Top 10 Most Beautiful Valleys In The World

When the warmer months begin to roll around, this is when everyone starts planning their vacations or holiday trips. If you want to be in a place that is going to have great views of beautiful green scenery or the gorgeous clear blue skies then take a look at the ten places listed below. They are all very enchanting and going to be terrific options for a vacation or holiday getaway. You could even go on your honeymoon to one of these places if you and your partner just want to have time alone with no distractions at all.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Valleys In The World in 2017

10. Barun Valley

barun valley, Top 10 Most Beautiful Valleys In The World 2017

This valley is very green and it is very bright. It is found in Nepal. They have a national park there that you can look around out and see all the things that make it so beautiful. It has wonderful waterfalls that are high up. The mountains are so wonderful and great to look at that pictures do not do it justice. The trees are great to see also. This has so many things to look at you could stay forever and not want to leave. Go and visit this place and just relax for a few days out of the year.

9. Kalalau Valley


Ever wanted to go to Hawaii? This is one valley you can see when you go there. You can see the valleys plus you can see beaches. You can not take your vehicle so get ready to walk or some other way to get around because automobiles are not allowed. The green surroundings will have you looking for hours and getting lost in the view if everything. The beach here is called Kalalau. This valley can be found on the Kaua’i island.

8. Lotschental


This is one of the largest valleys you will ever come across. Anyone can go and see this valley because it is open for anyone. The mountains go as high as three thousand meters high and look amazing with the snow on the peaks and the sides. It is very unique and extends twenty seven kilometers. The trees can be seen as far as the mountains and they connect at the edges. Visit Switzerland to find this valley.

7. Harau Valley


The mountains and the rocks here will have you looking up and opening your eyes. They have forests and rice fields everywhere. You can get to this valley by foot and not get too tired while walking. It is worth the walk because of the great view and the wonderful plants that grow around the valley. Found in Indonesia at West Sumatra. The rocks have grass growing on them to make them that much more great to look at.

6. Valley of Ten Peaks


The lake Moraine Lake is located right in the national park. It has the Ten Peaks around it that look amazing. The trees and mountains reflect off of the water. The mountains are named by the numbers one through ten making them very unique. They are now named after notable individuals. These people are from all over the world. You can get to the valley by a trail from the lake. Go to Canada to see this amazing valley for yourself. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Valleys In The World 2017.

5. Simplon Valley


It is placed between two areas called Pennine and Lepontine. There is really tall mountains that surrounds the valley. Switzerland and Italy share this valley so people get to see both of the countries pretty much at the same time. With all the blue and green for a scenery, it will be a calming experience for those that want a getaway that will be relaxing and beautiful all at the same time.

4. Romsdal Valley


Everyone knows that Norway has beautiful views and the gorgeous northern lights but they also have valleys that are pretty spectacular as well. While there you will get a sense of calm and be able to relax and be stress free. This valley has mountains all around it that go up in the air almost five thousand feet.

3. Haa Valley


The word haa actually means hidden and this one really is hidden from sight but is very pretty. Most people have never even heard of the place before but it is considered to be an enchanting space. In Asia there are many valleys like this one that are home to people and in the spring is when the beauty is more unique. The folks that get to live here are very lucky to have such gorgeous views every single day when they wake up.

2. Nubra Valley


After being put together with all of the other areas in these valleys, it makes one large valley that is in the area of Nubra which is in the country of India. If you are a tourist then you must get a certain type of permit before you can even visit this valley.

1. Lauterbrunnen


This valley is the most important area in the Swiss Alps. There is cliffs that are rocky and waterfalls that are beautiful. To get to the valley just take a car for a short amount of time and while you are riding be sure to look around and enjoy all of the gorgeous views that will be surrounding you. This area has been around for a very long time dating back to 1240. Back then it was named claro fonte but it changed in the year of 1304 to Lauterbrunnen.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Valleys In The World 2017. These valleys are so amazing that people visit these places so much within the years that they keep them kept up. The natural parks are the best thing to see at some of these places.some have water and mountains and the trees that around stay green. The waters are so calm that just looking at them will make you relax on the inside and out. Forget about the work and busy days you have where you live. The mountains at most of these places are very high up and have snow on the peaks that reflect off the waters and lakes around the valleys.

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