Top 10 Most Expensive Airports in The World

For cities as well as countries, airports are extremely important for making connections. These days, people are travelling more and more by air given the fact that air fares have dropped to an all-time low. There are plenty of airports across the globe, and while some them have very low air fares other are quite expensive. The location and size of these airports are great, and the amenities make them a winner with fliers. The service that you will be provided at these airports is very much different from the other airports, and the facilities you will get will be high-quality.

Check out the top 10 most expensive airports 2017 which are known to be very costly. These are some of the most luxurious airports on the planet, which help passengers be relaxed before they fly to their destinations. You will love to fly from these air terminals or land up here.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive airports in 2017

10. Salzburg Airport in Salzburg, Austria (Price: $3,800):

Salzburg Airport in Salzb

In terms of location and size, this is the second largest airport of Austria. It is situated 1 mile away from the main Austrian city. In 2012, around 1.6 million individuals have moved through this air terminal. There are around 17,000 flights. This is an extremely luxurious and wonderful air terminal and consists of all the amenities for passengers. Even low-cost airlines are served here. You have to pay around $3,800 here.

9. LaGuardia Airport in New York, USA (Price: $3950):

Laguardia Airport in New York, Most Expensive Airports 2019

It is connected to all the largest airports of USA, and it itself one of the largest air fields in terms of both flights and passengers. Around 26 million individuals have moved through it in 2013, which is an indication of how big it is in terms of size. For major airlines like Delta and American airlines, this is the primary airstrip. For landing here, you have to pay around $3,950.

8. Dublin Airport, Ireland (Price: $4100):

Dublin Airport, Most Expensive Airports 2019

Located around 5 miles away from the main Dublin city area, it is an extremely large airport. It boasts of some of the newest amenities. In 2012, around 19 million people travelled through this airfield. It is the most used airport in Ireland, and has been designed with a unique appearance and amazing facilities. To land in this airstrip, you have to pay around $4,100.

7. Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan (Price: $4300):

Chubu Centrair International Airport, Most Expensive Airports 2017

This airfield serves primarily Japan, and remains extremely busy. It can serve Nippon Airways and all the Japanese airlines. It is situated in Ise Bay, an island which is predominantly artificial or man-made. For landing here, around $4,300 has to be paid. For its flights and size, it is a very large airfield.

6. Bristol Airport, England (Price: $4400):

Bristol Airport, Most Expensive Airports world's Most Expensive Airports 2016

This famous airport stands on an air force base. In 2013, around 6.1 million passengers were estimated to travel through it – making it the busiest UK airfield. It can serve many large and famous airlines, such as BMI. Although it is not very modern it is regarded as an advanced airstrip, and the charge is as high as $4,400 to land here.

5. Darwin International Airport, Australia (Price: $4600):

Darwin International Airport, Most Expensive Airports 2018

In Australia, it is the busiest air terminal as its runway is also shared with planes from the air force. In 2011, around 1,743,734 passengers were estimated to have passed through this airfield. It serves Qatar, Virgin and many other popular airlines. The charge is as steep as $4,600, which makes it unaffordable for many.

4. Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada (Price: $5200):

Toronto Pearson International Airport

The largest and busiest air terminal in Canada, it serves Sun Wing, FedEx and plenty of other airlines as well as cargo services. Around 75 airlines are said to operate from this sizeable air field. Very modern and advanced, it needs you to pay up $5,200 for landing here. The modern amenities make this airport a favorite for elite fliers who can afford the charges.

3. Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan (Price: $5400):

Kansai International Airport, Most Expensive Airports 2018

It is situated in the middle of Osaka Bay, a manmade island. Very busy in terms of operations, this airfield serves Japan, Nippon and plenty of other major airlines. Every year, it serves around 14 million passengers. This 24-hour airport is the 18th busiest airfield on the globe. If you have to land up here, you have to shell out around $5,400.

2. Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan (Price: $5600):

Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Most Expensive Airports 2018

It is commonly referred to as the Tokyo Narita airport, and connects many flights and airlines from Asia and many nations. It serves Japan, Nippon and many other airlines. It has been named as the 9th busiest airfield on the globe, and consists of many advanced facilities. As you are getting the facilities of going different places from this airport for its connection so that is why you have to pay around $5,600 to land in this luxurious air strip.

1. Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan (Price: $6850):

Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Most Expensive Airports 2017

It is mostly referred to as the Tokyo International Airport, given the fact that it primarily serves Tokyo. For many airlines such as Japan and Nippon airlines, it stands as the primary airfield. There are 4 runways which are able to handle more flights at one time. This is a huge and one of the most expensive airports and comprises of many facilities to serve passengers well. You need to pay around $6,850 to land up here. Very few people can actually fly here, considering the extremely steep amount that is charged. However, the presence of amazing amenities ensures why luxurious things come at a premium price.

These are the top 10 most expensive airports 2017 which are renowned across the globe for being shockingly expensive. These airfields connect their respective cities and countries to various other parts of the world, and that is the main reason why the expense is high in these airports. Some of these are counted among the largest in terms of size while many of them are among the busiest when it comes to operations.

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