Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

It does not matter who you are, if you have operated a vehicle then more than likely you have come across road conditions that are unsafe. Most of these can come in completely different forms of hazards like drunk drivers, bad weather, or just a accidental error made by others.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World in 2017

10. Grand Trunk Road (India)

grand trunk road India, Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World 2017

Most roads are considered dangerous because of being high up in elevation or having sharping turns and curves but that is not the case with this road in India. What makes it dangerous is the amount of congestion there is on it. Between people, animals, bikes, buses, and trucks this is a very dangerous road to be on if you are not on alert at all times. If you must drive through here then always watch your surroundings very carefully and drive slowly enough that your brakes can be hit at any moment.

9. San Isidro de General


Cartago (Costa Rica)- This is an old route that goes through the Costa Rican mountains. There is lots of fog, narrow curves, and tons of potholes that are going to test the driving ability of a driver that is not use to traveling on the road. With it being thirteen thousand feet in the air many drivers experience sickness from being that high up. A lot of the locals also drive quite crazy on it even though it is unsafe. The good thing is that if you are not a dare devil then you can choose the newly paved route that has been put in and avoid this death trap of a road altogether.

8. Sichuan


Tibet Highway (China)- It goes for about fifteen hundred miles and has an option of a northern or southern route. Either one chosen is going to give you beautiful views of the mountain peeks, different attractions, plus famous rivers. The highest area of this route runs at twenty thousand feet. You will have to be careful for landslides, rocks falling around you, and weather that becomes very bad will close the roads for a long time. It may be a great way to take if you want an awesome sightseeing experience but it is definitely going to give you an intense driving adventure.

7. Skippers Road (New Zealand)


Yes it is a beautiful area for driving but very dangerous due to the drop offs and there being no guard rails to protect your vehicle from flying over the side. This road took twenty two years for the Chinese laborers to complete and looks the same exact way it did the day it was completed. Vehicles can not pass each other in some areas. If you like living life on the edge then take a drive down this area without a tour guide but remember that if you have rented the car your driving, they probably are not going to allow it down Skippers Road.

6.Halsema Highway (Philippines)


Landslides and falling rocks are a common occurrence here and they leave a motorist stranded for very long times. There are a lot of areas that are still not paved but apparently work is still in progress for finishing it as well. The drop offs are definitely steep enough to kill someone. Fog will impair a drivers vision and with there being no guard railings this makes the situation even more difficult. Buses are apparently non-considerate when driving on this route so be very careful if you decide to take this way.

5. Patiopoulo


Perdikaki Road (Greece)- The potholes and loose but slippery gravel is what lowers an operators control of a vehicle when on this road not to mention the tons of traffic, people walking, and animals add more danger to the situation. There are a lot of areas that is steep plus narrow which makes you be even more cautious of the surroundings. Here is the most dangerous thing about this route, not only is the drop offs on one side but also on the other. There are no railings or anything to keep a car safe from flying off either.

4. Luxor al Hurghada Road (Egypt)


This is a road that looks completely normal and safe because it is marked and paved but looks can be deceiving quite a lot. Plenty of motorists are terrified to drive this route just because of the bandits and terrorists that all try to undermine the tourism sections. This route is a total nightmare for most people and that is because those that drive it at night do not even use headlights because they are afraid of being known of their approach. That may keep your approach unknown but it will definitely warrant a head on collision with another vehicle. If you do not want to use the head lights then buy some night vision goggles at least.

3. Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)


If you are a backpacker, photographer, or mountain climber then this is a road for you. A vehicle can only drive for so long on this route because the last section must be covered on a bicycle or by walking. There is nothing but dirt, no pavement, it is very steep, and yet again like most other dangerous roads no guard rails are running along it. This is a great area for adventures but not so much for driving conditions.

2. Nairobi Nakuru Eldoret Highway (Kenya)


Many roads are qualified as unsafe all over the world and that is without any muddy or hairpin turns that are high up in the air. A lot of people die on roads just because of drivers that are irresponsible and that is the reason this road from Kenya is listed. It may look to be normal and an okay road to drive on but drunk driving, non-safe passing, and plenty of speeding has taken their death rate to over three hundred in a single year.

1. Old Yungas Road (Bolivia)


Dropping about twelve thousand feet, this road was built by the prisoners of war back in the 1930s. With the narrow passageways, landslides, and fog, there is no safety areas of the cliffs that drops down straight for about two thousand feet. In 2006 there was a safer route built because of the one hundred to two hundred fatalities that happened every year. A lot of companies still give bike tours that are extreme to the ones that like the adventurous lifestyles.

These above are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World 2017. Overall, no matter where you are located in the country there is always going to be roads that are unsafe but these listed here are some of the absolute most dangerous ones. Plenty of people die every year because of traveling these routes and are not careful. In other words, if you plan to take a trip and travel any of these areas then always be cautious of your own driving plus those around you.

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