Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World

Entertainment is going towards the broader side as it is becoming a part of people’s day-to-day living. People wants to get new experiences every now and then as part of entertainment. There entertainment facilities that are harsh and can be life threatening that one should choose carefully. Below is a list of top 10 most dangerous rides in the world that should be a No for you and your family.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World in 2017

10. The Cannonball Loop


The Cannonball loop is an enclosed water slide with a loop at the end similar to that of roller coasters. It is the most unsafe ride ever created. It was opened for a month caused several injuries to the ones who rode in it and then was closed following the orders of the state. The ride later opened a few more times before another shutdown after other injuries were reported.

9. Aqua Scoot

Aqua Scoot Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017

This is a slide made entirely of metal rollers like those found in factories, airports, etc One would slide on the rollers to a pool that was not so deep the idea being that once the one sliding hits the water, skip across the water like a stone. In order to do this, the rider should be positioned in a certain way, leaned back to avoid hitting the pool by the head that would result to head injuries or other crashing unto each other while riding.

8. The Tidal Wave Pool


Over ten deaths occurred here some of them being the death of the patron in 1982 and another visitor who drowned in the same five years later. Many others survived death and that is when it gained its nickname The “Grave pool”. Wave pools are more difficult to safeguard than still pools. Many accidents and drowning were because of the pool design and the waves being higher and staying longer than they should have. People also forgot that the fresh water waves were not as floatable as oceanic waves.

7. Surf Hill

Surf Hill Top Famous Dangerous Rides in The World 2019

A ride that Is common in Disney land and in other places. It was a large water slides with lades that riders would race with each other on a mat to the bottom. The barriers within the lanes were not so high and people could collide with each other as they go down the slides or at the end. There was a water filed basin at the bottom of the slide that if you slide slowly, you would fall inside the basin having your mat slap you on the face. Those who were too fast would slide up the wall of the basin opposite the slide and fall back into the basin.

6. The Kayak Experience


Riders would navigate their own Kayak down a straight slope on agitated water. They used submerged electric fan to agitate the water. The Kayaks could sometimes be stuck and overturn and could cause death by electrocution. He Kayak experience was permanently closed after the death of a certain visitor back in 1982. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017.

5. Tarzan Swing

Tarzan Swing Top Popular Dangerous Rides in The World 2019

This ride was made of a 20 feet high cable hanging from a steel arch inside a pool. Patrons could line up for a chance to enjoy the hang, swing over the water and jump into it as soon as the swing reaches the water level. The water was being fed from a spring and so you can imagine how frozen it was. This could make some people unable to swim through because of the unexpected freezing water and were rescued by the lifeguards. In fact, a man died of heart attack inside the cold water that was assumed that it was brought about by shock. Those who tried to get earlier could get their toes scraped by the concrete at the side.

4. Battle Action Tanks


Battle action tank is one of the most popular rides in motor world. It was driven around a small-enclosed area five minutes at a time at a fee. It was mounted with tennis ball cannons. The perimeter of the enclosed area was also mounted with tennis ball cannons that visitors could pay money to fire at the tanks. When a tank crashed, the workers were forced to enter the cage to attend to them becoming the targets of the tennis balls from every direction. This happened despite the behavior being prohibited making it an unsafe place for employees to work in.

3. Geronimo Falls


Geronimo falls was so steep than most speed slide with sharp edges. The first part was enclosed because riders could come off the slide at the top. Guests could hang on a metal bar and sometimes drop themselves out onto it. Geronimo falls were later replaced with a less inclined falls known as Green new speed slides.

2. Gladiator Challenge


Here many people struggled to knock off a three feet wet, slippery metal pedestal to the pool below. This was an extremely dangerous thing to do as the gladiator could result to death of the participants. This used to happen in front of guests and visitors and there was a commentator who would make fun of the people who could get outdone by the gladiator. The ride was removed back in 1995.

1. The Alpine Slide

The Alpine Slide Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World

The Alpine Slide is a long chute in the hillside built by sky resort to supplement summer income. It rolls over a smooth slide by the use of a wheeled cart to navigate. There were cuts, bumps, bruises and scrapes on countless souls on this slide. Death of one employee also occurred when his cart and rebound on hay bale. He got off his cart and was hit by a rock on his head. The slide contributed t0 many injuries leading to its shutdown.

These above are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017. You have seen on the list above the top most insane rides in the world. There is nothing wrong with having fun, but watch out for putting your life of that of your children at risk in the name of entertaining yourself.

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