Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore

When it comes to trying to choose a list of best attractions for Singapore, it is kind of hard because of all the great things they have to do. Get to see places like Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer. Each area you decide to explore is going to bring you a vast amount of knowledge that you are going to learn so much from. Their history and all the entertaining things to do is what draws in millions of tourists each year.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore in 2017

10. Little India

little india, Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore 2018

It is colorful and you are going to be so excited about visiting this area of Singapore. When you start smelling some of the best exotic food that you have ever been around then you will know you are in the right place. They have little shops that sell Indian products plus there are businesses that have signs written in Tamil language. They are known for the busy centre which is a market that stays open twenty four hours a day all year long. It does not matter whether you are a serious shopper or a person that just enjoys some really great tasting Indian food, this district is going to have you so happy that you will probably never want to leave.

9. Singapore Night Safari


This unique family attraction will be great to see if you enjoy the nocturnal animals. This place has rhinos, wildebeests, and even some gazelles. Start out with seeing a twenty minute show called the Creatures of the Night so that you can get an insight to which animals are able to be viewed here. You get to see more than fifty nine exhibits and they have one thousand animals here. You and your family are going to enjoy being here no matter if you have kids or not, everyone loves going to the zoo.

8. Sentosa


This purpose built island was constructed with thoughts of relaxation and lounging around. They not only have some of the most beautiful beaches ever seen but you will have plenty to do for entertainment such as visiting the theme parks, go golfing, there are plenty of shopping options, eat at some great dining businesses, and plenty more. All of this is located on a strip of land that is accessible by a cable car or the road. It may not be authentic but if you are wanting to have some fun while in Singapore then you need to hit up Santosa for a night.

7. Singapore Flyer


It is the world’s biggest viewing wheel. You are going to have an experience that is one of a kind when you get on this. It is built over top of a building that is three stories tall and the flyer is 150 metres in diameter and one hundred and sixty-five metres tall. You are going to get so many different paranorma views when on this and it does vary on the visual if you are on it during the day or night. People say it is hard to decide which one is the best time for getting on the flyer. Some of the views include Singapore River, Empress Place, Marina Bay, and many other beautiful places.

6. Chinatown


Great place for going shopping because they are so inexpensive. Get to see all sorts of attractions and then the best part about being here is the Chinese food that you will get to experience. There is plenty of restaurants and the cool vendors that sit up on the roadways. If you are interested in knowing more about the history of this place then visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre while you are there. The main focus of here is the Chinese immigrants who have lived a life that is hard and they were also the main group that was founded in Singapore.

5. Raffles Hotel


If you go to Singapore then you will want to book a room at this great hotel. It is a colonial style and looks really nice. It has a history that goes back to eighteen hundred and eighty seven. It is one of the most important landmarks. People like Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth the second has been guest here. Even people like Michael Jackson have stayed in this hotel. It has around a hundred and three suites and eighteen restaurants and bars. It has arcades and forty boutiques and stores.

4. Gardens by the Bay


This is a huge place. It is colorful and futuristic. There are supertrees that have great color and stand very tall. They will have you looking around and wondering how they made them look so wonderful. The greenhouses are big and seashell shaped giving them such a wonderful thing to look at. Great for kids and adults and you will wonder about the colors also. The grass and flowers that grow around them make them look so much better.

3. Universal Studios Singapore


This is the first amusement park to open of its kind. You will see more than twenty attractions and the kids will really enjoy all the fun. Go on vacation here to get away and let the kids enjoy the rides and the view. Two of the most tallest roller coasters are located here and they have a few merry go rounds that the kids will want to ride again and again. The trees are great to look and they provide some shade while the children are enjoying themselves.

2. Clarke Quay


It is a riverside complex that has a lot of bars and food businesses plus many shopping businesses as well. Their nightclubs are very well known too. All of these attractions are what get most of the tourists here for visits. The location of this is perfect so that is why they have taken advantage of it for dining experiences and things like that. Many of the restaurants are placed all around the edge of the waters.

1. Marina Bay


The sands complex that is located in this area is the main attraction here and it cost five point five billion dollars to build. This building is what hosts the main things that people want to see and do while in Singapore. They have a museum that is based strictly on science while also featuring a casino and different shopping options. The restaurants and nightlife are all very great and each night they hold a beautiful light show that will light up the entire water plus tons of the landmarks that are around too.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore 2017. These places are just a few that you should visit when you go to Singapore. Kids will enjoy it and so will the adults. They can sit back and let the kids have fun or get in and have fun together. Some of the best food is found here and you will want to go back time and time again to enjoy it. You will look for places in your area to figure out if you can get a taste of it at home and not have to travel so far.

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