Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris

After a long period of work and many responsibilities one needs to give him or herself a break and go visit places which at times may be in other countries so as to let out all the stress and also have that feeling of luxury. That is why many luxurious hotels have been put all over the world to cater for such people who travel from one place to another. Am going to talk about such hotels in Paris, which are specially made for people who want to travel all over the world.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris in 2017

10. Saint James Paris

saint james paris, Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris 2017

This is an elegant hotel that will just take your breath away because of the way it is made and the services that you will get when you just take the initiative of visiting the place. Though it is quite expensive it is still one of the affordable hotels during the special occasions like Christmas, or even during the day of you honeymoon. All the people who normally go to this hotel normally want to come back because of the services given to them.

9. Mandarin Oriental, Paris

mandarin oriental paris, Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris 2018

I even wonder the correct word that I may use to describe this hotel. Let me say that it is just superb. If there is a hotel that I would recommend you to visit then it is this one. It is one of a kind and it is very beautiful. By just looking at its photo, you will just know it is a hotel of your dream. They give very nice services as well and by so doing you get the feeling that you are at home. So try visiting the hotel and you will know what am saying.

8. La Maison Favart


Despite the fact that it is very expensive, you should visit this hotel. It is strategically located near the places that you intend to visit and it has a very good make as well as the design that will just attract you even when you are a mile away. This is a hotel that you must whenever you get a chance of visiting Paris, you will just enjoy the luxury and the comfort of the hotel. It is a place where everyone in the world wants to visit and so you get a chance to interact with very many people here.

7. Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Pres Paris


This is a hotel that will just take your breath away and just make you fill that great fun of being in the city of Paris which is known to be a city of luxury and a place worth visiting. It is also perfectly located near the prestigious Pont Neuf metro and Saint Michelle metro. Near the great hotel, numerous restaurants just near the hotel and wonderful bakeries make very sweet cakes. Near the hotel, also we have a supermarket that is just a walking distance from it. The hotel itself is great. It offers tea, coffee as well as chocolates just free.

6. Shangri La hotel Paris


This is a hotel specially designed to cater for the needs of the couple. If you are on your honeymoon and you are looking for a place to go with your lovely husband then look no further try the hotel in Paris and you will surely enjoy the comfort as well as that luxury that you have been looking for. Trust me all the couples that go there normally enjoy the comfort as well as the luxury in that hotel and will just want to come back.

5. Hotel Bradford Elysees- Astotel


It is a very outstanding hotel to visit and the staffs of this hotel are greatly dedicated to serve you and meet all your needs despite your colour or the race. It is also well reputable for the meals they cook and it is strategically located in a very nice place where you will acquire any other services that the hotel does not offer with ease. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris 2017.

4. Sevres Saint Germain Hotel


If there is a hotel with an amazing location, trust it is this hotel. It is located right at the heart of Saint Germain. It has a very good staff team that are dedicated to serve you with diligence and because of that, the place will just make you want to come back again and again despite the fact that it is very costly. If you just step at the doorstep, you will just feel that you are at home even without being welcomed. The hotel also looks lovely as well as very cosy.

3. Hotel Keppler


If you ask anyone who has ever visited the hotel bout it then you will just get the first answer that the hotel is very cosy and very relaxing and therefore if you are looking for a place where you could relax and let out all the stress from your workday then look no further. The hotel does it all for you as the customer.

2. Hotel Wo- Wilson Opera Elegancia


This is a hotel that even by the name you will note that it is cool and elegant. It is well located in a place that is very convenient for you and it comes with great luxury that will make you meet very many expenses but by the services that are given to you, you will see that the cost is worth it.

1. Hotel Da Vinci and Spa


It is a luxurious hotel with a great number of facilities that are put in place to suit your needs that are for comfort as well as luxury. The staff members are very welcoming and you will feel at home even by the talking to one of them.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Paris 2017. These hotels despite the fact that one has to pay or incur very many expenses they have proven to be worth it and you will just have great joy just by visiting the hotel. Despite the fact that the hotels are very classy and luxurious yet very expensive, they are a perfect place to visit at any time since the services given there are one of a kind.

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