Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World

These landings will make you not want to visit certain areas for they can be dangerous is the pilot has not been trained enough. Some were so dangerous that they had to shut down the lines and have different places that they had to land at. If you watch videos of some of the planes landing you will see what all the talk about is. The fact that some of the planes had to make fast drops made some people sick and sometimes they would even throw up. Others would be so scared they would have trouble breathing while on the very careful where you decide you are going to travel to these places.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World in 2017

10. Saba Airport

saba airport, Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2018

This is the shortest runway that you could possibly find. It is only about thirteen hundred feet in length. If you can land your airplane here then you are talented. It is beautiful but being so short you will need to learn to slow it down or end up in the water beside it. It is located south of St. Maarten and will cause trouble for first starters.

9. Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras


The runway is in an area called a valley so the plane will need to be at a forty five degree angle to reach the seven thousand foot runway. The people flying on the plane will feel a fast drop in the altitude. This happens because the plane must be in line with its landing strip so dropping fast will help that situation. The pilot has to make a bunch of adjustments at the last second of landing and you will feel the difference and it can cause some sickness.

8. Landing at LaGuardia Airport


The landing is over water so if you do not line up then you will be hitting the water before the land. It is a busy place to so you have to make sure the runway is clear before you can even land. If another plane is on the runway you will just have to wait your turn and circle around which can be very difficult sometimes. It is eight miles from Midtown Manhattan.

7. Nail-biting landing at Courchevel International Airport


Even though other landings are short this one is only five hundred and twenty five meters long. The gradient of eighteen point five percent affects the take off and landing pretty much every day. The pilot will have to watch out for the mountains as they land to. To slow down, the plane is going to have to be at an inclined angle.

6. Extreme landing at Wellington International Airport in New Zealand


The runway begins and ends in the crystal clear blue waters. It is really short only at six thousand and three hundred and fifty one feet. It is gorgeous from above but as you get closer you will see that it short and can be very hard to land. The pilot must know what he is doing before ever landing on this runway.

5. Scary Kai Tak Airport landing


The wind will make it even harder for the pilot to land the plane on this runway. That includes the mountains that can be in the way. It no longer is being used and it stopped being used a while ago because of the landing risk. The pilots were very careful at landing and taking off but they could not risk it anymore than they had already been doing in the previous years.

4. Lukla Airport


It was renamed Tenzing-Hillary Airport because they wanted to honor the two males that ended up conquering mount everest for the very first time. The strips are very small only at eight thousand feet. There is no air traffic control features. They do not have lights and the power that they do have is not a lot. People who visit Mount Everest usually use this airport even though it is dangerous.

3. Slippery landing Ice Runway


They have no runways that have pavement because the ground is ice. The long stretch is nothing but ice and snow. The aircraft is so heavy that it could crack the ice and cause some damage to the ice but also could harm a lot of people. The ice can fall through and take the lives of everyone on it because it is so cold. Snow could cause it to become stuck and then they will not be able to take off either.

2. Princess Juliana in St. Maarten


This is one of those airports that stay really busy. It has to go over a beach and a highway very close to the ground just to land. The landing is seven thousand one hundred and fifty feet long. Most planes need eight thousand feet just to stop. Planes that have weight in higher numbers need at least ten thousand feet to land because it is hard to slow down and stop. You must know what you are doing to get the plane to stop.

1. Paro Airport Bhutan, Himalayan Mountains


The landing is so dangerous because it is one point five miles above sea levels and the sharp peaks around it can get in the way. Only eight pilots have been trained to land on this landing so no other pilot would dare to even try. The runway only reaches about sixty five hundred feet long. When you fly on this plane you will need to take something for your nerves or you will never get through it.

These above are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2017. These landings are very scary and some people do not even trust them. Most of everyone has to take something to calm their nerves or they will panic and can harm themselves very badly just riding for the take off or landing. Sometimes it is just not worth the risk to your own health by hopping on one of these planes that has to land at any of the places listed. No one will dare use some of the landings because they are just too risky. If you try to do this and mess up you can be in a lot of trouble.

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