Top 10 Most Bizarre Festivals in The World

These are some of the crazy things that happen all over the world. You can attend these festivals. They happen in places that you can get to and are not that far away. You can watch videos on the festivals but they are more fun if you go and see them. Some you can even go and be in if you are lucky enough.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Festivals in The World in 2017

10. Kanamara Matsuri

Kanamara Matsuri Top Popular Bizarre Festivals in World 2019

This festival focuses on the penis. It may be the focus but it is really about sexually transmitted diseases. The legend has it that a woman who had sex with two different man had a demon inside of her vagina. The men who had sex with her had their penis ripped off by the sharp teeth of the demon. The woman who could not figure out what was going on went to find help from a blacksmith. He put an iron phallus inside her in order to break the demon’s teeth.

9. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling And Wake

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling And Wake Top Most Famous Bizarre Festivals in World 2018

This is a festival that is held in England every spring. It was created for the locals of the village but has since become a number one spot for all people all over the country. They take a round bit of cheese and roll it down a large hill and people will race after it in the competition. The person that gets to the finish line at the end will be declared the winner and they get the cheese as a prize.

8. Hadaka Matsuri

Hadaka Matsuri Top Famous Bizarre Festivals in World 2019

This festival is during the summer or winter but the only thing they do is wear as little clothes as they can. Sometimes they only wear loincloth. Men are the only one who do this in dozens of places in Japan. It has been said to have been going on since five hundred years ago. Nine thousand men are included in each and everyone of these each year. During the middle of the night a priest will throw a pair of sticks that are lucky and the men must fight till one of them have them in their hands for good. The man who wins the sticks must place them in a box of rice and will be happy all year long till the next festival.

7. Monkey Buffet Festival


A lot of people think that this is a buffet of monkeys but that is not true, it is actually for monkeys and is held in Thailand for promoting tourism. The population of these animals is really big in Lopburi and the people there think that they give good luck so they let them roam freely. In order to honor the animal, they have this festival every year with tons of fruits and vegetables along with all kinds of other foods that monkeys enjoy to eat.

6. Cat Food Festival


This festival is held in September. In order for this festival to happen they fatten the cats up. They make several different dishes for the festival in which all have some type of cat meat in them. Yes cat meat. They consume the meat because they believe it has aphrodisiac and it is suppose to prevent ailments in the bronchi. They make dishes such as greaves or huacatay. The festival no longer happens after they got in trouble for it a while back.

5. Baby Jumping Festival


This weird festival is one that has happened since sixteen twenty one. A man will dress as the devil and jump over babies that have been born over the twelve months of the festival. They lay all the babies on a mattress on the street and jump over them. It is very dangerous. The reason they do this is because it is suppose to cleanse the babies of any original sin. It helps them with safe passage and guards them against illness and the evil spirits. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Bizarre Festivals in The World 2017.

4. Festivals of the Horns


In this festival, the horns are to act as a man or woman that has been cheated on. Back in the times of the Roman Empire, warriors would leave for battle and when they came back home they received some of these horns as a gift but then they would learn that their wives had left them for another man. Men will go into the streets and break things that was given to them by their lovers so the festival is to honor the man.

3. Pamplona Bull Run


Each year during July the sixth through the fourteenth this happens. They release angry bulls to run down the street after men for eight hundred meters. The only goal of it is to get away from the half ton bull before he knocks you down. When it started in nineteen ten over three hundred people have been hurt and at least fifteen killed from it. Usually the person that dies is because of goring but some do die because of the horns. The reason they do this is to get the bull from one point to the next so they can be killed. The younger people will jump on the backs and show that they are brave.

2. Roswell UFO Festival


This started because of a “UFO” that had landed but was later said that it was a balloon. They hold a festival as a celebration of the belief they have about aliens landing here. People will dress up in costumes that make them look like aliens and then they will go to conferences that have experts and authors there. Even the people that do not believe in aliens are invited to join the fun and dress up as well.

1. Turkey Testicle Festival


They cook different types of testicles at this festival and the festivals usually take place in different areas such as Illinois, Missouri, California, and Montana. They are held in September and they also give out awards for being “ballsy”. In 2010, Barack Obama and Chelsey Sullenberger won the ballsy awards.

These above are the Top 10 Most Bizarre Festivals in The World 2017. If you think that you have heard the worst then you probably think you was wrong after reading about these. If these do not seem weird to you then you have not seen how they are done. Take time out of your busy day and do your research so you understand why they do what they do. It is really weird that the President even got involved in some of them.

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