium and a fitness centre. It has every feature would want in a Mediterranean heaven.

2. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva (rate- $650000 per night)

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2016

The President Hotel Wilson is located in Geneva of Switzerland. The most expensive hotel suite in the world is its Presidential Suite. The suit has 12 bedrooms and takes up the whole floor and it has hosted countless distinguished all the windows are bulletproof for security and one has a magnificient view of the Swiss Alps from the room.

1. Lover’s Deep, St. Lucia (rate- $150000)

Lover’s Deep, St. Lucia, World's Most Expensive Hotels 2018

A British travel group Oliver’s travels created the submarine hotel called the Lover’s deep. For the adventurous couples who have already been a part of the mile high club, should have a new obsession. The mile low club is 35000ft under the sea level. It’s been moored of the coast of St. Lucia and in other times near the Shrunken Battleship in Red Sea. The facilities include being transported by Helicopter, a Captain, a butler, beach landing, and speedboat transfers. There are lucrative orders for the honeymooning couple. Including a natural aphrodisiac rich meal of consisting of oysters, Chocolate and caviar.

These hotels are symbols of luxury, though may seem superfluous at first should be checked at least a once in life.

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